Range Murata Wallpaper: W.A.R. :Lost In Love:

Range Murata Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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My W.A.R. submission for round one.
I'm surprised to see that not many ppl...or nobody? is using this scan....1st choice is not this one...it's the one with the motorcycle that many've picked....but after i saw this scan...i'm like..."this is it~ >_< i'm gonna use this one!"
-> SCAN submitted by MadMover

okie..infatuation...it was kind hard to wall....so after i extracted the scan....i didn't immediately start walling....it took me quite awhile to come up with a concept...
and what inspired me was Gwen Stefani's "Cool" video....in the video, she was on the bed singing...and the mood of her video kinda lead me to what i've created here.

The surroundings of the room is actually inspired by my own room...lol
the pattern of her bed is my blanket...the teddy is mine...uhm...the scroll on the wall and the pattern of the pillow are images i obtained from the net.......

So onward to the story behind this wall:
The teddy bear and the note are for the one she's loved as a gift. Now, lying in the bed, she's dreaming about the lovely scene of giving them to him.
And how does the scene looks like?...uhm...i'll say....use ur imagination *wink* ^_^

I think this wall expresses what i think of what infatuation is.

P.S. oh, and one more thing, the hair was a pain in the a$$.
Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: chibikko
Wall: W.A.R.: Foolish Fun
Reason:The wall rocks. Very unique concept to show the feeling of infatuation.

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  1. phamthuha Sep 13, 2005

    :( . I feel sad or something else deeply when i look at it. It is such a good wallie +__+ and it is such a warmhearted wallie too. I really love it, hix...., just dont know why, maybe i am too easy to move.... sure it will on my fave, thank alot ayaki.

  2. white-zero Sep 13, 2005

    Hahaha. I wanna use this but I just couldn't find a way to wall it. And you walled it out superbly.

    I have no complaints. This one rules.

  3. flyindreams Sep 13, 2005

    O_O My god. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. *Reaches for the favorites button* The hair? Yeah, it must've been a pain! But it looks amazing!! O__O Somehow I'm not surprised that no one else used this scan... >___< And the background that you created? <333 *drools* everything looks perfect! The only thing that struck me as a little strange is the teddy bear... it looks like it should be a lot bigger than it is right now on the wall. But god. This is beautiful. Tone, texture, background, everything. *shifts into fangirl mode* Amazing work ayaki! Another fabulous w.a.r. contribution from the Mafia team... XD!!

  4. Ayasal Sep 13, 2005

    dude! this looks great! love the scan!! and the dark look to it! love everything about this wall^^
    adding this to my favs~^_________________^
    kwwp up the good work and hope to see more from yoU!

  5. Dufoe88 Sep 13, 2005

    Umm.. What can I say more then this wall rule!! xd
    i really like the scan!! 1st time to see a wallpaper for her she's adorable I love it XD
    And the background… I don't know what do to say about it cuz it rule too!! I like what she writes in the wall, same to the teddy bear with the paper that the teddy is holding look so real!!
    Most things I like in this wallpaper is her bed and her pillow!!! They look real too and soo good looking, this is the 1st time I see a wallpaper with this style ^^
    Sure it's going to my fav
    Keep up the good work ayaki

  6. fukushuusha Sep 13, 2005

    finally u submit it :D I was looking forward for this one
    weehhee...I also tried something with this scan but I screwed up XD
    dammit girl this is....O_o...what I call quality art. Really stunning composition and execution. Every single detail is perfect. Colors are setting the mood prefectly. Those scratches on the wall is a really nice idea. The left part is a wall right? it's kinda a weird angle...hmm...it's a bit wrong I guess...but it really doesn't stand out too much.
    gorgeous work ayaki...as always

  7. TrinityLi Sep 13, 2005

    You did such a great job. This is SO pretty. Out of all the scans from Range Murata, this one is my new favorite. She's so pretty and she has such a peaceful expression. I love the story behind this wall and you did a great job expressing it. I love the little details you added. Like the writing on the wall and the little note. This is SO good. You definetly deserve a fav! Great job, ayaki!

  8. Nayako Sep 13, 2005

    Yey!!! Range Murata work!! So beautiful !! The girl looks really pretty!!
    I love the scan and I love the background!! XD
    Really good work!!!

