Serial Experiments Lain Wallpaper: <\3 Forgotten LoVe <\3

Yoshitoshi Abe, Serial Experiments Lain, Lain Iwakura Wallpaper

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Hi Guys !

Well It's Me with newest wallie ;)

This time from LAIN.

Well first - - - - > HoW I DiD It !?

Well i found this amazin scan here in MT and just though : I MUST wall it !
First that me do was cuting the chara , and puting it on the stairs. Then i made wall add some effects etc. The idea with Love Letter comes to me in one moment when i was thinking What me should put next. And so i made the rest ;]
Hope you like what i did , because i like it very much :D

And ......... - - - - - - > ThE StOrY ?

Well, the girl is waiting for a boy that he loves.But he's not comming. She wanted to gave him a love letter . He is her best friend , but todat she wanted to tell him that he's not only a friend for her...... But he didn't come...

Next ........ - - - - - - - > HoW MucH TiMe ?

Well ;) Some "numbers now"

Time : Two days O_O
Layers : About 60
Ideas of bg : 3 :P ( a railway track, a lake and this one )

Now .... - - - - - - > DeDiCaTiOn !

This is dedicated 4 ...... My Amazing Boyfriend <3 =* Ti Ammo Miamore :D

And time 4 ........ - - - - - - - - > CrEdIt ! !

Thanks 4 comuneros for this awesome scan :


PLEASE FULL VIEW ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Pluggie :

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: ocelotisun
Wall: Puppy LOVE [ W.A.R ]
Reason: This one is totally amazing ! No words to describe how great is this one ! You MUST see it :D Deserves more attention.

And check this out !


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Browse Serial Experiments Lain Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Rikimaru-jp Sep 19, 2005

    Oh it's so wonderful!!!! I love it you did a supreb job Sandra ^_^ and very professional as usual!! I never expect anything less from you!
    the idea is unique! and that's give you lots of credits :)
    background looks pretty good and it suits the girl so much ;)
    the character you used is cute and it blends perfectly along with the background the rain effect and the steam really look perfectly done and displayed!
    keep up the great work Sandra and you got yourself a favorite!

  2. AC2N Sep 19, 2005

    A Lain experiments...
    this is so in the "lain atmosphere"... real good job fighting-sandra !!
    The colors are dark enough... melting love and darkness...
    love it, as usual...

  3. Piotrek Sep 19, 2005

    Interesting wallie you`ve made Sandra ^_^ These brush strokes look cool, like rain a bit to me... The colours are great and you`ve had a nice idea to put that love letter in Lain`s hand :) What more can I say... Wonderful job, keep it up! ^^

  4. fukushuusha Sep 19, 2005

    I like the mood in this wall. colors and filters are nicely done. good job creating the wall behind.
    the perspective is a little off though...the floor is weird. anyways...
    u really are into this filtering thing :) really nice tries. u are getting better in my opinion.

  5. AngelXXX Sep 19, 2005

    This picture is very cool! I'm adding it to my favorite's list!

  6. Yina Sep 19, 2005

    wahh.. you used that filter again.. XD I love it.. o.o cuz it looks so different then the other wallies.. XD nyaa.. and the atmosphere is so sad..;__; but all lain scans are saad.. >> overall great job! =3

  7. Lenne Sep 19, 2005

    It's excellent work.I love the texture of the wall and the floor.
    Nice job!*thumbs up*!

  8. kai81220 Sep 19, 2005

    nice one sandra ^^
    its got that lost depressed mood and it really comes out in the dark purples you used.
    nice job with the brickworks too.
    the whole streaked look works good too. actually the clincher is that how the scene is modified just right and its not overdone.
    like the changes in the scan coloring as well

    nice job =]

  9. Sunira Sep 19, 2005

    Its got a very dark and stormy feel to it. I think its a great reflection of emotion. Good work. :)

  10. fooblued Sep 19, 2005

    I love the colors. the scans, and the composition. But I feel that you may have over filtered it.. sorry

  11. EternalBlue Sep 20, 2005

    Great job, I love the color and composition. It really fits the mood of the scan too ^^

  12. rythem Sep 20, 2005

    looks nice~ ^_^ I love the concept n the mood just shows when looking at the wallie~ :3 the colours brings out the rather sad mood in it n a lil feeling of epressed ;) lovely work na sandra~~ >w<

  13. tetsuo211 Sep 20, 2005

    This is beautiful.... dark and disturbing.... I love it.... just added to my favs :) :) :) :) :)

  14. white-zero Sep 20, 2005

    Haha. You're getting better at this style of walling. Most of the guys had said what I wanna say. Keep up the good work!

  15. RieRen Sep 20, 2005

    Nice wallie Sandra! It's a nice dark wall, it reminds me of something. Well thanks for posting!

  16. yuiyui01 Sep 24, 2005

    great submission sandra-chan!! :D
    I love the love letter idea, the texture of the wall behind and the extraction of the scan ! been a while since I last saw a good lain scan walled :)
    well, the wallie feeling is here. no doubt XD
    can't deny it. deserves a week fav :D
    keep it up and see you soon sandra chan ;)

  17. ipio Mute Member Nov 16, 2005

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah how cute

  18. daniticha Dec 29, 2009

    You took two days? Well, for the time, you have an excellent job *_* Love your wall! Thanks a lot

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