Outlaw Star Wallpaper: Handle With Caution

Sunrise (Studio), Outlaw Star, Harry MacDougall Wallpaper
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Outlaw Star Series Harry MacDougall Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My entry for UA's Comp 6. The theme is villainy mwahahahah mwahahahaha eeeeeevil. By the looks of Harry he dont look like a villain he aint evil, in fact he is overly cute unless you see his psycho moments heheh but he was my villain of choice and well I just wanted another wall added to the poor Outlaw Star collection. Plus doing this gave me a short break from my W.A.R. wall cause argh!!! enough said

The Random Techy Stuff

Now I like to start off this piece by going AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! I hate hair. Yes the hair is so dodgy and after 3 attempts of fixing it Evo got angry and cbf. Next is AAAAAARGH!! I hate photoshop vectoring. Normally I would have vectored this in Freehand (which would have made the hair so much better) but the original scan was that overly pixalated that I couldnt see the lines at all so Photoshop was the last resort.

The background I wanted to have a sort of database feel to it and also to blend in with the character since Harry is a cyborg like cutie so that was the main inspiration for the background. Now being my first technical wall I was kinda stumped on what to do, I tried to add a bit more tech lines and stuff in but it seemed off place so I kept it simple.

The Nitty Gritty Stuff

Vector Layers: 32
Background Layers: 15
PSD Size: 15.1mb for both
Completion Time: Vector - 5 hours, Background - 2.5 hours
Random Music Listened To: A+Nation 2005 Best Hit Selection, Densha Otoko OST, Fate-Stay Night OSTs, Beatmania IIDX OSTs

And on my last note special thanks to my little sister Ravensky for doing the vector outline for me since I was too frustrated with Photoshop

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Browse Outlaw Star Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Sep 08, 2005

    Heehee, I can only say one thing: vector = pentool. No pentool; no vector ;) Try to learn it a bit more... the pentool is your friend ;) The vector's actually really good except for a few jerky bits on the hair :)

    i spose he just doesn't look evil enough in this wall lol~ I guess, perhaps if he looked like really sly.... *wahahaha* hummmm.... something more coula been done with the background though. Kinda empty~ not techy enough for me. When I think tech I think lots of numbers, letters and really really square objects- sharp lines. Lol. I think this might have even been more interesting if you put him on a box or something with the radioactive sign and it says "handle with caution" or perhaps has that as a warning label XD

    Nevertheless it's a good wall to take your mind off the w.a.r :nya:


  2. Terra-chan Sep 08, 2005

    Eeeeeee Harry is such a bishie... He's the obsessive evil XD The background is seriously wicked cool XD but yeah... the wall doesn't portray his evil, though it's kinda like a file on criminals XD

  3. ganstamonica Sep 08, 2005

    It looks very nice,EvoIIICE9A! The vector looks good. Great wallie, keep it up! ;)

  4. Balith Sep 09, 2005

    oooooo i was first like "who is that.." then i was like "omg!!! HIM himhim!!" he is funnies!!!!!!

  5. Ephemeral-Garden Oct 14, 2005

    My first impression on what i'll think he say: Yo cutie, you free tonight? Wanna go out on a date?

    Darn it! What a crap I've wrote! But yeah, anyways... you did vector freehand? How can that actually happen? Don't people usually does vector with photoshop?

    And yeah... handle with caution... for some reason... I don't think the title actually explains the wall, maybe. Maybe you could have done with a a very "dark" grungey wall and slap a radioactive sign that says "handle with care" or so whatever that is related to chemicals. ^^ But yeah, the techy lines are fine, but maybe isnt enough. Maybe some lock-ons, graphs... that might looked nice.

    But hey hey, not a bad job. Don't go argghh all the time. Here, I'll lend you my lamp post.

  6. chibi-lizard Nov 16, 2005

    eehhh ! are you sure he's ebil ? he look so sweet XD

    eto .. anyway .. the vector seems a lil jaggedy especially the hair part ^_^' maybe you could poke your sister to edit it for ya XD kekeke ..

    uhmm .. the bg ish okie .. but i somewhat doesn't feel the "villiany" anywhere near this wallie ^_^' and i can't reallie find the connection with the "handle with caution" thingy with the wallie XD ehehe ..

    nonetheless .. it's not bad in overall. if only the theme isn't villiany but sexiness XD mwahahahaha

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