  9. Susan-chan Sep 13, 2005

    i think the scan u used is great! it has a speciel aura or i dont knwo how to say:) i like how u made the wally:)

  10. CuteSherry Sep 13, 2005

    I didn't know this manga but seing this wall makes me want to know more about it :)
    Your walls are as good as ever ^_^
    Keep up the great work!!!

  11. Yina Sep 13, 2005

    oh my.. this one is beautiful.. *__* you did a great job on the perspective.. XD nyaa.. the scan is kinda blurry.. X__X but nevertheless cute idea and great concept.. XD

  12. kai81220 Sep 13, 2005

    >____< im so glad im not against you ayaki XD cause this work is nice!!! =P

    looking at the original scan, you wouldve never guess that she can be on a lying down perspective and youve done a great job in making a convincing scene ^^
    lol i also like how you used a whole bunch of inspiration from your room, now thats innovative.
    wall scroll is a nice idea too ^^ though the character that says 'heart' seems to stand out a bit harshly.
    but overall, the whole colour scheme works great. def a nice work for sure

    nice one

  13. w00tazn Sep 13, 2005

    nice wall, good luck.

    i think you could've adjusted the colors the scan to match the bed more. the overall shade of her skin vs the lighting in the room are a little bit off. it doesnt look real enough to me.

  14. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 14, 2005

    Could work more on the bright side of her hair, darken it a bit maybe? o_O but yeah i know in the long run you might be a problem but thats if i face you XD but yeah anyway i love the roginality with your room and sentimental stuff you added there in the bg..Nice, grungey and well made as always Ayaki! :P

  15. chibikko Sep 14, 2005

    ah first, thanks for the plug! well your wallpaper is wonderful. and i love the story and the teddy is totally cute. i agree, the scan is also very pretty. but i didn't notice it in the category haha xD good you didn't use the motorcycle scan >< it's so great seeing that the mafia has such talented participants, good luck and be sure to win >D

  16. twistedfreak Sep 14, 2005

    really like the style that you have used on this wallpape. the colours are great and the background and the character work extremly well together

  17. k3r7j10 Sep 14, 2005

    wow...it's really beautiful. the colors are soft and match well with the mood. it's really wonderful, the scan is great too. good job!

  18. bbls Sep 15, 2005

    wowie...this is an amazingly beautiful wallie...i luv your composition and details! and it's awesome that you were inspired by your own room! you did a superb job in capturing the feeling of infatuation with those small details like the teddy bear and love note from her loved one. i also luv the "lying down" perspective of your wall and the patterns you chose for the bedding. the brown overtones are also a nice touch. :D

  19. rythem Sep 15, 2005

    oh wow~ this one looks very nice~ I love the whole concept . n the textures on the fabric n somewhat carved doodles on the walls all goes very well n neat .. I love her pose XD the teddy is just cute ^_^ great work indeed na~ +favie ^.^

  20. Tantaga Sep 16, 2005

    I think it's really good that no one else used this scan and if they did I don't think they would have used it quite the way you did. The texturing on the blanket and in the surrounds is very intricate and well done. I can also see the amount of effort you put into her hair, it really does look as though it is laying upon the bed.

    I find the letter you placed in the wall a good touch, that shows how deep her infatuation has run. Also, what appears to be scratched in on the wall, makes it all the more creepy. She's obviously pretty dedicated to her obbsession, about just as much as the effort you've put into your wall :nya: . A very unique and innovative take on infatuation and beautiful design :D .

  21. smilebit Sep 17, 2005

    for some reason, when i first saw this, it reminded me of romeo and juliet. like this is juliet after she drinks the poison. anyhow, really great image with a really subdued feeling. i really can't say much, because it is so great. nice job, i'm jealous. keep it real real.

  22. jinhui Sep 18, 2005

    it's very beautiful well done!!.....................................................................(...)

  23. boogybro Sep 18, 2005

    How did I miss this one? XD#
    Too be honest, I wanted to use this scan, but I came up with the concept of my wall before actaully choosing a scan to use. >_< I'm sure the hair must have been difficult to extract, but you have done a very good job doing it. Loving the theme of the wall, and the overall look to the wall is really impressive. Love the stocks you used too. XD

    Good luck in the w.a.r. *Fave-

  24. zanmato Sep 18, 2005

    It's... woaw... Beautiful. I haven't anything else to say. The girl who felt asleep is so pretty. I trust you when you say that her hair was a pain.

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