Rain (Mangaka) Wallpaper: " L " [insert word] : Rain

Rain (Mangaka) Wallpaper
Rain (Mangaka) Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

She has no limits, no boundaries
the dreams of a a life well wasted
sleeping the seekers paths and where abouts
the suns and moons of time shift
but the love is still there.
no unwilling thoughts to guide her,
but the angel that takes her hand....

*Listening to Candle in the wind - Elton John
Dreamer - Ozzy Osbourne
Goodnight, goodnight - Hot hot heat

Dedicated to Kitten (For the gift she gave me ^_^)

Well after that weird encounter with the W.A.R. contest i decided to make a wall out of the beautiful image that DREAM reminded me to make and what Suuki (toxictea) made a suggestion of. Well i found this image which has already been walled by DC and wanted to make a better version of it.... o_o Anyway this is merely an experimental wall i was trying to make, i was trying out some outer glow effects on different overlayed grunge brushes and yeah this is what i decided to portray. The title "L" means any word you would say Like Lust, Love, Lesbian, Libido, Lonliness, Lasseration, or even Lavalamp XD but all in all I wanted to make it as simple with a grunge design as usual... 34 layers and 6 hours of work and thinking.

More resolutions coming up in Imanimetions when Shinta updates the others that have been uploaded a long time ago... T_T But yeah hope you like it! :P

About the proportions on her head... I erased part of it so it would have a deteriorating effect. Man people should start trusting me T_T


Personal intent:
Ive always never considered myself the Hunk of hunks for women coss it never seemed that important to me but sometimes its always good when you find out someone likes you , it almost feels like your being loved which i find fruitful for a change. But i always keep the people who i care close to me and in time they will grow bigger in my heart as my life grows into a bigger potato... ^___^ All i can say is that love will save the day even if your the most loneliest person stuck on this earth....

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Browse Rain (Mangaka) Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. aemil Sep 19, 2005

    Wow, that's pretty cool. I'm liking the green/white color scheme.
    Also, I appreciate anyone who makes a wallpaper in higher resolutions than 1024*768 ;)

  2. breadcrust Banned Member Sep 19, 2005

    This is a nice wallpaper, and I think its some good work, but I dont know... it just doesnt "do anything" for me. I would of liked to see a "real" background (cant think of the right words for what I mean atm), and theres something about the scan... the shape of the head I guess, doesnt feel quite right to me. I do really like the colours though. Again, great work, even if it isn't a favorite for me.

  3. Aeya Sep 19, 2005

    Beautiful wally. I love the colors, the scan fits the bg pretty well ^^ Great job on it, keep it up!

  4. DarkIngram Sep 19, 2005

    cool background effects, it's simple but fine to me..... I like the colors you've used, green is fav color of love!!! XD XD

    about the character... I think there's a problem in proportion... ^_^'

    anyways, nice wallie...

  5. tetsuo211 Sep 19, 2005

    This is gogious... love the way you've blended the BG with the character :)

  6. Liz Sep 19, 2005

    wow thats reallly cool!! I love the colors and the scan is so beautiful great work

  7. Tiferet Sep 19, 2005

    love the colors & background...the girl looks very pretty too and blends well^^

  8. toxictea23 Sep 19, 2005

    gah@!its uber beautiful ^.^ i really like the colors ray ray ,muhahahah

  9. fukushuusha Sep 19, 2005

    goregeous texture grunge as always.
    I am also loving the colors...looks fancy yet relaxing and calm.
    mann...I wonder when I ll be able to title like this... -_-
    great work OA

  10. TinoLee Banned Member Sep 19, 2005

    So Great!! XD XD The effect you made is so nice! Well done! :)

  11. Evanrued Sep 19, 2005

    I really love the green fading and differences in the effects. The blue in her jacket contrasts well with the green shades and color over all. The scan is as well an excellent choice. Love the glow effects here and there. Great wall OA. ^^

  12. AC2N Sep 19, 2005

    what more can I say about it than my uppers friends...
    except that green is my prefered color... as usual, you did a great wall...
    each time it's a pleasure to see one of your creation....
    'waiting for the next one....
    see yaaaaa

  13. Yina Sep 19, 2005

    wahh.. this one is so beautiful.. ;__; you did a great work on blending the scan into the bg.. wahh and the bg is perfect.. I love the colours and the effects.. XD and the atmosphere is beautiful.. ;__; +fav >.<

  14. jaderabbit Sep 19, 2005

    most excellent wallpaper. I really like the colors >_<
    CAn't wait for ur next wallpaper oracle.

  15. Nayako Sep 19, 2005

    Woah!! She is so beautiful!! XD Great wallie!!
    I love the bg very much!! Thanks for sharing!!! XD

  16. Nyuu-chan Sep 19, 2005

    Excellent work! I love the colors you used, and background is awsome too!

  17. stellar Sep 19, 2005

    youve done it again OA! XD the image of this wallpaper is so complex in some way. if u look closely u can c something special about it. pictures such as these i luv the most. wonderful job OA. +fav+

    rate: 9.5/10

  18. Electrastar Sep 19, 2005

    Very beautiful and sad.
    Love the colours and the textures. It has a melancolic feeling that goes quite well with how I'm feeling right now...

  19. kalicodreamz Sep 19, 2005

    soooooo preeeeeetty :o
    -has returned from the dead!-
    i like the green hues. it adds such a....dreamy, mellow feeling. but then at the same time, you have those hard edges around the clouds so it seriously makes me wonder what this manga is about.
    i'm also in love with the textures you used on the whole wall, and i think the text looks really smooth :3
    nice work as usual oracle :D

  20. Idril Sep 19, 2005

    nice wallie! the girl looks cute and I like the greem colors merged with the girl are good too! But I guess you should put more effects on left side... it seems alittle empty... but it is just my opinion.... great wallie, anyway!

  21. DarkEVO Sep 19, 2005

    This wall has a mixed feeling for me.
    I seem to hate and like it at the same time but I can't chose between.
    And it's not the grunge, I can tell you that but it seems to be how you played with the colour and the characters and some subtle effects that has atrraction and detraction at the same time.
    Good and nice work.

  22. chibikko Sep 19, 2005

    hmm i like lavalamp~ beautiful brush work and colors are awesome. teal and green are my favorite colors and the wall looks great on my desktop. un, how can i not love this pretty wallpaper?

  23. DernierCri Sep 19, 2005

    quite different feel than what i get from the scan but a very Oracle Angel wall neverthrless..
    we should all do more Rain walls.
    I cannot get the title or the intent i might be stupid.
    but i have to tell you i expected you to make Rain wall... just wasn't sure which scan you'll use.
    do more do more....

  24. SharinganKnight Sep 19, 2005

    man, I love your style..but I hate the fact that I often end up with the same one..it makes me feel highly unoriginal hehe. Okeis, the wall is awesome, not a big fan of green (any color far taht matter) but I still love it, the sort of electrifying effect is very cool, right until it passes through her face, the effect on the right, you should remove. Also I would move the title a little bellow the middle, as to make it seem she over-looked it. Very nice wall.

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