NANA Wallpaper: W.A.R. contest: Round 1 - Nana

Ai Yazawa, NANA, Nana Osaki Wallpaper
Ai Yazawa Mangaka NANA Series Nana Osaki Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

W.A.R. Walling Contest

i have to put out first that im under the impression that i didnt follow the rules. to the judges whoever you may be, i DID NOT use scans solely from the MT gallery. which to my knowledge, is in violation of the rules of scan usage for this contest. out of the 8 Nana images i used, only one from what i could find, is present in the current MT gallery. this is so because i used images from manga pages which technically wouldnt count as scans under minitokyo policy. at this point, if im already not eligible, dont bother reading anymore. if by the rare chance i still pass, continue on to other possible rule breakers. the round guidelines state that either NANA or Range Murata are to be used for scans. it doesnt state whether other things can be mixed in but my guess, probably not. well being the moron i am, i did such. my wall parodies the cowboy bebop OP which im assuming would disqualify this entry.
now by this point, your probably wondering why i even bothered making this or submit it. the fact is, i didnt carefully read the rules until AFTER i finished the wall. i dont want people to get the impression that im blaming the ones running the contest since its my OWN fault. though i do have to admit this rule imo, is quite lame. though changing this rule now, would be even more unfair to those that may have already started working on their walls under the impression that the rule was still in action.
now this leads to what the judges want to do with this little conflict. disqualify me or deduct points, i dont really care. just do what you wish. anyways, in the rare case this entry flys ok, heres is my ACTUAL description for this possible entry:

the theme: infatuation
scans: NANA or Range Murata

obviously i chose NANA over Range Murata and got this definition off of dictionary.com for infatuation:

1. A foolish, unreasoning, or extravagant passion or attraction.
2. An object of extravagant, short-lived passion.

To me this definition seems to refer to desires that can be dark or destructive to oneself. From this sub-theme, I decided to do a montage of different aspects of this using pieces of the story of Nana. Each box in the wall, was vectored from the manga and is a parody on the Bebop OP. Each box was vectored in close to 1600x1200 and shrunk down to all fit into one wall. so if anyone wants, i can submit any of these as it's own wall if you so desire. anyways, onto the meanings of each box:

the main aspect i wanted to show was the desire of love. This is illustrated in the first, second, and far right boxes. love here refers to passionate love which imo is very destructive. imo love is just one's own foolish desire to not be alone. finding that significant other is really just about making your own life easier. There may be a special attraction at first, but all passionate love is just that, its not serious and will not last. In the manga of Nana, this may not be the case but i wanted to use the imagery to just show a more general case that i see within society. western culture believes too strongly in the concept of romanticized love that many would find it surprising that most other cultures actually look down on love with a negative light since it leads to jealousy, hate, and violence.
the third box which shows Nana puffing away at a cig and the one under it which shows her singing represents escapes. Smoking and other drugs can let you shortly experience pleasure or a quick high that lets you escape from your troubles. Though this effect is only short term and the longterm result is that one becomes dependent on that escape and in this case, will fatally hurt you and others. Such things like music, watching anime, or painting can let one vent their feelings through a brush or whatever form one may use, but like any other escape, it is not a solution and only provides mental relief. Putting your heart and soul into a painting will not make you a better person or overcome your troubles. These types of activities can indeed help a person overcome hardships but they cannot be 100% depended on.
the last small box is of violence. i tihnk most people secretly desire it in one form or the other. some may fantasize about getting revenge or just simply indulge in destroying something when frustrated. people say that violence is never the answer yet what is it that sells? violence. the media over broadcasts such things as robberies, murders, and killings when in actuality the number of them could be decreasing. In America, seeing something like a homosexual in a mainstream movie is a taboo, while any extremity of violence gets OKed. Blood sells and in all of mankind's history, this is apparent. From the times of the gladiators to most any war this can be seen. Japan's feudal history is that of the love for war and everything that is to be a warrior. Mankind is a moronic and ironic race, and violence completely factors into our foolish ways.

