Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: Distance

Hisashi Hirai, Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Cagalli Yula Athha, Athrun Zala Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I made this because I am a bit worried about Athlan and Cagali, they nearly always seperate from each other,what a pity!
I like the title Distance,so whatever it effcet the whole wall I made up my mind to add it!
My first time to draw background all by my self, no brushs(besides the ornaments near the title),I like the background, I think it come out as I thought, the door can be do much work but it transmit the meaning of distance,that's enough!
I vector all the character,the origin scan I got from minitokyo,thank to the owner for sharing!
because the origin scan of Cagali is so blur and small, it really cost time.
Distance, hope yo like it!^_^
(I ost the big version 1600x1200,so it can use by all need)

Any comment is welcome,and if you like it do fav ,thank you!

1.do some work and make the butteress much like metal
2.add glass on the door,(this really male kagali blur.....
3.a little modify to kagali,though it different to find out
4.add sakula,just for balance to the grass,is it to , the wall is too full?
5. a change to the font ,use gold instead of white

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  1. Ayasal Sep 08, 2005

    OMG! nice wallie you got there!!! nice vector too! i really like everything about this wall!
    sorry I cant add this to my fav until monday, but I will!
    keep up t he good work!
    hope to see more from yoU!

  2. kyubinaruto Sep 08, 2005

    oh my god! It's beautiful! The vector is just b^^d except for cagalli's face... some parts looks... weird XD
    Everything else is good but I think you can add some texture on the wall at the back :D

  3. slayerz Sep 08, 2005

    wow this wallpaper looks amazing!! :) definatly adding this to my fav list!

  4. Ian999 Banned Member Sep 08, 2005

    What the hell, this is so great of your anime wallpaper like that. I really love it. How can you do that by the way? Thanks so much. I love it.

  5. eclair-chan Sep 08, 2005

    OMG what a cute wall cagalli looks so cool in the bg ad athrun nice job with this wall !+ favs

  6. Hideki313 Sep 08, 2005

    yeah i like this wall very much .. the BG is cool and the topic of the wall is suitable ^_~
    big thx for that ^^

  7. jeffng9 Sep 08, 2005

    wow a very well done job
    this is a really nice vector base wallpaper~
    the feel of distance is there between athrun and cagali
    since athrun has a ability to attract a lot of beautiful girls i'm worried about her relationship with cagali too but it seems that athrun still likes her no matter what happen to me even if lunamaria sister is always clingy and beside him

    nice vector bg i like it ~
    Keep up the good work xiaoxingberyl~

  8. FyeCledict Sep 08, 2005

    it is wonderful!! except for cagalli's face just like kyubinaruto said...it looks weird..by the way..ia really like it. Keep up the good work.

  9. darkangel013 Sep 08, 2005

    I love athrun and cagalli!!!!This wallpaper is so pretty!!!!!I am adding this one as of my favorites right away!!!!Thank you so much for sharing,I can't wait for the next Athrun and Cagalli wallpaper!!!!!!

  10. rubenz Sep 08, 2005

    oh my its pretty XD XD its goes to my fave eh he keep up the good work ne

  11. BaKaShInIgAmI Sep 08, 2005

    pretty wall!
    ilike the way u divided them. one behind the window and one in front ofthe window. also with that pillar in the middle. it shows that they are seperated from each other and there is conflict between them.
    good job!

  12. Susan-chan Sep 08, 2005

    omg >_< and i cant fav this!!( the limit..) i am worried about them too :S i hope they will be together....:)and about the wally: it looks perfect!! absoule cool:D it would be great if u would submit the two vector art too:)

  13. loveyou Mute Member Sep 08, 2005

    Wow. The background looks so nice. Characters are smooth, and very well done. The plant I am a bit unsure of. It is the only one that stands out of the entire wallpaper. That could either be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the person. The design in the rail could use a bit of smoothing since they look rough. Still, the entire wallpaper was done efficiently and nicely. Nice work! ^_^

  14. ady46 Sep 08, 2005

    I love this wallpaper of Athrun he loook so cute :) really nice hey can I add you to my friends list well see ya

  15. himeno22 Sep 08, 2005

    omg this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its so cool the whole thing is really good!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Rella Sep 08, 2005

    That looks so nice!! I really like how you have Cagalli outside and Athrun inside. They look so cute like that! Great work! ^^

  17. Nyuu-chan Sep 08, 2005

    Great work here! I like this background, very very nice looking! Thanks for sharing!

  18. hikarinotenshi Sep 08, 2005

    that is simply beautiful! the way u portrayed athrun and cagalli is very special. thank u for sharing this

  19. Lit0Tammy Sep 09, 2005

    woowwww this is has to be THE best gundam seed destiny wall by far. loving it

  20. lilm Sep 09, 2005

    hey great job on ur background it looks wonderful!!!! i really love this and i would fav it but i hab reached my limit 4 this week >< dw i'll come bak 2 fav it ^^ neways i really love the colours u used coz they rn't to heavy and not too bright and that is good and also i hab 2 say i love ur scans they are well done and welpz wat can i say???? this wallpaper is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!1

  21. kaede85 Sep 09, 2005

    I like it!!!
    Both of them separated by a door/window/wall...
    the sakuras add to the melancholic feel.
    I love what u've done for the background.

  22. yuki456 Sep 09, 2005

    Wow, this is absolutly beautyfull!!!
    ...really there are no words to describe it 'cause its so perfect!!!
    Please, please, please!! Don't stop submiting your works 'cause from the looks of this, its super great!!!!!

  23. Leena Sep 11, 2005

    nice nice. the quality is great. and the wallpaper is awesome. but i think cagalli's face look a bit weird. anyway... great JOB.

  24. geoki Sep 11, 2005

    I added it to my fav ^_~ . The background you did is very nice, that really shows the distance between Athrun and Cagalli~~and that pic of Athrun is so cute, great work!

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