Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Wallpaper: Genbu of Heaven

Tohko Mizuno, Yumeta Company, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, Eisen, Abe no Yasuaki Wallpaper
Tohko Mizuno Mangaka Yumeta Company Studio Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Series,Visual Novel Eisen Character Abe no Yasuaki Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

If anyone can come up with a better Title I would really appreciate it. XD Oh and I can't figure out where to put text on it without squishing it into a tiny spot. So if you comment on this wall please tell me if you think it needs text, and if yes, where I could put the text. :D

Wall info: Eisen pic and Yasuaki pic are both from my Hachiyou Memorial Book. Only I had to vector Yasuaki since his pic was so small. Actually I am rather dissatisfied with the job I did on his hair, but I don't think I'm going to be able to force myself to go back and fix it. :( The background is a scan from another series (a cookie to the person that recognizes which series!) but I had to cut it up and re-cg almost half of it to make it work. Yasuaki is covering up a character on the original scan. XD

I have a full time job now and I'm working lots of hours so I won't have time to reply to everyone that comments or favs this wall. I'm so sorry! T_T


More resolutions available at: Daystar Design

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Browse Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Yina Sep 11, 2005

    o.o wow.. great work on the vector.. XD the bg looks wonderful.. though you didn't make it by yourself.. XP overall nice composition and idea.. =D

  2. naomi-akiyama Sep 11, 2005

    awesome!!! I like it a lot, great work with the vector, ^^ keep on!

  3. fooblued Sep 11, 2005

    Wow! Great scan, great vector, great wall!!! I wouldn't add text, this is a wonderful wall as is in my opinion.

  4. sukie Sep 11, 2005

    super vector!! the bg looks cool too, even though it's not ur work. me love ever thing in the wallie! keep it up!! =D

  5. Shiyu Sep 11, 2005

    Looks beautiful even though I've never seen the anime before.
    But, it will soon become my anime list, can't wait to see such bishies into action.
    Thx so much for sharing

  6. chibi-lizard Sep 12, 2005


    eeeekkkssss !! so this ish the one !!

    yasuaki look soooo kakkoooooii looking away XD

    nice job on the vector !!

    from your description .. it must be very hard to vector the uber small piccey :D

    i think you've done well with the hair XD

    ne ne .. which anime ish the bg from ? ^_^'

    i think it'd be nice if you vector eisen too

    but it's still totally nice in overall :D

  7. CoolBlueX Sep 12, 2005

    look kinda obvious one was vectored and one wasn't ^_^' but i'm picky so don't mind me
    i think it needs text too...look kinda weird without text o.- maybe put a white glowing text on the flowers?
    anyways, i still think this WP looks good the BG and characters match well with each other
    and it look like a scan from somewhere ^_^
    love your WPs so professional XD

  8. maho-ho Sep 12, 2005

    That pretty scene. The expression of the boy is very pretty. The work in the image (the vector), really is good. The bottom, the colors, everything is seen very well and pretty! XD

  9. Sakura0chan Sep 13, 2005

    Oh it looks nice. :D I think you should add some text. :D I think you can place it on the flowers.
    NIce job with the wallpaper. :D Keep up the good work!! ^__^

  10. Midori-chan Sep 15, 2005

    MryrrhLynn-san!!!! i love you so much!!! you made a wallie out of Yasuaki and Eisen!!!
    both of them are so cool!!! XD XD
    the vector of yasuaki looks fine to me^^ the bg is great too!!!
    i like the calm scenery and the flowers^^ sweet bg^^
    gotta add this to my favs^^
    thanx for sharing!! awesome work!! XD

  11. DarkVirus Sep 17, 2005

    u did a nice job on making the background of the wall..
    but i feel like Yasuaki(the guy u vector) doesn't really fit well with the wall....
    anyway, keep up the work :)

  12. anji Sep 18, 2005

    Adding text would be difficult I think for this kind of wall. Too much details for adding more.
    It looks like a nice composition. Peaceful color theme.
    The vector look nice, it's just that the line art is pretty different than the scan so it's a bit weird.
    I like to see the back of caracter in a wall, it's kinda rare we see that.

    I'm looking forward to your GetBackers wallie ;)
    i have so much notification since I came back from vacation ;_;

  13. violetvalkyrie Oct 11, 2005

    Beautiful scene...! I like both Yasuaki and Eisen.. XD
    great work... ^_^

  14. flyindance Oct 29, 2005

    The title is great, dun wori abt it.
    Too bad I only can c yasuaki back like tat.
    Eisen look so gentle here, suit his characteristic here.
    the flute n everything.
    The pair together, love it very much
    thanks for sharing


  15. ladykaze Nov 05, 2005

    Hola! My fave characters from the series. Yasuaki and Eisen makes a great pair!
    Nice job!

  16. hayate392 Nov 11, 2005


    merged: 11-12-2005 ~ 07:27am

  17. K1R31 Nov 25, 2005

    Actually this is so great ! I think your job is great ! ^ ^
    My lovely Yasuaki-sama ! Thx for sharing !

  18. HitomiEyes Mar 03, 2006

    wow do you know how great this is? sceanery is wonderful, those purple flowers give it a nice touch and the trees are well draw...as well as the characters...everything is well put together!

  19. ELAINEDUDU Mar 07, 2006

    nice work
    really like this background
    keep it up...thanks for sharing...

  20. sacred-angel Oct 28, 2006

    Yasuaki looks a bit strange.......But I luv Ensei loving/caring face XD
    + fav

  21. dianas Nov 20, 2006

    oo this wallie is really lovely a friend of mine is watching the anime so i decided to check
    the gallery of it and i found this wallpaper
    >_< the guys are so so cute and of course a fav from me ;)

  22. burai2984 Oct 24, 2007

    Quote by Midori-chanXD XD XD XD XD XD
    MryrrhLynn-san! i love you so much! you made a wallie out of Yasuaki and Eisen!
    both of them are so cool! XD XD
    the vector of yasuaki looks fine to me^^ the bg is great too!
    i like the calm scenery and the flowers^^ sweet bg^^
    gotta add this to my favs^^
    thanx for sharing! awesome work! XD

    Eisen's the Genbu of Heaven and Yasuaki (the green haired one) is the Genbu of Earth. God those beautiful turtles!

  23. whirligig Feb 07, 2010

    keep it up...thanks for sharing...

  24. Yarant Aug 10, 2010

    Thanks so much for sharing!(=

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