Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: GSD-Field of sorrow

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Kira Yamato Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I was about to cry when I saw one of mine favorite wall was deleted (because of corruption or something), I was thinking "There's no point in be here anymore" XD
No no just joking :) I was just sad I lost all the comment on it, there was some that I especially appreciated, so thanks to all of you who comment on it the first time.

Quickly the wall:
Kira is a vector I did with screenshot from the series that I took myself.
The background was made with Photoshop brushes and some free pic from a CD
The destroyed Gundam is a scan from MystikJ. Thanks!

Just ask me if you want other resolutions...

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: chibikko
Wall: W.A.R.: Foolish Fun
Reason: This wall just impressed me. A lot of funny details and technically nicely done.

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  1. toxictea23 Sep 18, 2005

    Why on earth would someone delete this wallpaper. I think the person whom deleted this was on some major crack that day>.<


  2. MouriRan Sep 18, 2005

    eh?! i believe i've seen this wall somewhere eles before on mt..>.<;;
    or rather something similar i guess...XD nyaa gret work!=D kira kira kira!=)

  3. shadowcat23 Sep 18, 2005

    Im not a fan of Gundam Seed Destiny but your wallpaper is amazing :)

  4. EevaLeena Sep 19, 2005

    Why would something this good got delated?? I remember using this wall for over 2 weeks on my desktop! Daanggg.. Anyways, I just wanna say... don't be sad. It's really good! *nyaa*

  5. calisqo Sep 19, 2005

    deleted 0_0?
    How's that possible.
    Nice quality to the wall, nice and simple.
    I like sthe small details in it, very high in quality.
    Nice pick of the scan i kinda like it XD eventhough i'm not a gundam fan XD i must really start watching it XD.
    Awesome work overall ^_^

  6. laurent Sep 19, 2005

    Aarggg, je ne peux pas croire qu'ils on fait ca !!! Il est super ton wall. Il etait toujours mon grand fav. de toi, ma Anji. Tu peux etre sur que vais l'ajouter de nouveau a ma liste de favs. Il est trop joli pour ne pas le faire !!! Et j'aime l'image de Kira si beaucoup. (Kira rulez !!! XD) Bon travail !! ^^

    EDIT: *snif* J'dois encore attendre 7 jours avant que j'puisse l'ajouter vu que j'viens de surpasser la limite de 10 favs. par semaine. T-T

  7. ladykaze Sep 19, 2005

    Deleted!! omg!!! This wallpaper is really good. Daijoubu desu!!! +fave

  8. Lenne Sep 19, 2005

    It's good.I love the concept & the effects.
    Keep up the good work! :)

  9. Susan-chan Sep 19, 2005

    how was the one who delete this great wally????! i know what u feel, it's a great wally and it was a top wally......and now i cant fav it..great...-_-

  10. Cagari Sep 19, 2005

    How in the world could this have been deleted?? I really like it. I thought it was very very nice the first time I saw it. I do agree with toxictea: the person who deleted it must have been on crack.

  11. asan Sep 19, 2005

    the backgrpund is great ...i love it
    good job

  12. L3g Sep 19, 2005

    mouahahahahhahaha il on supprimer ton meilleur wall? trop fort ! hihihihihi je sais c'est pas gentil mais ca me fait rire :D
    Bon si ca peux te consoler je crois q'a l'epoque je ne l'avait pas mis dans mes favoris mais bon puisque je suis la ..... autant en profiter !!
    je doit etre sans doute moins exigent avec le temps ou alors je sais mieux reconnaitre les chef d'oeuvre ca depend des points de vue ... je dirais la seconde possibilite quand meme (juste pour te faire plaisir)
    Bon a part ca je sais pas trop quoi dire ce wall est une perfection .......(silence).........(silence).........(silence)........
    juste une petite citation de moi meme :
    la duree du silence est evocateur de la grandeur de l'oeuvre observee...
    (et je te pris de croire que chez moi regne un tres grand silence ^^)
    bon allez bravo encore une fois ;)
    et a la prochaine
    ps: au fait ce petit sejour chez nous ca c'est bien passee?
    allez biz

  13. khatuido Sep 20, 2005

    humm je crois les admin doivent pas t'aimer XP
    bah moi chai plus ce que 'javai di sur ce wall ah si qu'il etait tres bien reussi :D
    bon reste a savoir s'il vont te le supprimer encore une fois lol

  14. yo-chanbokura Sep 20, 2005

    Still the great one Anji, this is gonna be gs fans fav always! ;)

  15. semanga Sep 20, 2005

    damn i love his looking it is so sexy
    and the gree bg is great love it and i wish i had a fav for this work but i have not T_T

  16. cifiryn Sep 20, 2005

    Ok, for once I don't get it... this wallies is great!!
    I think it was some kind of mistake... yep, people make mistakes every once in a while :)
    Again, adding it to favs, you did a really good work!
    Keep it up!

    PS: Don't you leave MT ;)

  17. MyrrhLynn Sep 21, 2005

    Well okie I commented and faved this long ago but I don't remember what I said. XD So I'll just say this is probably my favorite wall out of all the ones you have made (wait no, I like the Kyo one the best so I guess this one is second XD) It is so grungy and full of emotion I just love it!

  18. stellar Sep 22, 2005

    Quote by toxictea23Why on earth would someone delete this wallpaper. I think the person whom deleted this was on some major crack that day&gt;.&lt;


    lmao yea i agree with suuki on that one...

    anyways, this kira wallie is one of my most favorite wallie of all. ^_^

  19. Spriggan Sep 23, 2005

    noonn :( ils aurait oser faire ca! tsk tsk ahh honte a eux jvais leur en faire moi dla corruption ~_~ lol OX ..bon , jvais au moin refaire un fav de ton ouevre.

  20. LucyXlostangelwings Sep 23, 2005

    Oh no! Last one deleted?? I'm just glad you re-submitted. ^^
    i won't repeat my last comment, but I'm faving it once again! :)

  21. Jormungand Sep 23, 2005

    re-fav~! ^^
    Now that I take another look at it.... reminds me how nice the textures and layerings look..
    definitely one of the best :D

    *your first paragraph almost gave me heart attack XD

  22. PeacefulNight Sep 25, 2005

    *drools* Can't believe this got deleted. Kira looks so hot and sexy and....angry. May somebody help my soul from falling in love....*dies*

  23. llilliathari Sep 25, 2005

    Wall corrompu ben voyons....En plus celui qui etait dans le top 6 de GSD...Ca sent le complot! Te laisse pas faire anji fight!!! ^^
    Je ne sais plus ce que je t'avais mis en commentaire, mais je pense que j'avais fait une reflexion sur le gundam tout icrabouille c'est de l'histoire ancienne maintenant ;)
    Je le remet en favoris, meme s'il y a cette limitation (finalement elle ne me plait pas tant que ca).
    J'espere qu'il remontera a la place ou il etait :p



  24. DLZ Sep 26, 2005

    I like it. The trasition between Kira and the backround isn't too over powering and it still keeps every thing in the wallpaper together.

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