Overall, i wanted to go for that "cool" style that is very much associated with the jazz/blues scene, hence why i parodied Bebop. Each box is a directly taken from a shot in the OP and redone with NANA. Most of the text was taken from manga scripts and the typework is a direct parody of Brubeck's Time Out LP cover to keep in line with the jazz theme. the reason i went with the jazz style is that it is always highly associated with the underworld of the city imo. watching most any crime film like the ones of film noir can easily show what i mean by this, even Cowboy Bebop would accomplish such. Rock&Roll has the whole sex, drugs, and rock&roll theme and imo, it roots from jazz/blues. musically, rock is essentially the evolution of blues, and both jazz & blues share the same roots. And lastly, to keep in line with the team im representing, i kept the wall very simple and cleancut. i didnt want to use any fancy techniques which is why i soley stuck to vector and type. simple composition and concept as well.

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  1. tareren Sep 08, 2005

    I love this wall a lot :D I think you did a great job on it :)
    The idea is cool, and I love how simple it seems, though obviously you have worked hard in vectoring each scene :)
    i cannot wait to see you submit the individual wall for each box, I think they look great ^^
    And the way this wall looks like a poster is cool too :D And I see you put Nana's tattoo on the left top as a logo or something... I dunno what to say, I love this wall a lot :D +fave+

  2. flyindreams Sep 08, 2005

    O__O Amazing long description. Very informative though... it adds a lot to your wall. Random request though... can you separate the paragraphs in the middle? The huge block of text is making my eyes glaze over... @_@ On the actual wallie itself... I really like the clean vector style, which is really nice since I think most people would think of dark-ish walls for the infatuation theme. The text on top adds a nice movie/music poster feel to the wallie. Again, your description really shows that you've put a lot of thought on different meanings of infatuation into the wall... and executed in a fine way. I like the bebop style too... *nya* Sorry I can't come up with too much criticism for this wallie... I really like it. >_<

    You already know this, but you're not going to get disqualified if you submit this wall. The points docking thing is probably going to happen... not sure about how much. @_@ I think the judges are going to try to figure out some kind of deduction that will clearly be a penalty but not enough to make you automatically lose either. @_@ Of course, different story if you post the cigarette box as your final submission... @x@

  3. ayaki Sep 08, 2005

    wow...lots of deep thoughts and meanings u've put forth into making this wall.
    and they're all shown subtly in each boxes....and even more clearer after i read ur explanations.
    the composition is really great >_< and yes....since u're representing Simple-ism, this wall definitely got the style of simple, clean..& everything's well balanced.
    awesome concept, and such originality.
    yo..this can even be a movie poster for the movie "NANA"..that's showing in Japan now....ahhhh i wanna watch it.

    imo...i don't really mind if anyone uses scans that are not posted in MT.....well..obivously there just aren't many scans in the NANA gallery here in MT....this wall is just too good to pass by...XP

  4. rri Sep 08, 2005

    SO cool..
    I AM looking forward TO SEE THE movie NANA SO much...
    wonderful work..
    i LIKE U style...

  5. Tama-Neko Sep 08, 2005

    Wow, I love it. The way you played off the Bebop opening is a great idea with all the musical themes in both shows, and you chose great scenes to copy with the Nana images -- I especially like the Nana/Spike smoking part. I like how it's nice and clean and crisp, and there's a good balance of color in the center of a white background. The band title info is slick too, very professional. Looks like a promotional poster or a CD cover! I only wish there was more variation in the box sizes - the way it is nice makes it clean, like a magazine layout with clear gutters, but I like a little chaos that differing box sizes would add, even if it made it a little more cluttery.

  6. calisqo Sep 08, 2005

    trully amazing, elegant and profesional.
    your choice of subject was obvious at first, however the execution of it, is totally unexpected.
    Awesome details, I like how u keep it simple yet keeping all the details within this simplicity itself.

