Range Murata Wallpaper: W.A.R ::Infatuation::

Range Murata Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

1. A foolish, unreasoning, or extravagant passion or attraction. See Synonyms at love.
2. An object of extravagant, short-lived passion.
A deep word indeed for a theme, it is very hard to be understood at firt >.<”
I decided to go with the idea of infatuation in term of "short-lived passion"

The choice for scan was rather tough, I was gonna do Nana after being inspired by Crapmonster’ work however after a long self-debate I decided to stick with my Fav Anime artist - Range Murata,

The subject is a common girl dressed in high school student.
I pick the subject to represent stereotype of teenagers during that certain period.
Teenagers filled with short lived passion towards their obsession.
The only time they stop was when they realized whether it is not probable
Therefore I decided to show this motion in simplified geometrical abstraction.
Using circles to create bursting movement (just like soft drink, it dies down after a while ^_^ )
Arrows was also used to emphasized the movement .
I used the butterflies (rather hidden) because of the short lives they have (3days on average), it kinda represents temporary thing for me.
The color blue (or bluish) was chosen because it’s BLUE it gives sense of “regret” or something for me. ^_^

All was vectored , texturised
I try to keep as simple as possible (for SIMPLEISM) but then again I got carried away.
Hope you like it. Thanks for reading , feel free to drop a comment it’ll be appreciated thanks in advance ^_^

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  1. ocelotisun Sep 14, 2005

    No words to describe... The vector works is wonderful, great skills there :bows: And the background is just simply stylish :clap: Probably one of my favorite works for you.

  2. Aa-chan Sep 14, 2005

    Oooh, it was the one I though it was ^^ .

    Love the vectoring and the background, although subtle, does the vector justice and provides a good base for the cleanliness of the character to shine :) .

    Good luck with the WAR comp!

  3. ayaki Sep 14, 2005

    OMG..the vector is super well done. The coloring is so soft and pretty.
    I love the background....not fancy...just simple, with different shades of blue..i have to say it again..this represents Simple-ism >_<
    great job!~

  4. omni Sep 14, 2005

    I keep wondering to myself why the long, drawn out explanations of vocabulary that I see on Minitokyo; then I remember that the great majority of people on the internet are idiots, and things fall into place.

    A nicely done vector background—simple as is your usual style with vectors. Simple and well executed, very clean cut: which is something that you don't see with many Minitokyo products. Great work.

    I'd fav, but my favorites are pretty much reserved for things having to do with Yoshitaka Amano's art, because I'm obsessive that way. Sorry about that... ;)

  5. bluSake Retired Moderator Sep 15, 2005

    OMG it's a vector of a Range Murata scan. How is it possible? XD

    So...very nice. Love the idea of soft drink bubbles. XP

  6. Nayako Sep 15, 2005

    Woah!!! Great vector!!! XD
    The girl looks so peaceful and sad....I wonder why she is sad....:(
    I love Murata-san'a works and u created with it beautiful wallie!! Good job!!! :D

  7. flyindreams Sep 15, 2005

    its... a... vector...!! And a really nice vector at that <333 I'm so amazed at everyone's walls from the Simple-team... XD Like 'Sake said, I love the soft drinks bubbles idea... and the butterflies O_O So nice to have butterflies actually mean something in a wallie, and those abstract ones are really cute XD

    Awesomess cal! XD XD XD

  8. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 15, 2005

    You could have lessened the white grunge overlayed bg on the right a bit and left some blue to show but yeah i was wondering who would make a wall of this certain image but yeah nice to see that the text is beautifully made for this... nice vector work too! :P

  9. rythem Sep 15, 2005

    I really love the vector work u've done ^_^~ the soft colours n shading is very good ~u got me fooled with an original scan >.< the wall is very neat ~ I like the colour concept n grungy textures that looks very cute >w< the font u chose is very fitting~ love the overall appearence~ wonderful work na cal~ +fav ^^

  10. fukushuusha Sep 15, 2005

    gorgeous vector here...and the bg is very simple yet unique
    great work

  11. Criox Sep 15, 2005

    Hi Caliqos! How have you been? I see you make a new wallie. Its very nicely done sepically the girl. However just her leg.... >_< Sorry bout it! I find her leg kinda too big. X.X If you make it thinner it would looks better. Anyway a very nice wallie indeed. Keep it up!

