NANA Wallpaper: Untouchable [] Nana

Ai Yazawa, NANA, Nana Osaki Wallpaper
Ai Yazawa Mangaka NANA Series Nana Osaki Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

There's nothing like squeaking in underneath the deadline. So, here's my wall for Morphine's Scent in the WAR.

Theme? Infatuation, which here is unrequited - Nana is untouchable, the unattainable perfection, high above a mere mortal's grasp. Her haughty glance, the wayward direction of her hair - she is Untouchable.

Credits go to sxc.hu for stock, Tama for textures, DA for renders, and Sisters of Mercy for a really awesome album. :D

For more resolutions, please visit PxAE.

May the best man win.

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  1. Aa-chan Sep 14, 2005

    I don't really understand it, but the wall is busy, while being quite simplistic to look at. I think that adds weight to your description about her being untouchable.

    As for the colours, I like them and they work nicely with the character :) .

  2. fooblued Sep 14, 2005

    All the textures make this wall simply stunning! Adding the textures onto the character's clothes and lips also have a great effect :) +Fav!

  3. Dufoe88 Sep 14, 2005

    good work on this wallpaper biriwilg
    i like the bg and the character they fits well
    great style

  4. Rhonda21 Sep 14, 2005

    looks really cool. Everything matches very well together. she looks very untouchable.
    great job!!!

  5. Ongaku Sep 14, 2005

    This is great! I love Nana! The colors you used are really nice and I lov teh texture and u did a good job at showing how untachable she is ^^

  6. pamkips Sep 14, 2005

    beautifully well done! i congratulate you on this awesome wallie...the whole wallie ties in with itself...the textures were a plus! ah....7 more days till i can fav this....good job biriwilg-sama

  7. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Sep 14, 2005



    everyone! biri is MINE!! *kisssuuu* <33333

    kekeke, i love everything about this, and the colors *___* oh the colors <3333 i dont really like how the text is kinda small and kinda .. >.> alone there ... <.< at that corner ... o_o butbutbut .... *_* gotta love those colors <3

  8. omarb6 Sep 15, 2005

    nice wall biri. the abstract brackground looks nice but i dont know wheter it really suits the character. but it looks nice. the clothes she wears caught my attention, i wonder if you could find this kind of designs.
    good job biri, i like your wallpaper, i give it a 9/10.
    c ya later

  9. DernierCri Sep 15, 2005

    this totally owns...
    a different approach to the infatuation theme...
    the despair of not being able to reach out to the object of your infatuation/desire/passion, because it is untouchable... i have felt like that a couple of times and it hurts it really does when love is not shared... excellent idea biri...

    wow quite the resources eh?

  10. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 15, 2005

    ho...ly... crap. XD crap is not holy but what the heck the wall speaks beauty, almost like your Oblivion wall(Green colored) but hey i love how it just goes together to make the effects work with the image. Nice job as always!
    Oh yeah thanks for the Happy B-day greeting, appreciate it.... ^__^

  11. AC2N Sep 15, 2005

    This is simply simple... but, oh my.. IT ROCKS !!
    Simple, beautifull, straight... It's a real good work !!
    thanx for sharing it...
    see yaaaa ..

  12. TrinityLi Sep 15, 2005

    Great looking wall. I love the background and the colors you used are very nice. Great job! :)

  13. swiftsword420 Sep 15, 2005

    thank you very much for this wallie! very unique. i love the back ground. looks good, keep up the good work. see ya around

  14. flyindreams Sep 15, 2005

    Grunge is generally not my cup of tea, although it's slowly growing on me... really creative conceptually O_O A different take on infatuation than other wallies. Kudos XD She definitely looks very imposing in this wallie! <33 Nice nice~

  15. toujin1 Sep 15, 2005

    great job!! these kinds of wallpapers...only you can truely bring them to life. i can totally see what you want us to see and the thought that went into this is obvious. great job!

