Rain (Mangaka) Wallpaper: Rain: A World Beyond Dreams

Rain (Mangaka) Wallpaper
Rain (Mangaka) Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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I reach out, but I'm alone. I try and try again...
I'm dying but I'm the only one that knows it...

http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/171160/ the scan by DREAM

hey this is my second wall within the category Rain. which is simly amazing.
and the second one with the same title. mini-series, eh! the first one: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/173532/

Enjoy, reflect and visit www.NuclearSeasons.com - now with a wallpaper section.

EDIT: thumbnail sux, eh?

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Browse Rain (Mangaka) Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Aa-chan Sep 17, 2005

    Very simple look, but the warmth is stunning and the softness, coupled with the scan is perfect. This quality of work is becoming typical of you ^__^ .

  2. levezzali Sep 17, 2005

    Interesting wall. I really can't say I know that series, but I got interested in the artwork so I'll check it out sometime.

    Concerning the wall, very sublime feeling coming from it, I like the warmness and the kinda "motion" of the image, really nice, and also it's kinda diferent fromt eh grunge-like walls you usually submit! that makes (and gives me) a more "ecletic" sense of your tastes and likes for eletronic art. as I said in the beggining, interesting!

    Congrats and 4 thumbs up! (hehe)

  3. sukie Sep 17, 2005

    this is so sad...your walls are so full of meaning T.T i'm crying a river...
    great work! i bet is they showed it on TV ppl would cry their eyes out!!
    *running to get tissue*

  4. Dufoe88 Sep 17, 2005

    a very simple wall but with a great look!! i really like it.. ^^
    keep it up

  5. evasion Sep 17, 2005

    Wow - beautiful wallpaper :) I love how you combined the scan and the background into a single image. Well done! ^_^ +fav+

  6. flyindreams Sep 17, 2005

    >__< Wonderful wall series that you're starting DC <3 Although I think I like your first wall better overall, the surrealness of this wall is incredible... like everyone else commented on, the warmth of the colors and clouds is really quite soothing, and then you realize that that girl's head is just floating in the middle of the air >___< This one really came into its name, I think... Lovely job <33

  7. DREAM Sep 18, 2005

    im glad you decided to share it here DC. it one of those walls that although it may not get the recognition it it deserves must be shown.

    the wall: i have to confess i can't remember a wall of yours that used such a "pastel-like" color. the whole ambience of the wall is one of reflection versus say chaos yet still maintains a sense of "inner conflict". which in itself maintains a sense of urgency and purpose. allowing the viewer to see just the girl's head is straight-on. showing her lower body and clothing would have hampered the walls effectiveness.

    an intersting note: i like the direction or trajectory of the birds versus that of her her eyes...

    Quote by DernierCri I reach out, but I'm alone. I try and try again...
    I'm dying but I'm the only one that knows it...

    wierd [not the quote but how i can relate to that]. i am hardly an oracle but i have always felt that i can see my death - not the circumstances but the time frame. lol and it isn't when 64.

    Quote by sukiethis is so sad...your walls are so full of meaning T.T i'm crying a river...
    great work! i bet is they showed it on TV ppl would cry their eyes out!!
    *running to get tissue*

    :hugs and hands sukie a tissue: sukie, yes it is sad but the best artworks have meaning and purpose.

    absolute definitive fav..

  8. marcoskatsuragi Sep 18, 2005

    Ah.... wow.... just great! At the same time... simple, and so complex! I fav this NOW!

  9. kakitsubata Sep 18, 2005

    this is a wonderful wall, so unique. the sky is flawless, and the typography is the best i've seen in a very long time. there's a lot of great walls out there where the text just lets them down... plus there's something about the formation of the birds that appeals to me a lot.

    and thanks so much for telling about Rain: i've been through the category and i absolutely love it! no wonder you're doing a second rain wall. great work!

  10. ayaki Sep 18, 2005

    the bg is really nice...very smooth...
    but one thing...the head is kinda scary me...where is her body >_<
    other than that...it's giving off a sad atmosphere/mood.
    great job!~ :)

  11. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 18, 2005

    It has a sort of ominous sad but dreamy feel as the title of the wall has said . I love the simplicity and the bg could have had some small underlying bg in there but noentheless the whole wall is beautifully done! :P

  12. FredGreg Sep 18, 2005

    It is soothing like other people have said... very calm. The way the girl's hair falls over her eye is a bit weird though... I find that freakier than the fact her head is just floating there. The slightly blurred birds are easily my favourite part of this wall - that area anyway.

    You know what makes me feel really bad though? That while I was reading the comments & everybody's serious & saddened attitudes, the 'If you're happy & you know it...' tune came into my head, & that was when I started finding the wall sombre. Sorry sukie... I feel like a heartless cretin. Still smiling at the tune though :) Mmmmm I still feel like a tool, but in a 'stupid me' way now. OK I'll stop rabbiting on here. See you later, sorry about this comment being basically devoid of content.

  13. Regenbogen Sep 19, 2005

    I love this wallpaper! When I saw it on DREAM's fav list I had to click on it... it's an eye catcher! It expresses many feelings... that's very important for me to like a wallpaper! Unfortunately I don't know the series...
    I must look at your other wallpapers...!

  14. Holt Sep 19, 2005

    I'm thinking a little simple and the background a bit too blurred. More defined clouds might've been better.
    Still, good atmosphere and warm colours. I have to say the scan fits in really well.
    Keep it up!

  15. TrinityLi Sep 21, 2005

    I agree with everyone here. The wall is so soft and soothing. I don't know if it's the scan or the color of the background that makes it look that way. It's very nice. Great work, as always! :)

  16. Saikusa Retired Moderator Sep 23, 2005

    She's very beautiful. I love that deep sepia colour with the washed away tones. The amber sky has a warm, but dying autumnal feel to it.

    The thumbnail sure does suck. It makes it look empty. Sparse, even. But it's not! The space created is vibrant and fills my lungs in a breathtaking way... It's hard to explain, but it's sense of open space is what makes it even grander :)

  17. zpulse Aug 03, 2009

    creeeepy... I have DREAM's original scan as a poster, but this reminds me of the forest god from Princess Mononoke XD

  18. yukinobara Mar 20, 2010

    great wallpaper !THANKS FOR SHARING^^

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