  12. AC2N Sep 15, 2005

    woooo... man !
    this is very "clean" !! I love vectors, and I know why when I see yours... it is really beatifull. I love the girl (school wear... >_< ).
    thanx for share this wonderfull work....
    Hope to see more soon....
    see yaaaaa....

  13. toujin1 Sep 15, 2005

    nice and simple does it ;) vector perferct and so is that background...i think this is great!

  14. smilebit Sep 16, 2005

    very nice vector. very nice. i really dig the background. it is simple and mellow, very subdued. great job. keep it real real, nice vector.

  15. ventures Sep 16, 2005

    wow cal-san ~ u did a very beautiful job on the vector . its really really hard to vector range but u did it pretty good . and such a cute bg u made too. the bubbles rso cute . so r the arrows.
    n the round round font is so pretty.
    nice meaningful wall u made and nice grunge ~~

  16. semanga Sep 16, 2005

    wow honey this looks so great i love it so much honey thanks for share this vector OX

  17. OneWingTenshi Sep 16, 2005

    Why you change the title...lol...I like this one better than the rough draft version of it...I have no clue how you have done the grunge...because I am not an artist of it...but I like the grunge for this one...much smooth rather than hard edges...and the concept of bubbles never hurt anyway...and I have a feeling that you ran out of time fix something else...I think you really kept it simple...I am the chaoticism...it is simple and clean...the vector of course is really nice..lol...I wish I could do it but my first attempt knock the fruit out of me already...but I will try it some more someday and make wall out of it...I can't be random...so grunge is not my thing...but good luck on the contest...!!

  18. walkure245 Sep 16, 2005

    At first, it didn't feel like infatuation to me, but then I read your description and it really made some sense to the theme. Your vectoring is really pretty and has a nice soft quality to it. The colors are my fav and I love the theme of the bg. Words that appear slightly and the bubbles that show that each infatuation is as delicate as a bubble for the average school girl. Really awesome work!

  19. Sugasuga Sep 16, 2005

    waah, excellent work on teh vector, calisqo *_* if you didnt say it was a vector, i woulda believed you rite then and there, no doubt *nods* yup yup, lol. anyways, lovely work as usual, calisqo! :D

  20. Holt Sep 16, 2005

    Was the scan vectored too? Really impressive. Nice blending between shades. A sort of painted look to it.
    Personally, I feel the background looks a bit too...how to say...bubbly? Like, happy go lucky. Doesn't seem to quite relate to the word infatuation in my mind. But it's all about interpretation I guess. All your reasons make sense.
    Another brilliant vector wallpaper though. Sure is your speciality ;)

  21. DREAM Sep 16, 2005

    i love your intention. as far as i understand you are the only person to have an intention similar to my own; actually i was seriously contemplating using this scan.. your fascination with Murata-san is understood and well placed as few artists can draw a female and expressive emotive qualities as he can.. i love her pose, facial expression and most importantly her eyes...

    awesome metaphors you have here: the butterflies and the the blue bg. this is an excellent vector.. i just have one minor complaint perhaps having just a little more in the bg and moving the title to the bottom would have been a tad more effective.

    very good job, calisqo. i am envious of your vectoring skills.

  22. Tantaga Sep 16, 2005

    Your wall ould also stand for the seemingly odd infatuation some people have with schoolgirls XD .

    Anyway, your wall is very soft on the eye and very flowing with the placement and design of circles you have used. The other odd shapes, arrows, and swirls you have used give much movement to the wall and focus the eye onto the character you've chosen well.

    Your vector job is superb :nya: . Very simple, yet elegant your entire wall is in design. Lots of icon space is also included in your wall, which will make those wanting icons very happy. The text you chose also fits perfectly in the way that it too is very rounded. I also noticed a sort of glow around the girl which really helps her to stand apart from the sea of blue, yet blends in with the rest of the wall. Great wall from the Simple-ism team :D .

  23. anji Sep 17, 2005

    It's cool to see something new from you XD
    I agree it's so soft for the eyes ... this color theme. Nice choice of scan also.
    Your explication looks fine to me.
    I love your grunge texture :) I would like to see more contrast in it but then maybe it wouldn't look simpleism anymore.
    I like the tranparents circles on the girl, should have more of them I think... on her hair especially.
    Anyway nice work like always, you really have your style of walling and I like it :)

  24. isdx Sep 17, 2005

    your wallp is very cute... but your descript is cool.. :D awesome!

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