Aquarian Age Wallpaper: [When Nightfall Comes]

Broccoli, Aquarian Age Wallpaper
Broccoli Studio Aquarian Age Series

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Boo!^^ me again! this is a different type of mood for me XD i don't usually make really "evil" ish ones... if u consider it evil XD i was actually working on a TOTALLY different wallpaper, when this idea popped into my head. i know the background's really plain, but hey its my first time at this "grungy" sorta thing... ^^'' scan from Minitokyo (i'll try to find the link!)

Layers: 48
Program: Photoshop CS 8
Time: 3 hours
Credits: Xelns (i believe) for the scan! can be found on Minitokyo.

comments and suggestions always welcome, like usual ^^ hope it looks ok XD

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  1. MouriRan Sep 17, 2005

    ohhh woww....very very very pretty!! the girl looks..interesting lol
    the background looks really cool and simple!
    +fav keep up the walls! ha! im first!*shines with glory!*

  2. Mailwash Sep 17, 2005

    it is so great - i want to have more screen to have wallpapers like that one on every of them;)

  3. EternalBlue Sep 17, 2005

    Hehe quite the dark mood there, not really my style, but it still looks good ^_^ Keep up the great work :)

  4. Kenichi Sep 18, 2005

    oro? wow a demon girl. intersting horror wallpaper. with that kind of scan i suppose u can't do anything about the bg, huh? ^^ very nice wallpaper.

  5. aishiteraburu Sep 18, 2005

    wow moonlight-chan

    even though if the wallpaper is creepy
    its good
    i mean its simple yet great
    goes to my fave

  6. phamthuha Sep 18, 2005

    The scan is pretty cool and the color tone is really good choice ^^. I love it !!!

  7. Kiako Sep 18, 2005

    the scan is very pretty, the girl's clothes look good. but the bg doesn't fit that well. it looks a bit to empty comparing to the scan. the shadow of the sign and the sign itself are disturbing.

  8. dianas Sep 18, 2005

    i love the chara..the girl is like the princes of darkness..with those monsters..i think that the idea is really good..^_~..keep up the good work my friend

  9. bbls Sep 18, 2005

    oh gosh...that is quite a scary and creepy wallie! the background looks great and i like the fact that it's simple because it balances well with the left side of the wall where the scan is. nice work! :D

  10. zanmato Sep 18, 2005

    Wow, so "nice" (well, I don't think that nice is the better word for a grungy wall). The only problem is the shadow of the big creatures : you may re-work on that.
    Keep it up :D

  11. Angel-on-Dragon Sep 18, 2005

    What a beautiful wallpaper. The scan you used looks great and the background fits perfectly.
    The sky of the bg looks quite good, but I think the mountains (there's a strange cut in the colors) and as said before the shadows of those creatures need a bit re-work.
    Anyway really cool wallpaper. Thanks for sharing ^^

  12. Feba Sep 18, 2005

    It's preatty good wall!!Espeacially background^^I gope i can see other your work!!^_~

  13. sora69 Sep 18, 2005

    .:HooOOoo, spooky, i hope i don't begin having nightmares after this wallpaper, lol,(just kiding):P...to the wallpaper, i like the scan, she is beautifull but creepy at the same time, the monsters at her side are cool to, the colors of the bg are "good" (they aren't good, they're evil :p), the birds flying around are a good detail, since its the kind of thing that we see in these kind of scennary...although i must say u are right, its a bit plain, i think u should have added it some "light", i mean some shiny things like the eyes of the monsters beside her, or some kind of dark lights, i dunno.....anyways, nice job :) :.

  14. sukie Sep 18, 2005

    wow...it looks great!! way better than ok!! super work!! the bg is sooooo cool!! i love it!!

  15. Acuni Sep 18, 2005

    nice wallie
    i like the chara and the bg is wery well done
    hope to see more

  16. slivermoon Sep 18, 2005

    the simple design of the bg works well w/ the scan
    considering that its so detailed
    but i think that the sky could do w/ a little more textures
    other than that nice work ^-^

  17. eXDream2K5 Sep 18, 2005

    pretty awesome job you've done. I like the "darker" theme you used. I'd like to see more "dark" walls from you.

  18. shari Sep 18, 2005

    great wallie! XD love the font and the girl looks.. pretty in an evil sorta way! XD awesome job! *hugs*

  19. raver-moonlight-sage Sep 19, 2005

    that totally wicked i love the layout and the creatures that suits it well on your masterpiece work i give it a 20 out 20 for it a A+

  20. ayane-heine Sep 19, 2005

    O_O evilish wallie there.. O_O
    but you are trying out different style.. i guess you made it.. ^^
    although it is kinda plain on the right.. but i must say that it brings out that "grungy" things.. XD
    evilish "grungy" wallie there.. good job on that.. XD
    thanx for sharing oh~~

  21. asan Sep 19, 2005

    she look cute and the backgraund look cool...i like it very much^^
    keep it up

  22. winxfairykay Sep 19, 2005

    You never fail to impress me!
    I like the scan. Good details. Amazing work.
    I think you did a good job.
    Keep up the good work!

  23. KyoFan368 Sep 19, 2005

    That does look abit evil!!^__^ Though you did a nice job on it way to go!!! The wall looks great.^__^ :) :D :pacman:

  24. pamkips Sep 19, 2005

    wah i love sumi keechi's work! ooo it's so dark...not like you moonlighteternity-sama......but i still love it ^_^....well the background feels a bit plain to me...but i still adore it...don't kill me

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