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A month or so ago, the local newspaper published an awesome photograph taken from within the new city hall. It was a vertical shot, looking upwards through the dome. Domes are common on governmental halls (the US Capitol, for example). San Francisco has one on their city hall and it's built in a classical architectural style. San Jose, home of Silicon Valley, chose a dome design that was geometric and futuristic looking. I think it suits San Jose's personality. The geometric pattern that emerged from the photograph really intrigued me, so I redrew it with vectors, then composed a quick night sky. Although San Jose has had sodium lights for numerous years now to help telescope observatories better see the night sky, it's still too bright to see the Milky Way -- but I'm an optimist. An airplane, since SJC is located in downtown just like city hall, and a reminder that this is an earth-bound image. And a little tiny moon. I didn't want to dig out any stock photos of moons so I just made a really fast planet. It's so small you can't really tell anyway.
I widescreened the image (the original vector is square) because I felt a 16x9 format gave a more immense sense of space than a 4x3 format would.

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  1. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2005

    Kinda reminds me of your Emma wall, but the struncture itself is well made, clear and lovely atmosphere. It make me want to sit on a roof and just look up to the stars on a clear cool night. Lovely stuff Tama! :P

  2. euna Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2005

    Wow... simple, but beautiful.
    i l-u-v it!!! =D
    euna and her nightsky... >__<
    anywayz, i luv the starfield and the concept of the wall.
    Plus, i <3 <3 <3 the moon <3 XD
    it looks fantastic. great job tama! deserves a fav!

  3. tareren Sep 16, 2005

    I like the concept, and I think it is beautifully done... Good job tama :)

  4. Leena Sep 16, 2005

    I like the wallpaper. very original. The dome and sky is awesome. Nice one Tama-Neko. ^^
    Too bad, I exceeded my favs limit T_T but dun worry, just a few more days and I will add it to my favs.

  5. soredtherose Sep 16, 2005

    I saw the title "Sky Dome" and went Huh? Because in Toronto the Skydome (now Rogers Centre) has a white ceiling.

    But this is much cooler...

  6. ejwcobra Sep 17, 2005

    hey, cool! this is nice, and i don't see this type of thing very often here on minitokyo.

  7. ganstamonica Sep 17, 2005

    o0, simple, but beautiful! This is very nice,Tama! I really like it! ;)

  8. Sunira Sep 17, 2005

    I've set it as my night desktop. :) Its very beautiful. You've captured the feeling of a night sky rather beautifully. And kudos on making the moon a realistic size. :P

  9. flyindreams Sep 18, 2005

    Beautiful >_< Not sure about the plane, but the idea of looking up at the night sky through a gorgeous dome gives me lovely shivers. >_< And a moon that I actually do like in a wallie... it's been a while since I don't see a huge planet in a wallie and half-cringe... >_> *hearts* the romantic atmosphere in this one.

    EDIT: using it on my mac desktop now... <333

  10. hana-kun Sep 18, 2005

    It's a lovely wallpaper. I really like the perspective and simplicity. Great job. :)

  11. PhoenixNox Sep 21, 2005

    looks good. the airplane shud be real dark blue instead of black tho, to separate it from the dome.

  12. aozoraskies Mar 31, 2008

    Your works are always beautiful, in varying ways. I envy you! Can I watchlist you at least?
    I love night skies! Well, actually I find beauty in almost every type of sky so maybe, that doesn't really count...but anyway, I like night skies so much that for my first wall, when melymay adviced me to do a snowy day, I went the other direction and did a starry background instead :P. I was using your star brushes, coincidentally...

    I love how detailed yet simple this wall is. Really like how as simple as it is, it invokes the feeling of wideness, space, and with the aeroplane soaring across, there's the sense that life is still moving on and there are places to go... the Milky Way spilling over the vast deep blue....the moon may be small but it's wonderfully luminescent and softly shines..

    It's been a while since a Minitokyo work made me describe like this..^.^ Hope to see more gorgeous works from you!

    See you when I do!

  13. ixluvxprinny Jan 17, 2010

    Simply amazing. I love stars, but I can't seem to see enough in my area.

  14. xSeaStar May 08, 2010

    Beautiful.. love the idea <3
    So glad I've seen this wall!

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