Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: The Three Ace

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Kira Yamato, Athrun Zala, Shinn Asuka Wallpaper
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Series Kira Yamato Character Athrun Zala Character Shinn Asuka Character

1152x864 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My third creation.

This one was actually based on the end of the fourth opening, where we see Shinn, Kira and Athrun with Destiny, S Freedom and I Justice in the background. Mine is basically a varietion.

The base(Athrun, Kira & Shinn) quality which I had found was, unfortunately, really quite bad, though I have tried my best to improve it.

I hope you people like this, once again, all comments and constructive critisism is greatly appreciated!

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  1. ladykaze Sep 12, 2005

    U had done a pretty good job in making it. Hmm... True, the trio are a bit blur. Anyway, *thumbs up* to your work

  2. kaminyo Sep 12, 2005

    i love the three ace ^^, Freedom is so cool lol.

    i like the background and the picture

    good job

  3. loveyou Mute Member Sep 12, 2005

    Oooh, this is simply beautiful! The colors and the lighting and the shiniiiieees!

    It rocks @_@

  4. laurent Sep 12, 2005

    This is such a beautiful wall. The background looks very nice, and the 3 Gundams are so cool, especially Strike Freedom :D And I don't care if the image of Shinn, Kira, and Athrun is a bit blur, I just love that image so much ... ( otherwhise I wouldn't have used it for the layout of my userpage ^^ ) Well, you did a very good job. I love your wall. very very much. I must add it to my favs asap !!! You've made this GSD- and number one Kira-fan very happy. Thanx alot for sharing !!! ^^

  5. AlterGhost Sep 12, 2005

    i like the fact you incorperated the mechs into the wall along with the characters, which come together to form an exemplery example of a Gundam wall. Great work!

  6. Exterminator Sep 13, 2005

    not a bad wallpaper, but some had that kind of idea for that wallpaper already, but this one is better so yea....

    good job and keep up the good work.

  7. LacusLover Sep 13, 2005

    I like the design of this wallpaper, although blur effect on the three aces detract from the overall quality, but still really nice. Poor, poor Rey, still unappreciated.

  8. DLZ Sep 13, 2005

    I've been waiting for someone to use Kira, Athrum, and Shin like this.

    Not to mention there suits. It makes for an awsome wallpaper, nice work.

  9. FireEel Sep 13, 2005

    Oh thanks so much for the kind comments!

    Now that I have a rough idea of what kind of wallpapers you guys like, I think I could be making more like these when I have the time.

  10. Lan13 Sep 14, 2005

    wow, this is awesome !!
    i really like this wallpaper !!
    thanks for sharing

  11. zhaolinger Banned Member Sep 15, 2005

    ;) Great It's Beautiful wallpaper hi hi I like it

  12. animer Sep 16, 2005

    the 3 of them................the main aces characters; will they able to change the reality? :o


  13. kai Sep 17, 2005

    It's really nice, the line in the middle kinda makes Kira a little more tanned on one side, lol. Or it just seems that way. :) :D

  14. xomikronx Sep 19, 2005

    I know how you feel about bad quality base. But good job with the layout. Although I don't think Shinn should be placed equal with Asthrun.

  15. kira-freedom Sep 21, 2005

    It's great wallpaper and nice picture. Thanks a picture v_t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. koshb51 Sep 29, 2005

    awsome wall keep up the great work. I'm looking forword to seeing more scans

  17. kazurro Sep 30, 2005

    this wall really awesome...
    the three ace are together with their gundam
    this is so cool, really amazing
    i like this

  18. swordfighter Oct 07, 2005

    nice wallpaper. i thought they would make shinn join athrun and kira but i'm glad that didn't happen.

  19. ShadowBrightserX Oct 22, 2005

    This Images is so Beautiful And Great Work........................................

  20. Nenya Oct 30, 2005

    this image is so great! with athrun, hira and shin...it's perfect!

  21. JCzala Dec 06, 2005

    The three aces... hmm... perfect title for this good wallie. Nice job.

  22. takani Dec 11, 2005

    OMG ...Great!

  23. onestepclosertonumb Feb 22, 2006

    Uhm ... Shinn , Athrun and Kira are too blurry while Destiny , Infinite Justice and Strike Freedom have nice quality lol . However looks cool !( Esp Shinn-sama *_*)

  24. yamamotoyohko Mar 24, 2006

    I love it! The three great and cute pilots of Gundam! Keep making walls of the 3 of them!

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