Full Moon wo Sagashite Wallpaper: Full Moon

Studio DEEN, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Eichi Sakurai, Full Moon (Character) Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

i just had to wall this series, just watched it and fell in love with it. personally i dont think the wall turned out as well as i would have hoped. anyways the pic is courtesy of himiko
the pic was kinda bad quality for a wall and since i was desperate to wall the series, i just decided i would redraw the damn thing. it took me 20+ hours to do it and about 2 hours to make the bg. (edit: whoops forgot to mention kioga helped me out mcuh with redrawing parts that were cut off in the original image)

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  1. butterflai_gal Jun 10, 2004

    o.o; You drew that? It kicks ass!! *bows to your l33t skills*
    Great job! *runs off with wall* XD

  2. FallenAngel Jun 10, 2004

    Finally some more full moon. I really love this series, oh and very nice job with the wallpaper.

  3. Noctum Jun 10, 2004

    This is one of the very few light wallpapers I like.
    Great work as always, crapmonster. :)

  4. biriwilg Retired Moderator Jun 10, 2004

    Beauuuutiful, Crapmonster! This looks a ton better than the space version. ^_^ Very floaty and heavenly, I love it.

  5. himiko Jun 10, 2004

    Wow... you *really* did a great job drawing the scan I put up!! *claps* bravo!!

    You need to teach me how to draw that like you did... purdy....

    *is in awe*

    Thanks again for giving me credit :)

  6. Cloudnine Jun 10, 2004

    Love it! ^^~

  7. Kev Retired Moderator Jun 10, 2004

    pssh, crap did it again :D

  8. Angelette Jun 10, 2004

    Waah~ You had redone the image!! I said it looked much better than the original xD It's beautiful! I love FMOS! The BG looks perfect with the image! There aren't a lot of gooooood FMOS out there xP Arigatou~

  9. sammo Retired Moderator Jun 10, 2004

    holy beans...you shouldve gotten a fav just for the re-cg work! that's real amazing! and that's without the bg...but what can i expect from the crap? xD

  10. GlitterKat Jun 10, 2004

    Wow! You have done a really good job with this wall. Anyways I'm glad to see a FMoS wall so thanks ^_~.

  11. suntiger Jun 10, 2004

    ahh kirei~ I like the colors, and the quality is awesome. Its also pretty rare to see a wall of this series too~

  12. DeepInfinity Jun 10, 2004

    Hehe looks nice, maybe a little odd when they are laying on the sky.. oh well still looks nice :)

  13. exentric Jun 11, 2004

    u drew that?!
    its awesome man...
    I gotta give you a credit for that
    plus thr bg compilentts very well
    good hob dude!
    *thumbs up~!*

  14. EevaLeena Jun 11, 2004

    Yay!! Fullmoon!!! Though I love Takuto more than Eichi.... Oh well!

  15. mooling89 Jun 11, 2004

    I love it! very nice job. the re-cg is awesome and so is the background!

  16. xbluefish Jun 11, 2004

    Damn, it's a great full moon wall. Thx.

  17. ikke_mij Jun 14, 2004

    I saved this wallpaper! Great job!!

  18. ladydevilot Jun 16, 2004

    i think it's a really nice fmos wall.. you don't see much of fmos walls for some reason but the series is really good. i loved it so much.. watched the ending many many times.. and cried each time too... so good job on the wall.

  19. subaru7 Jun 19, 2004

    Wow awesome its hard to find a good full moon wall.

  20. Sonic Jul 03, 2004

    great wall
    love it

  21. shadowedkitsune Jul 20, 2004

    Kawaii! one of the best pics i have seen for this anime! VERY good!

  22. TwilightNoir06 Aug 14, 2004

    I love "Full Moon"!! I think you did a great job on this wall!

  23. Ecchan Aug 14, 2004

    Nice job with the wall... I love it!

  24. ACEATTACKER Aug 28, 2004

    Nice wall!

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