Ennui Club Wallpaper: My Dreamland

Ennui Club Wallpaper
Ennui Club Mangaka

1280x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Damn...why am I making walls?! I have so many things to do now...crappy school included. I still need to buy notebooks...I'm gonna be so doomed...Well, anyways, here's wallie that practically a vision out of my own head. A make-believe land. I didn't emphasize on the text too much so it's kinda barely there. I use brushes and stock images. The girl is a beautiful image I got from Digik.net Gallery of an anime/manga called Ennui Club[such wonderful art!]. It took me a long time to make her fit...I do hope she looks fine... I love the colors... Well then!!! Comments and critiques are appreciated!!! Later then people!!! Oh yeah...thanks to those people who commented and fav of my Redemption wallie!!!

Full View Recommended! Still grainy in some parts ~.~;

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  1. marcoskatsuragi Sep 12, 2005

    Wow... cool one! I like the colors on the background! So vivid! This one must to be fav ^^

  2. Rhonda21 Sep 12, 2005

    The background is stunning and very beautiful. the girl looks nice. nice colors as well.
    great job!!!

  3. asianspirit Sep 12, 2005

    wow. i love the wall! :D
    the colors are really moving and blends so well together! espeically with the clouds and the moon.
    a bit grainy, yes, but i think it looks fine the way it is. :D

  4. ladygoofy Sep 12, 2005

    I got 3 words for ya: "Be-auti-ful"

    I just love it! XD XD XD *claps*
    Very nice colors n picture is niiiiiiiice!!!!!

    i really admire your works!!! XD
    Im definetly adding this one to ma favorites! Its gorgeous! XD ;)

  5. Terra-chan Sep 12, 2005

    XD You know a wall is really liked if you receive 4 favorites in 12 minutes XD This is really good! ^^

  6. Kenichi Sep 12, 2005

    lol making wallpapers, thats work. ^^
    i like the many colors on this one, nice light and shade. a good example of color wallpaper.
    its very nice. :)

  7. Rikimaru-jp Sep 12, 2005

    Haia you did a wonderful job :) the background is pretty good, you managed to create great effects that suits so well with the environment! not to mention that the character fits the background a lot!!!
    kep up the good work!

  8. rockinlaxorkdork Sep 12, 2005

    Oh, it's so beautiful!!! The character is great with the picture, and the colors are just wonderful...it kind of looks like a sunset or something...yeah. The trees are nice too. The only problem that I have with this one are the feathers...where did they come from? I'm not saying that the actual feathers look bad, I just don't think they fit in very well. But, I think it's good enough for a favorite! Great work!

  9. lunaregina Sep 12, 2005

    Well I must agree with everyone else Haia... this is so lovely! You did a really great job. +fav

  10. Akaiken Sep 12, 2005

    Fine scenery to me... the sunset is good for a classic wall, hehehe! Good! *thumbs up*

  11. omigoshi Sep 12, 2005

    ahhh the background looks pretty. i like the cloud effect you did. ^_^ and the character too is very good. keep it up!

  12. Bla-demer Sep 12, 2005

    Great really great work. I really like this wall you have done it greatly.The colours of those background clouds are magnificent. The moon is shining in right angle to character. The character is in perfect place so that she is in sight and great part of picture but do not hide the background. But accentuatethe completeness. The picture is at it's best in wide-screen. So great work keep it up. ;)

  13. BaKaShInIgAmI Sep 12, 2005

    Oooo...nice wall!
    the background is stunning.
    the colors look amazing.
    i really like the moon and the scan is great as well.
    good job!

  14. loveyou Mute Member Sep 12, 2005

    good blending. and, you make what i want!Beautiful WP. Can't say much more when you just like it.

  15. SharinganKnight Sep 12, 2005

    great job, we definiatly need more wide screen walls, i've contributed a few :) keep em comin'

  16. sylvacoer Sep 12, 2005

    That's a pretty intense sunset you got - I dont' even want to know how many layers it took! And you're right, the girl's style is excellent!

  17. Yina Sep 13, 2005

    waahh that's a strange resolution.. o_O the scan is a bit too blurry.. and the clouds look odd, cuz it looks like as if you used some clouds twice.. o.o but nevertheless beautiful bg.. and nice concept =D

  18. semanga Sep 13, 2005

    ohh my good i fall in love to the sky
    it looks so awesome u are the best honey and i fall in love
    as i see it it was love at the first sign XD XD XD
    of course my fav thanks for share this great wall

  19. Nona Sep 13, 2005

    yes, I love the colors too! yes the I have also that problems in the school ^^""""
    But the wallpaper is really nice!

  20. Khoriilya Sep 14, 2005

    I love it! This is really great. Thank you for taking the time in making this.

  21. Janelloyd Sep 14, 2005

    I think if this came from your head then you have a great imagination. You did a beautiful job, thanks for sharing.

  22. MasterDiablovn Banned Member Sep 14, 2005

    Wow... the color is so cool, I like it... it's a nice wallpaper.. thx for sharing

  23. mystvearn Sep 14, 2005

    A very good reason this is a good wallpaper is that the resolution fits my laptops widescreen resolution without having to strech this wallpaper

  24. xange Sep 14, 2005

    I like how you played with the colors and thosed white details like leafs dropping from the sky. I also like how the girl stands out with a reddish line around her being. In sum I think it looks pretty nice. I hope you can catch up with your studies I know what is like I got a bunch of homework for the rest of the semester...still we have to survive with our hobbies :) and thanks for sharing this with us ^^

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