Range Murata Wallpaper: Infatuation [WAR]

Range Murata Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well... this is fair bad for five weeks work....
And seeing as im going agenst Gundam ZZ... im so screwed
This took.. only a couple of hours... i really couldnt thing very far past this....
i found it was difficult to work to a theme.....

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  1. toujin1 Sep 13, 2005

    five week work??? woah! i can never take that long to finish..id just lose interest! i love the ground...love the light work too! great job!

  2. Phill Sep 13, 2005

    know what ? I like this wallpaper , so neat and so real . I like it ^^ , you did a great job macky ^^
    + fave

  3. AC2N Sep 13, 2005

    It's a real pleasant wall... the ground is amazing....really good work !
    keep it up man !

  4. fukushuusha Sep 13, 2005

    well...u sure give ur all in this; I can tell
    it's amazing man. the blending is amazing. The theme...well...this is a weird one...but amazing execution all over. great one macky

  5. TrinityLi Sep 13, 2005

    Your hard work really paid off. This is really nice. It's soft and beautiful. Great scan, too. I got a question. In the background, are those flowers or the lighting? I was just wondering because when you stand back from it, looks like a scan of somthing :P Great job, macky! :)

  6. nezzyuen Sep 13, 2005

    the style is fabulous... love ur concept. the texture of ur bg is interesting, wander what it is...

  7. Yina Sep 13, 2005

    ahhh... XD I love the floor you made.. XD and the scan is just too funny... XD wow.. great work on the window... and the shading seems to be perfect.. o.o excellent work.. nyaa.. don't worry about your opponent.. the most important thing is that you did your best.. >_< +fav XD

  8. ayaki Sep 13, 2005

    this wall looks stylish XP very clean,
    the floor looks so good @_@
    are those flowers u've overlayed?, i think that's a really nice touch!~
    don't worry...cuz this wall looks awesome!~ flawless!~

  9. TLTw804 Sep 13, 2005

    infatuation - To focus on one thing to the extend of completely ignoring everything else around you.

    I think this wall carries the given theme well, the two lovers are eating, gazing eye to eye, the simplistic nature of the rest of this wall works only to emphasis this theme. The bg is meaningless to the characters, and at the same time it is soft and warm. The thing is you dont always have to create an amazingly active piece to make a masterpiece.

    Good job Bro...

  10. kai81220 Sep 14, 2005

    lol i havent seen zz's work yet but i agree its gona be tough

    anyway dont worry about it cause you did a really good job on this one.
    the whole bg scene seems awesome considering how simple it looks. the best part is the wallpaper (on the wall) ^____^ looks like a real home
    i also kinda like the overlayed grainy texture. really brings it altogether.
    only thing is the outlines of the chairs and the face of the girl seem a bit harsh.
    even though, the scene is awesome work

    nice job ^^

  11. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Sep 14, 2005

    hahaa...thatz really good macky.....and dont be afraid....cuz i got to drop out of this competition thing....i just got a shit load of work to do and can't meet the deadline >__>

    sorry about that dude....good luck in the contest!

  12. Sunira Sep 14, 2005

    I think you have a fair shot against your opponent, honestly. :)
    Good Luck, and see you at the competition.

  13. flyindreams Sep 15, 2005

    ^^|| Ahhh about the theme... but hey, really nice job creating the room setting! :p And is that Century Gothic that I see? <333 *^___^*

  14. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 15, 2005

    Simply beautiful, like the desing and text in the middle makes this such a cool restaurnt love theme but yeah dont worry about ZZ so much its not like you to feel negative about yourself... XD anyway hope you win, good job! :P

  15. bbls Sep 15, 2005

    wow...luv your attention to detail and your composition is wonderful! i especially think your checkered tiled floor is amazing! you really made a realistic depiction of a room, and you did an awesome job with your theme of infatuation...especially from the girl because of the expression on her face. :D

  16. akari-chan Sep 16, 2005

    wow! nice work there, macky! the shadowing and all the other things look great. +fav

  17. Tantaga Sep 16, 2005

    Your wall has become the featured wall on the Aspiring Mafia page, so go you ... :D .

    Upon seeing this wall, one can easily become mesmorized by the depth of the wall. The way the floor tiles and shadows stretch out to accomadate the light generating from the window is quite effective at modifying the perceptions and mood of the room. The wall brings out a feeling of organized chaos hidden amoungst the peaceful scene and lets viewers dig deeper into the underlying themes of infatuation that lie dormant. So in short, this wall is just friggin awesome :D .

  18. bluSake Retired Moderator Sep 17, 2005

    Sooo pretty ::dreamy eyes:: The bg is so convincing: the tiled floor is perfect, it just draws you in. & the window and wallpaper are very nice. It looks a Chinese mansion from the early 20th century XD . Love the faint flower overlay too...though perhaps it's just a little too strong.

  19. rythem Sep 17, 2005

    wow~ *.* looks so neat~ I love the perspective .. the floor is just great and the window n lighting is perfect ^_^ great work on doing the textures ~ the font is really matching~ great work indeed~ absolute fav ^^

  20. jinhui Sep 18, 2005

    Great work i can see 5 weeks of hard work in there :).................................

  21. SakuraCorazonn Banned Member Sep 22, 2005

    Nice!!! I loved!

    Keep working!!!


  22. hawkman1912 Oct 26, 2005

    Feels like aAlice in wonderland scene. I like the background the most.

  23. Sabbathiel Jun 11, 2006

    another wonderfull background! I can see how much work it costed, amazoing work! I love those details

  24. OmikronD Oct 25, 2008

    Luv dis one..

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