NANA Wallpaper: Nana - Lustful Desires (W.A.R.)

Ai Yazawa, NANA, Ren Honjo, Nana Osaki Wallpaper
Ai Yazawa Mangaka NANA Series Ren Honjo Character Nana Osaki Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

"It is better to live a cup of suffering than a gallon of hell..."

*Listening to Aileen - Sam Roberts
Like Glue - Sean Paul
Kiss me - Sixpence non richer
Let go - Frou frou (Garden state OST)
Lost in the plot - The Dears
Just died in your arms tonight - Air supply
Can you feel the love tonight - Elton John*

W.A.R. Battlegrounds Contest

So this is my submission to the W.A.R. battle contest featuring the chracters from the manga by Ai Yazawa called Nana. I dont know much about the characters so to speak because i dont keep track of whats happenign in the anime scene anymore since im short of funds and have more art based talent to go on in my life... so it was a hard process of getting this image done since my college is starting and my Birthday is coming at the 10th of September which no one would care anyway if i said it but hey at least i have a life, i extracted the image mostly and Re Cged the arm chair pat and the left base side of the couch as best i can; Found a stock photo of a table and was too lazy to make one, but at least i bade it look more carttonish hehehhe... did the orchid vase and that damn glass head with orange juice margarita or whatever you call that ladies drink... >_> Dont know what to say about the bg though it took me 3 hours to think and experiment what type of bg that would fit this piece, tried a dead wall black bg, fading walls and other crap but always came back to traditional wood based dry wall for some reason cos its simple and nice to the eyes plus the overlaying colors is more touching to the eyes than a bland original colors it had on this but in the end at least it went well. The text was fairly challenging since i wanted to fill the huge space on the left top hand corner with a big arse text but didnt match the suttleness of the wall so i made it smaller and simple to the eyes, deteriorating and added some Runic mumbo jumbo to make it look cool! ^ ^ Also added a frame work to make it look authentic in a way. I wanted the focal point to be the orchid since its the only one shining there which reflects more on the characters near it cos their love is strong in that erotic and sensual kind of waysince the theme is expressed here very nicely. Then for the finishing touches i added some dot pattern layer from my "Blame wall" before and a noise filter to scan it all out sufficiently to give that posterized and edgy theme to it and wala there you have it... a Good simple wall.

OH and dont b**** about the empty part there in the wall cos i saved it for the icon whorish peeps who use walls like these and if you have nothing to say but that, then dont say it at all... >_< It might be a bit bright so just tone your screens also! >_>

Anyway theres about 89 layers and 3 days of work...
Hope you like it! more resolutions coming soon in Imanimetions when Shinta gets its up! ^__^


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(...) intent:
Infatuation to me now is more changed now than it was beofre since love can lead to so many things impossible for you to handle like take for instance my Ex GF, grade 5 I bulied her in such a way that i was kinda infatuated by her for some reason but as the years passed i forgot about that and all during high school until grade 9 ive been in a lot of deep depression of love and of myself since most of the class had a heart to be with and i was one of those outcast or should i save the "Loveless" group. But later one i grew fond of her and somewhere between Grade 9 and 10, Me, 2 other guys and her were some sort of friend posse of that year. from friends, best friends we became closer to one another mostly running through hardships and mishaps of that schoolyear until i became her most closest Man friend to her. Later that year i popped the question and she said yes... hard to say but it was rumored that we were the cutest couple among our class well mostly among the "girls" hehhe but i didnt mind at all it was fun that time. Oh yeah funny story the wall is actually something we did when we were making out except in the fire escape which was more than the couch but my lustful desire grew and grew and we always did it when we got the chance (but the main reason was always love nothing else) but for some reason the more i thought about it as we got intimate, then i left her and broke up with her after long distance realtionship for 3 or 5 more months we still became friends and talk occasionally when she comes online, Ive noticed our love more more of a friendship/infatuation kind of thing and the love was really there for me....kinda sad but thats what i really felt during that time. Infatuations is only as high as i can go, unless someone actually truly loves me for who I am and then the trust seeps in fast. Never understood love, always thought it was just a word, a plain shadow of this so called infatuation but what the hell i sometimes over analyze things too much since my mind wanders more than my knowledge is built in to be processed.

Ive concluded that there is no true happiness nor there is no almost perfect love unless theres is trust and loving the person for who he/she is, only then that can be erased from my inner workings as an existentialism/ trancendalist/evoloving person Iam trying to discover and mutate to be. I love her for who she is and not even the fires of hells abyss nor the crows of night can take that away from me.
Ok i guess im offically weird and rambalicious . O__O

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  1. Akaiken Sep 08, 2005

    Very nice in detail. I guess I won't ask anything about the title since it's already there...

    A simple scenery is enough to explain the theme...

  2. EvoIIICE9A Sep 08, 2005

    nice w.a.r. submission thank god im not going against you hehehe and as an Icon whore like myself I would like to also thank you for the blank space :D hehehe

  3. macky Sep 08, 2005

    very nice the plants style is very cool....
    I like the colours also....
    Keep it up...