  16. sukie Sep 17, 2005

    mmm...the texture looks great...i like the bg...the mountains are sureal!! great effects!! hope good luck with the contest!! =D

  17. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Sep 18, 2005

    XD Gotta love it when you can squeeze something in just before the deadline. I found myself doing that far too often with school work >_> which isn't good..but yes, I do know what that's like. Even though you got this before the deadline, it sure doesn't look like it, it's amazing.

    First off is the scan..well I can't say I've ever seen Nana's work or even checked it out before w.a.r. but wow, truly unique artwork. Very lovely, well detailed and truly giving off the impression of untouchable. This scan perfectly fits the infatuation theme and I really love that you chose to go with a different style of lust. Something that people can understand and relate to (for me, a crush on someone that was waaaay beyond my reach =S) which is what really drew me in about this background. I really love what you've done with the scan and how it has a sorta 'glassy/distorted' look to it. Really giving the view, in my opinion, even more of the impression of 'unattainable'. You always choose some of the most interesting scans for you work and this is yet another one of them. I really like your choice of scan and also what you've done with it.

    The background, ooooh wow, at first it greatly reminded me of your Melody of Oblivion wall, though that was simply glancing at the thumbnail, the enlarged version greatly shows that there is a huge difference between the two. Though, sort of a similar idea, I have to say that the background looks amazing, a lush choice of colors that perfectly blend with the scan and fit very nicely as well and the texture is just @_@. It's gorgeous, to be honest. Even though the bg greatly reminds me of the MO wall you did, it still is so very fitting and quite different as well and I have to say that it was a perfect idea for the scan as well. Giving a grungish feel to it, yet just @_@ It's amazing and I have to agree with everyone else, the colors are just <3, it really is just truly amazing, Biri-chan. You've done a simply outstanding job with this background.

    Overall, what can I say? I'm infatuated with this wall. It's just simply gorgeous. The colors are beautiful, the texture is very lovely and though the text is rather small, I have to say that it doesn't take away from the overall wall and actually, in my opinion, looks very nice. Though the style of text...=x, but nonetheless~ It does go with the wall. I don't think I can say anything else about this wall except it's a favorite for me. Excellant work, Biri-chan~

  18. TakamuraReiji Sep 18, 2005

    I was hoping that the bg was vectored. Cus then it'll look good with the character since she looked vectored and all.
    But I think this is okay. The bg fits her well and it has a feeling...though I just can't put the words right.
    A fine yet great work you've made.

  19. Ayamael Sep 19, 2005

    woah, i usually hate pick... but i love it in this wall o_O i love the texture too... this wall just looks awesome, sorry, i can't say anything else about it, ^_^' for some reason, i'm really drawn to it

    good luck with the contest too ^^

  20. Evanrued Sep 19, 2005

    Wow, texture effects and work over all is so wonderful. The scan is awesome in itself. And the background at first, toward the center, reminds me of broken glass. But overall all an excellent wall Biri. Good luck.

  21. Nyuu-chan Sep 25, 2005

    The background looks neat, colors are match with each other. Great wall!

  22. Regenbogen Oct 09, 2005

    I found this wallpaper just now... on the w.a.r. website... and this wallpaper is so good... I am really impressed and it's on my desktop now. Thank you very much. I am just beginning to make wallpapers...and looking at your wallpaper is almost making me give up... :^) This is really awesome... thanks for sharing it with us...

  23. DREAM Oct 30, 2005

    this is a kind of belated comment.
    i first noticed your war submission and was totally blown away not just because of the solid composition but just as equally impressive the apparent high level of technical detail. your skills in the technical end of crafting walls matches your abilty to create incredible artworks.

    great wall
    definitive fav

  24. euna Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2005

    omigod. how come i never saw this wall? O_O
    it's so so so good <3
    it's amazing. i luv what you did to the wall. it looks stunning
    bg's really interesting, but i like it!
    it's awesome. *must fav*

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