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Okay-be, I'm not really sure how this vector thing works, so bear with me... (^~^)
I have volume 29 of the SDK manga from Japan, and on one of the pages this uber-hot image of Kyoshiro in... (fragit, I can't say without giving away a major spoiler!) So yeah...
I wanted to colorize the black and white manga version, because I love Kyoshiro and...
*ducks barrage of objects thrown by kyo fans* I don't care, he's still hotter than Kyo! And nicer, too. (*~.^*) (sylva prefers gentlemen over bad-asses)

Hopefully I have the concept of "vector" correct. (^_^')

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  1. b3nitora Sep 19, 2005

    that is super hot!!!! Like pizza oven hot, or...well..thats pretty d@mn hot...(I should know I've burned myself plenty of times on one >_< ) Nuff bout pizza, its makin me all hungry n stuff! Simply put that is one gorgeously beautiful vector thingy you made!!! If there were some sotra star givin system thinger around here and it was out of 5, Id give you 12 stars for exceeding the melting point! On that note, I shall melt now...::melts into ketchup::

  2. hongrboi Sep 19, 2005

    Very awsome Vector. This is your first time? It looks awsome ^^ The extraction looks a bit rought though. The colour is great though! I thought it was a girl though xD

  3. tripleG Sep 19, 2005

    This looks incredible!!

    I like it very much!! You choice of color is incredible...

    and you can stay with Kyoshiro... I want Kyo, though...lol

    Anyways incredible!! I will fav it as soon as I can!

  4. eclair-chan Sep 19, 2005

    wooooooooooooooooooow this is so........COOL! hehehehe nice coloring! +favs

  5. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Sep 19, 2005

    good job on the coloring sylvacoer-san! kyoshiro looks like kyo... it's like a reversal... teehee... kyoshiro in kyo's body! well, great job! can't wait to see someone use this in a wallie! :D

  6. Shkira Sep 19, 2005

    Nice job on the coloring, especially his hair! O_O Very good job vectoring.

  7. bbls Sep 19, 2005

    awesome vector, sylva! i luv your colors, but somehow the shading on his hair looks choppy or rough. he does look hot, tho'! *drools*

  8. leosama84 Sep 19, 2005

    mmmmm, the vector is really nice, but like hongrboi said, its a bit really rough on the edges! but don't get me wrong sempai, its really nice !! how do u guys make vectors like this? cuz i have a bunch of stuff that i want to "vector" ^_^....
    oshiya~te, onegai onegai onegaaaaaaaaaii!! :P

  9. tailai Sep 19, 2005

    XP Oh kyoshira in this pic is so smart.
    this pic is great.
    thank you for sharing.

  10. AngelXXX Sep 19, 2005

    Wow! he look's sooo f****n cool! wow! I love this picture!

  11. SuspendedReality Sep 19, 2005

    Very cool, it looks great!! Ican't beleive you guys are already on volume 29!!!!! omg I'm still at 15 -__-; it's no fair!!!! lol anyways thanks for shaing!!

  12. stormbringer246 Sep 19, 2005

    aww! pretty! but he stole kyo's body! great job! I really like the hair!

  13. MayaNatsume17 Sep 19, 2005

    Cool vector, the hair is nice too. I agree what hongrboi said about the edges being a little rough, but other than that it's a nice vector.

  14. k1ru Sep 20, 2005

    nice vector~~~
    u always do a great things like this!!! ^_^

  15. walkure245 Sep 22, 2005

    Wowo~ That's a nice looking guy. XD That pose really works well for him and really shows off that nice hair. I'm not sure how you're vectoring but the lines are kind of rough. Are you using the pentool or something like that for the re-draw? The coloring has cool texture but it's like a drawing you did. In vectors, the colors are sharp and more precise. But as a drawing, this is really well drawn and has a wonderful look. Great work on your first vector!

  16. ccc109 Sep 23, 2005

    What can i say.. the Character is Cool.. and it was drew by a great artist...

    I think this picture will look even cooler if the BG is not that flat, you can try to use purple and Grey for the BG..

  17. Ephemeral-Garden Sep 24, 2005

    Wow... it's been somewhile since I see some work of yours... or maybe I'm just plain lazy? Well then if it's that, I'm sorry. :sweat:

    But anyways, a vector huh? Hmm... but if you're saying that you coloured a black-and-white parts of a manga, it's not a vector. It's more of CG-ing. I thought you always do that? Vector is uh.... you re-colour some parts of the coloured animes. Not sure how to explain this, but... lazy to explain. ^^

    But ah... you did vectored the hair, that's one thing I'm sure about. The hair I think... not that smooth looking in some sense. You using pentool right? The lowest strands of hair seems quite... not smooth.. arghh.. I don't know which word to use! Okay whatever... the lowest part of hair in the picture.

    Your texture skill is good, but I think you didn't really hmm... did quite well in the parts where... the hair isn't extracted well. Not really extracting... but I guess you didn't really vectored quite well... I see some hiccups around the hair.

    Well, abut the bg is not big deal. You've said in the title that it's Kyoshiro Vector, so it's meant for Kyoshiro being vectored, so no biggies. ^^

    Just keep practicing and I'm sure you'll get to make better vectors. And I'm sorry if I kinda... said something about the work... maybe I just don't know how to choose my own words, but anyways, I still hope you can make an improvement next time. ^^

  18. Midori-chan Sep 24, 2005

    woah!!!! XD XD XD XD XD
    the vector looks really cool!!!
    kyoshiro is so h.o.t !!! you did a great job sylva-chan!!!! XD XD
    awesome work!! ;)

  19. Ayamael Sep 25, 2005

    woah... cool Kyoshiro vector... though, the lines look kinda weird for a vector... from the little i know about the subject matter, the lines should allbe clean, and the colour divisions as well (that is, no actual shading, or the shades are all cleanly separated from one another), in other words, this look a lot more like cging than vectoring ^_^' and for the spoiler, if it's the one i'm thinking about, it's already spoiled for me T_T oh well, can't wait to get to that volume ^_^' (still waiting for # 22 in French)

    oh right, i didn't have time to stop by the SDK group gb, and probably won't be able to before a while, school is being a pain T_T (am procrastinating at this very moment to catch up on submissions >.<), but i wanted to congratulate you on winning the contest ^^ well done!

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