Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Hold On To Forever...

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Sakura Kinomoto, Syaoran Li Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Sakura Kinomoto Character Syaoran Li Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hello everyone!!
OMG, OMG, OMG! O_O in school we are doing a play... yes its Cinderella! so we were doing a random pick through cards who does what role.... and... and... I got the role of the prince O_o (im a girl) and of all roles... ~_~ I wanted the stepsister... and my friend got Cinderella!!? ~~~*falls on the floor laughing* hes a guy! XD XD and much taller then me! it really doesnt look right XD oh sorry... just wanted to stare that with you guys^^ lol
okey on to the wall!!
well, to tell you the truth, im not all too proud of this wall... really dont know why though but there really nothing to say much about this wallie^____________________^ found scan here http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/41582/
Layers - 44
hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!!! please comment!!!!!!!

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: ayaki
Wall: W.A.R. :Lost In Love:
Reason: luv this walls!!!!! its great!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE take I look at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. stellar Sep 17, 2005

    oh! its soooo nice. every color seems to be in place!!! x_x +favs+ this is a 10/10 rating.

    oh darn...i cant fav anymore....>_< sry sissy!

  2. AngelLoveSong Sep 17, 2005

    great wallie as usally... love it!!!!!!
    dont know what eles to say.... im speechless!!!

  3. tripleG Sep 17, 2005

    What are you talking about! This is great!!!

    I love the colors you used and the extraction is excellent. The blend is incredible!

    (Funny about the cinderella play... will your friend has to wear a dress! o_0

    Anyways nice wall!!! I want to add it to my fav!!! (stupid limit rule!)

  4. Dufoe88 Sep 17, 2005

    oh a Tsubasa Chronicle wallpaper youm made.. very impresive, i like the way you made the wall.. kinda Techno XD hehe.. i still dont know what the bg means.. i dunno if it means anything.. but it's cool XD i like what you made.. ;)
    keep up the good work ayasal

  5. sukie Sep 17, 2005

    beautiful beautiful!! i love this wall!! the bg is so cool and the scan fit well!! keep it uP!!

  6. SakuraOokamichan Sep 17, 2005

    so preatty cool wall, the background is so great ^^
    i love it, thanks for sharing

  7. Rikimaru-jp Sep 17, 2005

    Aya-Chan :) you really did a wonderful job with the background it blends well along with the characters not to mention that the effects and the brushes you used are really cool :)
    the best thing about this wallie is that you really used your imagination on your background and let go for your inspiration that what made it look so mysterious yet so beautiful :)
    it deserves a fav for sure "but you have to wait till monday" lol
    I won't tell you keep it up because you are keeping it anyway LOL XP

  8. gadgetgirl16 Sep 17, 2005

    wow! that is verry verry beautiful and verry romantic ^^ i love the colors that you used and the text layers that match verry well and the designs in the background makes it verry nice....something that you cannot take your eyes off of.....great job ^^ +favs

  9. chichiri1907 Sep 17, 2005

    oh AYASAL!
    this wall is so splendidly beautiful,
    i dont know how you do it but each time you submit a new wall it gets more beautiful and beautiful by the minute, its like im attached to all of them.
    hmm now going back to the wallpaper...I see nothing wrong with it it all seems to fit in,
    i liked how you added the brush for the txt in their it maes me have that "Old English" feel to it which is nice.
    Im so adding this to my favs but when I have a chance too...I exceeded my limit.........
    but I well add this one to my favs because its such a lovely and beautiful wall for a beautiful Prince Ayasal...dont worry about being the prince by the way.....as long as Cinderealla isn't a girl then it should be fine.
    Sweet Job Ayasal
    Thanks so much for making a wonderful wall for me to see!

  10. Kenichi Sep 17, 2005

    should make the scan a bit bigger, are their floating? Demo, the bg is very nice. :)
    *points and luagh at u* a Prince? :nya:

  11. sangel99 Sep 17, 2005

    I love the background! It all blends so well together...as well I like the Tsubasa series ^-^ The moon in there is pretty too! Great job Ayasal!

  12. SharinganKnight Sep 17, 2005

    well, its your wall alright, has your style all over it :p but Im not sure if I like such a sharp style... = \ the composition is as abstract as it gets though, so I like that. nice wall.

    "shite" hehe such a funny word

  13. hikarinotenshi Sep 17, 2005

    omg! this is so wonderful!the ethereal bg is wonderful! especially the contrast light and darkness ! +fav

  14. Rella Sep 17, 2005

    That looks uberly nice!! I really like the effects you added behind Sakura. The colors and everything looks awesome, good work! ^^

  15. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 17, 2005

    Very nicely done! I love the colors and the effects are awesome! Excellent job, as always!

  16. Inuyasha-FAN Sep 17, 2005

    wow good job!!!!! your sooo good! keep it up! ^_^ i cant wait to see the next one.

  17. AngelKate Sep 17, 2005

    Yaaaaay a Tsubasa Chronicle wallie!! This is really pretty Ayasal!! I like the lightness and darkness contrast, and all the text in the background looks good too. Really wonderful job as always. ^_^

  18. MoonlightEternity Sep 17, 2005

    haha hope u have fun with ur cinderella play :D wear high shoes or something to make up for the height difference :P

    anyways about the wallpaper ^^ YAY tsubasa!!! :D its a lovely scan, and i love the effects u put in the background! it gives the wallpaper a really nice touch ^^ awesome job! thanks for sharing ayasal-san!

  19. PhoenixNox Sep 18, 2005

    u dont like it?
    its kinda different from most of your walls. s really good.

  20. agneslee Sep 18, 2005

    Very nice.
    You painted a harmonious color on this wallpaper.
    Really nice wallpaper.
    Add to my fav.
    I really like it. You alway make so many wonderful wallpapers.
    Thanks for sharing.^_^

  21. chingetscook Sep 18, 2005

    Actually this wall is pretty good, I'm trying to decide to fav it or not, tough to call. And LOL @ your play comments.

  22. Darkbeat Sep 18, 2005

    You did great with this one Ayasal, no need to be worried about it. The background looks really good so you should be proud ^_~

  23. hytokiri Sep 18, 2005

    This wall doesn't bad at all, maybe not your best, but still is a good wall. Hope to see more and more for u, u usually have nice concepts on the walls. Take care.

  24. phamthuha Sep 18, 2005

    The bg is so aweasome ^^. I love it. And th whole wall has a very romantic feeling too ^^. Excellent work as always, Ayasal ^^.

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