Range Murata Wallpaper: W.A.R.: In Too Deep

Range Murata Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

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W.A.R. Official Submission

This wallpaper's subject is the admiration of a girl for another that has run much too deeply (which in short is obsession and/or infatuation. ^_^'). The abstract-ness of the background conforms to the feelings of the girl--the swirls represent the chaotic and at the same time euphoric feelings, while the red color is because, naturally, red portrays intense emotions such as infatuation, rapture, passion, ardor, and elation (upon seeing the object of one's affection). These emotions which I think may be experienced by a person who is already too deeply infatuated. The two fragmented figures of the girl represents a sort of madness caused by the infatuation as well as the grungy red overlaying the girl.

I chose this scan because I was thinking that the situation would be when the girl is thinking of the boy she's infatuated with with happiness which explains the sort of peaceful expression on her face. She may be a little mad, I think...o_0 Well, she's either thinking of giving the plant to the boy, or thinking it actually is the boy. I tried to instill a sort of pop art look to the wall and at the same time maintain the gravity of the actual situation. I don't know if I quite pulled it off.

I know it's very simple and rough, but I like it that way. Please try to look at the wallpaper closer. There's much more to see than at first glance. ^_^

All right, I've been talking for way too long. I tried to explain it the best that I could, but it's really hard to put emotions to words, right? Sorry if it's all confusing. This has a total of 31 layers (quite a little, huh), and was made using Adobe Photoshop CS and default photoshop brushes. Enjoy! ^_^


Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Minato
Wall: Room 136
Reason:Simplicity rocks.

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  1. white-zero Sep 15, 2005

    Glad I didn' come up against you. Or else I'll be in for a massive beating. XD

    I like the background design. It looks vectorized (or is it?)

    But I'm not fond of the stroke around the girl but maybe that's just me.

    Awesome W.A.R stuff my friend.

  2. Nayako Sep 15, 2005

    XD So beautiful!!! - its the 4th Range Murtata's work I'm seeing during this morning and I'm not bored with his artwork at all!!! So cute!! Colors are great!! Ohh...and good concept
    of a wallie!!! XD Great work!!

  3. Kiako Sep 15, 2005

    it looks pretty good, i like the texture of the chara.
    it makes it look different and then again it makes the background not-fitting.

  4. ayaki Sep 15, 2005

    Looks good!~ the rendering of the char is really unique...
    and i love the swirls, looks as though she's being engulfed by it, just like what u've said about the red being her feelings.
    awesome concept!~ great job ikorus!~ ^_^

  5. slivermoon Sep 15, 2005

    really looks different from the other WAR subs
    looks really nice
    i find the rendering to be a little blurry for me
    good luck in the contest ^-^

  6. FutureGirlie Sep 16, 2005

    wOOO, good luck with the contest, I also think the scan is a bit too blurry, maybe you could clear it up a bit? But besides that, nice! Nice idea, background is nice and clear, alot of pink but that matches. Good job.

  7. semanga Sep 16, 2005

    Red is my colour and the girl is very cute and u make a very nice composition from this and creat this wall ... great jop honey u are good in your work

  8. Tantaga Sep 16, 2005

    The movement, yet quiet stillness of this wall is stirkingly captivating. The swirls and abstractness of it all compliments the ide of mixed thoughts and mingling feelings well. Although she looks at peace, the BG of the wall gives a sort of sense of something that isn't quite right in her mind ... almost as though she i being engulfed by her infatuation. Or perhpas her madness?

    Very smooth and elegant, yet refined in the art of randomness. The blur around her head does sort of look like multiple personalities or a sort of confusion occuring in her mind. Great design and concept of madness :D . You've got to love the crazies XD .

  9. Cagari Sep 19, 2005

    This style is new to me...the wall is very interesting....VERY........I haven't seen this artist's artwork before, but it's Extremely different to me...yet the double personality of the faces is cool too....this wall protrays a person's feelings....maybe that's why I can't fully grip the reality of it..^_^' but this is a very cool style Ikorus. Great work and I hope you win the contest! ^^

  10. Sakura0chan Oct 01, 2005

    This looks nice Ikorus! Simple but it's great!! ^^
    i like the way you made the background. ^^ And your description with your wallpaper is good!! :)
    The effect that you made with the girl... :D
    Keep up the good work! ^^ I like this one a lot. :)

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