    Color works very effectively , to differentiate one particular scene over the other. gives great moment for the audience. Composition is alright , Could be more perhaps, I think the choices are either to go with regularity or irregularity, to go one way or the other to retain its simplicity. The one box on the bottom (as much as i like it) gives sense of isolation from the rest of the scene. feels it was stuck there for an unknown reason.

    I like the typography, i think it's probably essential for this kinda layout. It gives that balance this style really need. My fav part of the work has to be its style, You give Nana a very "cool" style. I think u succeded in your ideas very well.

    Overall a commendable work, IMpressive
    Thanks for sharin your hard work and efforts.

  7. Ayasal Sep 08, 2005

    nice work! I really like your style! its very different, and I really like it!
    keep up the good work! and hope to see more from you!

  8. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 08, 2005

    Heheh who cares what others would think because to me images of Nana are quite scarce here in MT and what can you do if there arent any good ones but overall i love the poster like atmosphere and movement of the text in the bg. the Jazzy, Rock&Roll type of theme suits very well in this. Love the long read and nice insight to your feelings on this wall...
    Great job as always man! :P

  9. DarkEVO Sep 08, 2005

    The criticism of House begins now and here it is.

    [Ah... the life of society. Death, Romance, Tragedy and a whole lotta of crack up Social Disorder. So what's yours?]

    End of Criticism.

  10. Yina Sep 08, 2005

    wow.. really long description.. nyaa.. too lazy to read it all.. haha.. but I think it doesn't matter as long as I'm not one of the judges.. >D mhmm.. pretty original idea and great work on the vectors.. I see.. everyone has got another opinion of the theme.. XD

  11. fukushuusha Sep 08, 2005

    original, stylish and very modern
    really gorgeous work on those vectors and design. also the composition is perfect.
    and u definetely catch that "jazz/blues" scene feeling. amazing work man

  12. bluSake Retired Moderator Sep 11, 2005

    Interesting concept: looks just like a poster advertising a jazz concert. The vectoring is so clean and smooth...and there's so much of it OX ::hehe:: like your idea of Cowboy Bebop OP parodies: thought the design looked familiar.

  13. CACandy1988 Sep 12, 2005

    excellant! i love your style of wallpapers, definately one to put on my desktop for sure! keep creating i am looking forward to the next wall from ya! ;)

  14. llilliathari Sep 14, 2005

    I just love it!
    It's rare to see this kind of wall especially in the Nana section, even if it's for the WAR contest.
    There are a lot of good ideas in there and the colors fits very well :)
    You made an amazing job with this theme and thank you for sharing.


    see ya!

  15. he110oo Oct 23, 2005

    hahha i love the wallpaper, its so like .. wooah, heheh so poster-ish looking :]

  16. Venya Oct 25, 2005

    I like Nana and I like this wallpaper. It'll be on my deskop XD. Thanks for sharing it. +fav

  17. sadakosumeragi Dec 09, 2005

    That's pretty damn awesome work there.

  18. Angeling Mar 22, 2006

    tis is a really great piece of work... very poster-ish... can actually blieve that there is actually gng to be a concert of sorts... fantastic concept and design :)

  19. Jodumkidosu Mar 31, 2006

    Nothing fear as me when I'm with you Nana
    We will together Now and Forever Nana

  20. oblivi0nz Oct 21, 2006

    I love Nana and I love Cowboy Bebop. I found it rather unique and interesting how you combined and incorporated Nana into CB.

    Perhaps this is an attractive wallpaper because both the protagonists - Nana & Spike - are contantly haunted by their pasts. I don't know...but those characters hold such a similarity.

    Did you add Reira in the wallpaper to represent Trap Nest 'taking away' Ren from Nana? (not Reira alone).

    Anyway, it was a clever job from all the typography to the contrasting imagery. Great work =]

  21. Sunak0 Mar 16, 2007

    It really look a flyer for the concert <3

  22. TaiBlack Nov 03, 2008

    wow! I love the way it looks like a real CD *-*
    good job! ~.^

  23. gespinozar Feb 06, 2010

    excelente dise

  24. daysinha Mar 06, 2010

    Excelent! Amazing! Thanks so much for your work!

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