  4. jingjing1208 Sep 08, 2005

    I love Nana!!!:D It's so great!!
    And this is such an awesome wall about nana!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Dufoe88 Sep 08, 2005

    This is really splendid, I just like the 2 characters they are so appealing..
    The couch is pretty good too, the wall and everything else made well, this is a stunning wallpaper Oracle ^^ I love it.. Thanks for sharing it with us mate ;)

  6. DarkIngram Sep 08, 2005

    A very nice scenery :) The colors are awesome :nya: I like the plants and the two characters here....

  7. zakaro Sep 08, 2005

    OracleAngel your works are great!!!
    you are my personal idol and hero... i really want to be like you XD XD !!!
    you rock little boy ;)

  8. DarkEVO Sep 08, 2005

    The criticism of House begins now and here it is.

    [This is the coolest wall of my day. *looks closer and deeper on the wall and at the comments* I was right... lots of in depth meanings of grieving and painful splitting migraines of blind love retellings. Fascinating. Ever thought about a movie deal with Hollywood? Btw the technique seems to have used on your other previous walls before. My conclusion; very hypnotic to look at.]

    End of Criticism.

  9. k1ru Sep 08, 2005

    OracleAngle is da best!! XD
    nice wallie!! XD XD XD
    whoa~~ I wonder, how did u do a very great job like this?? xd
    i really really wanna be like u~~!!!!!!!!! XD XD

    and thx for sharing!!

  10. Liz Sep 08, 2005

    thats amazing, i love the colors the scenery its great work. Bravo!

  11. chibikko Sep 08, 2005

    bwahaha the drink is funny, really like the background and the textures are cute, same as the scan. it seems everyone makes something with couples for WAR. oh you're versing my group? uh uh now i have to be harsh xD okay let's stop here, good job on the wall, OA

  12. white-zero Sep 08, 2005

    Dude, you know there's someone else here that celebrates his birthday on the 10th XD

    Anyways, I have no complains whatsoever for this one. This one certainly beats the hell out of the one I posted. T_T

  13. Lenne Sep 08, 2005

    Uuhh...I like this one alot.It has good concept & i just love the texure it has.Excellent job my friend.Keep up the good work. ;)

  14. ganstamonica Sep 08, 2005

    o0, I love this wallie! XD I really like the details and the scan looks great with the background! Great work,OracleAngel. ;)

  15. Rhonda21 Sep 08, 2005

    wow great job. The characters look cute. nice background as well. Very Well Done!

  16. TrinityLi Sep 08, 2005

    Wow! Great wall. I really love the texture and the scan. You always do such great work. Thanks for sharing! A fav for you^^

  17. Nayako Sep 08, 2005

    Nice work!! :D This couple looks so sweet!!! XD I also love the concept with the room...so romantic atmosphere... :D

  18. Yumi-Chan Sep 08, 2005

    woohoo!! you've submitted for the war contest, OA!! XD this wall is simply beautiful. i like the style of it. those err..pixelated things as the outer layer of it ^^ love how you did the orchid and orchid vase, i dont think the wall is that plain, the texture's just so good.
    i really think u did a wonderful job on this. excellent! good luck to you for the competition XD !

  19. jaderabbit Sep 08, 2005

    very ool style modren and elegant.
    I see u fixed the couch ^_^.
    Great job on the wall ^_^ hope u get the win at war !!

  20. BaKaShInIgAmI Sep 08, 2005

    great wall!
    it's very simple but also very appealing.
    i love the two characters.
    i like the small square texture over the whole wall.
    good job with the vase and the glass. the table does look cartoonish so it matches well with the whole wall.
    i really like this wall.
    good job and good luck with w.a.r.!!!!

  21. loveyou Mute Member Sep 08, 2005

    Very nice! I like it. It's definitely going into my favorite folder. ^^

  22. ironmaiden Sep 08, 2005

    T_T daijoubu!!! happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    nice one , i can say this is a hard one to make or its just me!!!
    its just me!!!!

  23. ayaki Sep 08, 2005

    Quote by chibikkobwahaha the drink is funny, really like the background and the textures are cute, same as the scan. it seems everyone makes something with couples for WAR. oh you're versing my group? uh uh now i have to be harsh xD okay let's stop here, good job on the wall, OA

    oh hehe the drink looks alright :) and i agree with chibikko...the bg and texture is well done!~
    =_= i didn't choose a couple scan .... waaaahhh ..... LoL
    "lustful desires" a very powerful title i must say... >_< great job!~ and a really long & detailed!~ description u've for this wall... *_*

  24. Yina Sep 08, 2005

    I know it! XD I know that someone would choose that scan.. cuz it's obvioulsy a "love scan".. XD I first wanted to take that one too.. but nyaa.. I got another idea.. >D well great work on the bg.. *__* love the table and the flower you made.. XD +fav XD

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