Patoto Wallpaper: AIR: [enter] the dreamF.I.E.L.D

Patoto, Air, Misuzu Kamio, Doujinshi Wallpaper
Patoto Mangaka Air Series,Visual Novel Misuzu Kamio Character Doujinshi Source

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

-_______- this is my submit for the AIR walling contest. i know its trendwhore but looking at this scan its pretty much the only thing that i think matched.

>> misuzu standing knee deep in flowers.

so i compensated the lack of imagination with lots of complicated stuff. the flower field esp was the most difficult thing i did. every indvidual flower is vectored and then arranged to get the distance effect. the flying petals were secondly difficult cause i had to make up petals from the base flower scans i used.

the windfarm generators were vectored from a scan cause extracting the original woulda not matched.

lastly i put a grid over the whole thing just cause to make it clear its a dreamfield and have that fake look.

overall its a strange little work by me...seems a bit faded on my screen T__T
dl to see the crazy flying mini petals XD

SCAN >> http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/136071/

ps pls dont lose respect for my walling ability, even though it probably couldnt rival some of the other peoples, cause this i know is very cliche but i swear it was for the AIR contest XD next one will be for the bleach contest!! =P


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  1. ensenada Sep 18, 2005

    its looks so inocent is your scan? if not or if yes is so cool!!

  2. sukie Sep 18, 2005

    wow...looks sooooo pretty!! the scan and the bg fit perfect together!! i love it!! keep up the great work!

  3. hongrboi Sep 18, 2005

    oh man...tough competition for the air artwork comptition >< Anyway, good job o the flower arrangements. It must have over 100 layers? i think the scan needs a little cleaning up though..or was it intentional? Nice idea for the windmills!

  4. somebodyelse Retired Moderator Sep 19, 2005

    Nice concept with the wind farm and the blowing hair scan- only thing I don't like is the grid effect but it looks like you did that on purpose, good job! This is already the 2nd good wallpaper I've seen out of this contest, and I look forward to more...

  5. RainOfStars Sep 19, 2005

    Such an excellent wall. It isn't my favourite scan of Misuzu though. Nevertheless, great job done. This is a very different style of wall from your previous ones.
    Btw, you mind if I ask you what is the line of cloud(?) on top right?

    Good job^^ and good luck in the contest

  6. wind12 Sep 19, 2005

    Great scan, kai81220. This scan looks very nice :D Have to add it to my fav :nya:

  7. narutofan92 Sep 19, 2005

    That scan of Misuzu is really cute. (I should choose my words wisely, being a guy but still.)

    I know, you hate even making a somewhat trendwhorish wall huh?
    But this wall doesn't seem too trendwhorish whether you say so or not.
    There are very few things that would work with a scan like that one and you found one and made it look awesome.

    The detail in the vectors and the flowers is astounding, you can see the effort put into it. The only thing that strikes me as slightly off is the grid but in it's own way it fits too.
    Well, one more thing is that long stream of smoke or whatever it is, it seems odd.
    All in all this wall is great.

  8. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Sep 19, 2005

    Trendwhore or not, this wall is amazing. Nay, I take that back, screw it if it's trendwhorish or not. This is really very nicely done and I have to agree with you as well, with a scan like that, there's a rather limited amount of possibilities that you can do with it. I think you made an excellant choice on it. The important thing is if you're satisified with what you've done. ^^

    As for the scan.. :o Wow...Honestly, that is just a gorgeous scan of Misuzu. I can't say I've ever seen that scan before, but it is just amazingly beautiful. Though, I think the series had quite good artwork, one thing that kinda bothered me was that their eyes are like a deer in headlights @_@ Just waaaaaaaay too big, but it worked and made them rather cute, though this..now this would of been some seriously nice artwork to see in the series. She looks somewhat blurred though, but to be honest, that only adds more to the 'dream effect' and I think she fits very nicely in the field as well. A very well done extraction and a great choice of scan as well.

    The background. Wow, now the giant moon might be really give people the reason to really think this is trendwhorish, but I think it's rather nicely fitting, even if it is. The windmills were quite the nice touch as well, not too many, but just enough to really give it a nice feel, also adds for that 'windy' effect that the scan has, though the base part of the windmills looks sorta transparent..well, almost anyways, though that's not a bad thing, it gives more of the feeling of an illusion, which to me is just a brilliant idea ( I'm pretty sure I'm just going off thinking that, my apologies if that's offensive). Now, the flowers. Holy crap I can't believe that you did each one of those individually @_@. That is just simply crazy. Not to mention it looks just simply outstanding as well. I have to say that the field of flowers was a wonderful choice. Not only does this make the whole 'dreamstate' concept of the wall a reality, but it just looks soooooo damn good too. Even more creative to have flower petals blowing in the wind and the depth of how far their blowing away was nicely done as well. Overall, the background really achieves, in my opinion, what you were going for. Not to mention looks really, really good in the process of doing so. Fantastic work on the bg, Kai.

    What can I say? I love this background. I really, really love this background and I have to say that this is, by far, my favorite AIR wall. The only thing I'd recommend is taking your name off of the name and just keeping it at the bottom, but heya, it's not like it takes away from the wall itself. Lovely choice of text as well and overall, this is a favorite for me.

  9. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 19, 2005

    Oooo, I really like that scan! Misuzu looks sexy XD
    Love the background too, fits well with the scan. Great job!

  10. MoonlightEternity Sep 19, 2005

    ooooo really nice wallpaper kai-san! i love the colours, and the background fits the scan perfectly! ^^ good luck with the contest!

