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:: 4.18.05 ::
Frantically seeking otherwise
When you see it so clearly..
Why do you stubbornly resist
Knowing what you're up against.. ///
Because... there's something worthwhile
In the fight you choose to fight anyway.

:: 5.18.05 ::
you've returned.
that sick.. gut feeling.
Okaerinasai. ///
what are you supposed to do
your mind overwhelmed,
irraitionality is rationalized--
you are trapped within yourself... ///
one so familiar
and so foreign. ///
your heart takes on a life of its own,
yet even this
you deny.

:: 6.13.05 ::
no longer a legitimate fight.


Here's another drawing of mine that is personally meaningful to me. Above are a series of short poems I wrote when I was going through some emotionally difficult times. This drawing was done during that period (a span of several months), and I worked on it periodically when I felt like painful emotions were kicking in (the Okaerinasai poem was written then). Perhaps you can see the progression in the three poems..? They're not important - I just thought I'd provide some perspective to the drawing.

Anyway, I'm all good now, which is why I can submit this without getting upset.. ^^ I had this drawing stuffed inside a folder for a while. When I came across it today I decided why not submit it.

As for the drawing, there are definite faults. I was doing this just to get my mind off of things and not necessarily to produce an artwork that I can be satisfied with... So bear with me..!
I wanted to focus on her facial expression and the hair, to convey not despair, not hope, but a sense of anxious longing. And drawing in an outfit would distract from the whole emotional aspect which is the whole point, so technically speaking.. she's nude. -_-;

Thoughtful comments/suggestions will be most appreciated :)

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  1. lilwitch510 Sep 16, 2005

    this is great her ear is lil too small but it is great...i love it ...keep it up

  2. eden13600 Sep 16, 2005

    well, unicorn... another great artwork! you are focus on the face and the hair only isn't it? well, just by my guess.... ^_^' you're really did a great job on the shading! XD i'm so sad that i don't have the talent for shading... everything is good but for the ear, the ear seems to be too small.... anyway, nice artwork! :)

  3. zequeins Sep 16, 2005


    Nice one, really nice...

    How long does it take for you to make one work btw?

  4. LucyXlostangelwings Sep 16, 2005

    Gorgeous drawing. The art style is very much like Full Moon wo Sagashite.
    I think the main attraction here is the hair and her expression. You have captured that "anxious longing" look quite well! I praise you for that!
    The shading work you've done is brilliant! I'm really enjoying your artwork. You have great talent and amateur artists, like myself, look up to you. ^_^
    Keep it up Unicorn!

  5. Kiako Sep 16, 2005

    nice drawing, the chara is very pretty, you did a great job on her hair and her eyes. but her ear is too small.

  6. pegassuss Sep 16, 2005

    Lovely drawing! ^^ This is very pretty, you are very talented ^_^ You have done a great job with the hair, I just love its movement and the shades are very well placed and done. you did an awesome work with the hair. I like her expression too, you managed very well. And the lines are very clean ^^ The only thing it's the ear, it's a little small, and the drawing would look better if you had drawn the body too. But it's a great drawing and I think you did a great job! ^^ Keep it up, you are very talented ^_~

  7. AnimeAlchemist Sep 16, 2005

    very impressive, i love the hair and the eyes
    but the ears a bit small and i think there should be more hair on the left side of her head..
    and same word i would love to see more drawing from you

  8. 1darkangel Sep 17, 2005

    Wow, this is another great one from you. While yes the ear is a bit small I dont think it looks out of place. It almost seems to fit. But I think you did great!

  9. Verbeek Sep 17, 2005

    Mm... this is a great piece of drawing.
    I love the hair most. It looks really detailed.
    The drawing is great, and I also like the shading.
    I think the problem is just the ear, it's too small (sorry).
    Great job!!

  10. walkure245 Sep 17, 2005

    This is kind of remind me of a mix of Full Moon and Marron. You really did an amzing job on the the hair with the detailed strands and shading. Her eyes are really pretty as well. One thing is that her hairline is really far back. Other than that, this is amazingly pretty. Great work~

  11. kaeso Sep 19, 2005

    y, but tell me y there are only 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    grrr, i'm done seeing ur pics, not fair, so not fair; pleaz, pleaz continue drawing posting
    i wanna get to that level 10 so bad now, grrr, kills me i can't see ur pic......

  12. freaks Oct 26, 2005

    oh this is...it's sad...again i love her eyes.and her floathing hair gives a misterious air top the drawing. great job! Don't dare to say it's meaningful to you!because it's something with big value to the rest of us!

  13. kuclo Oct 26, 2005

    wow ! kawai "i can you did a great job ,actually i like more misuzu (air) your drawed , this is nice , so innocent ,thanks for sharing with us.

  14. riku-chan Oct 31, 2005

    First off.. you really have a talent for drawing, I've browsed through your gallery and every single piece of work seems to say "brilliant!" right in my face. Your skills can easily match Arina Tanemura herself and this is not just a random compliment..!

    The way you have done the movement of her hair is to be praised. Rarely have I seen such flow in a doushinji this clearly and though at first I was puzzled as to how her forehead seemed void of hair, it's perfectly clear when you study Arina's art that that is a technique of art in her style.

    It helps to be in an emotional state when you do art with feeling though I would much rather you do a genki pic in a happy mood! As mentioned above, your shading is excellent and I really love the outline you gave her, hope to see more soon!

  15. Billy85 Nov 03, 2005

    Am I'll try to say it with less words:)I love drawing and all of yours are excellent,but this one is
    marvellouse.She looks so frighten with wistful eyes.I don't know i just love her and i'll add her to

  16. rgnk Nov 10, 2005

    hey! this is it! i want to see your work like this! ah it reminds me of fullmoon...

  17. Tinbad Jan 18, 2006

    Hair.... HAIR! .... Im sorry i have a thing for long silky hair... XD

    And i cant look away from the eyes! its so beautiful!

  18. FallenFairy Jan 28, 2006

    i really love the way you done the hair

  19. devilswing Apr 22, 2006

    is this supposed to be something from fullmoon by arina tanemura?

  20. nejika Apr 24, 2006

    Hehe... really kawai drawing. I love the way u draw the girl's eyes, shiny :) . btw, i like the girl's hair too.

  21. Dragus Apr 24, 2006

    0_o nicely done Unicorn-chan her eyes and hair were well done.

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