  11. IllusionistAria Sep 19, 2005

    Even though you seem to think it's cliched and all, I still think it's nice. -_- The soft colors give it a very nice, sweet sort of thing. The softness of the whole thing is really dreamy too. >_< It's pretty.
    It's not exactly my favorite scan of Misuzu though, it just doesn't seem quite... her. *Cough cough* The windmills are really beautiful, though.

  12. rafaellaGP Sep 19, 2005

    beautiful scan!! the bg is perfect...
    this my fave scan ^^

  13. KorganoS Sep 19, 2005

    You know, it's not that ppl lose respect of your walling ability.. but the thing that matters is that how far can you make that 'trendwhoreish' thing a very high quality one... that way no one would complain. You don't have to be that afraid, imho.. just make your best, and it doesn't really matter if it's trendwhorish or not.. as long as it's good quality and not rushed.. it's all good.

    To the wall now, yes..
    it's very nice, and the composition is, very pleasing and suitable for Misuzu. There is nothing better than seeing her mending her hair in the middle of mild breeze and field of blissfull flowers... the windfarm generators... whatever it's called.. add a very subtle but nice touch to the overall scene. And I also like the details of the flower petals, and the whole flower field.. it's delicately modeled and cared with much precision.. I applaud you for that..
    Moon, or planet.. it surely doesn't have to be -that- big... but, well.. maybe it's your personal preference?

    One thing that bothers me would be the color.. this wallpaper seems undersaturated, and the colors look a bit dull and not cheerful... I don't know why.. softness effect?... or maybe it's your monitor or gamma setting... You might want to try to add soft light layer or saturation adjustment layer to overcome this.. or some other way such as adjusting the overall brightness and contrast.

    All in all.. it's a very nice work... well-thought... nicely detailed, and matching composition. Good luck in the competition ;)

  14. rythem Sep 19, 2005

    woa~ neat work here kai ~ ^^ I really love it >w< the sakura flowers r nicely done ... that must be hard work :P the wind generators r really nice vectored n adds the feeling of breeze with the flowing of the hair n floating sakuras *does that make sense?* seems that the wall is 'air' themed XD overall ~ the peaceful mood matches the scan well n the font is fitting too ^_^ great work kai~ wish u luck in the contest ;)

  15. al-shatti Sep 19, 2005

    wow...looks sooooo pretty kai81220 :) ........................
    +fav :)

  16. Willem Sep 19, 2005

    Nice wallpaper ! even if you think that your background doesn't feet with I think you choose the best. The only thing I will criticize is the way you wrote your words. Couldn't you make it more.. soft ? Anyway nice job kai!!!!

  17. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 19, 2005

    Why would you lose confidence in you walling capabilities, YOu take control of your own persona not Us.. so remember that ;) ANyway the scan is beautifully put together with the bg. The grid works works well with the whole scene though im kinda confuzzled with the white strands on the scan, they look unclean for some reason but it might just be my perception on the design intended but yeah the wall is flowery Awesome! :P

  18. ventures Sep 19, 2005

    waaa ~ an air wall.
    I'm impressed that u had that much patience that u could vector all those sakura flowers XD
    the tiny tiny flower petals r really nice too.
    I love the grid effect u chose. it really looks dreamish ~
    good job ~ *favs*

    nace perspective Btw XP

  19. tareren Sep 19, 2005

    Love the vector of the wind...mill(?) and also the flowers :D I think you did a great job with them...But, I think the color composition of the whole wall is somehow wrong, cos the scan is kinda dark, while the flowers, moons, and wind-generators thingy are bright...It somehow make it looks unbalance imo... Other than that, her skirt looks grainy, maybe you textured it so it seems so or maybe it is just grainy, or maybe it is just my eyes (more likely so), and bcos it is like that (in my view), it kinda makes it weird, the skirt is grainy, other parts are not, ... Ugh, I dunno how to explain it.. sorry......

    Ugh, about respect on walling ability, I think it is fine even if it is cliche as long as you put effort to it, not only slapping the a retardedly-extracted scan to a background while brushing around moons, stars and sparkles in jumbled manner >_< without any apparent effort in making it, or any deep thought to it :D

  20. Lenne Sep 19, 2005

    It's awsome..like all your works ;)
    i love the flowers,and Air is one of my favorite walls.
    See ya! ;)

  21. fukushuusha Sep 19, 2005

    lose respect to ur walling ability?...come on kai... It really doesn't matter if it's trendwhore or not...IF u are doing a good job
    and ur quality is always one of the best around MT so don't worry about it man.
    as for the wall...
    the whindmills are a nice idea. they are completing the scan perfectly. the perspective is good. The texture u created with grids looks weird but fits somehow ^^
    the text is nice also but could use some more dept...it's like flowing.
    but other then the text this is great

  22. pegassuss Sep 19, 2005

    This is really beautiful! ^^ I really like the scan you chose and the background fits perfectly. I love the flower field, it's lovely and the flying petals are a really nice touch and it works to create a wingd effect ^^ You really did a great job vectoring the windfarm generators, they look really good. Everything blends really well and it looks very peaceful. I think you did a great job! ^^ Good luck in the contest!

  23. AC2N Sep 19, 2005

    this one looks good... nice wallie my friend.
    I love the bg... inspired me spring...
    that's good ;)
    i want to congratulate you for your web site... I watched it last week... it's really attractiv.
    good work on it...
    see yaaa soon...

  24. Yina Sep 19, 2005

    wahh.. you made every single flower?? o.o and is the bubble the moon??.. XD nyahaha >D never mind.. it's trenwhore.. so what? the quality is excellent and that's great.. XD overall great job on the composition and atmosphere.. +fav XD

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