Bleach Wallpaper: Everything is...

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Ichigo Kurosaki Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is an idea I've had for a while... the Naruto wallpaper, in which I portrayed Sasuke's schizo-ness, really got me hooked on trying to show to two sides that ultimately lies in everyone (my own opinion). Good and evil, shy and outgoing, and in Ichigo's case, aimless and fateful. I was going for the ambitions/fate perspective; Ichigo seeming to lack direction and Ichigami comes across as inspired and determined.

Also, I realize the words have an odd placement so just to let ya know, they should be read as Everything is as it... and the separate words on the top and bottom are made to seem like a choice... Everything is as it should be or Everything is as it falls apart.

More resolutions soon to be at Antique Fairy Tales.

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: fantasyx7
Wall: Break Free
Reason: Fantasyx7 is an excellent waller who has made some of my favorite Bleach desktops, this one being my all time fav. His work is ignored far too much. The vector is sleek and the background is eerily calm with a touch of peacefulness. Has a great concept, too... what more can you ask for?

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  1. boogybro Sep 07, 2005

    My oh my you've done it again.
    The originality in this wall is quite outstanding. I never really got into Bleach, I dont think I've even seen a bleach wall this good before. >_< This goes on my desktop. 10/10

  2. BaKaShInIgAmI Sep 07, 2005

    sweet wall!
    i love the concept.
    the text looks amazing.
    this will most likely be my next desktop.
    good job!

    i will fav this as soon as i can. right now i am out of favs. sorry. :(

  3. Shadu Sep 07, 2005

    My goodness! That's freaking awesome. I wish I had just an ounce of your talent. Clever way about going about it too. With the words and suh. I really like it. definitely a wallpaper I don't mind putting on my desktip. ^_^ And definitely a fav.

    Ciao. ^_~

  4. Chopstickz Sep 07, 2005

    the wall looks cool, creepy, dark, awesome ~
    the words look cool but their spacing seems a bit random ^^;
    since most of the wall is black, white, or greyish
    the sword seems to have a weird brown lust to it so it should be darker
    or have a brighter grey
    and its a bit empty at the top lik you said
    so it'd fit if you had like black particles or debris comming off the ground
    and ichigo's missing his head! That stands out to me ^^:
    Other than that, this is a cool wallie and has a nice dark aura about it n_nV

  5. niina02 Sep 07, 2005

    this wall is just cool...
    a little dark and alone... love it!
    + fav

    Great work!

  6. calisqo Sep 07, 2005

    awesome execution of negative and positive spaces.
    I'm likeing the whole composition.
    Artistically done.

  7. ayaki Sep 07, 2005

    loving the idea again...and it totally fits with Ichigo!~~
    even tho the top is kinda blank...but it really shows the contrast!~ just perfect >_<
    love the concept and the originality XP
    awesome job as always ^^

  8. dragon6985 Sep 07, 2005

    great wall i like the way u the darkness gos well with the wallpaper

  9. Joyrok Sep 07, 2005

    Creative way you displayed the wallpaper very nice job. I wish I could say more but my mind is blank...

  10. ayanechan Sep 07, 2005

    i have no idea what to say except superb work. typography looks awesome and there's nothing to complain about. *if saki doesn't want this on antique, i want it on ca~~~*

  11. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Sep 07, 2005

    The school is a monster that wants our souls >o<...ok...back to reality,again an amazing concept,different from the Sasuke,and this one also reflects the Ichigo "details",great job rockie >o<!

  12. meteorcloud Sep 07, 2005

    hey hey uber idea you got there :D, the composition is really cool. it's clear, simple looking, no bullshit in it. the grunge looks gentle :O~! great job rockie ^^ keep it up :D

  13. toujin1 Sep 07, 2005

    i love ALL your work! i love the way you think things through and show them with color/ or lack there of! the whole idea of this wall is amazing, thus i am faving it!

  14. StoicDan Sep 07, 2005

    Woah sweetness! I love how you displayed this wall. It's simple yet detailed. Very clean and deep. I always loved how you made your walls but this one is even greater. I love it, adds to favs.

  15. Yune Sep 07, 2005

    OOoOO! Really nice wallie! I havent been doing these gallery watches for awhile now... teeheee* xd

    i really like black and white stuff... very simple...but very nice too...
    Dirty ish grundgy and the random letterings go very well!

  16. Foxy Sep 07, 2005

    Wooh omg.. . . . ...... . .. .. . . . .. . . . . . ..
    Simple and beautiful... .. . . .. . . . .
    omg.. . . ..
    omg. . .. . . . .. . . . .
    . .. . .. .. .. . .. . . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . fav

  17. Yumi-Chan Sep 07, 2005

    i love the idea of this wallpaper. simply original and different from others.
    love it how you vectored the shinigami and the normal Ichigo XD ..
    great grunge work, althought it's all black and white it looks awesome.
    the fonts are good too, i love it so much XD !! of course this must go into my favs ^^

  18. Yina Sep 07, 2005

    heeee.. wanna join our Bleach wallpaper contest..??


    XD cuz this one is really pure amazing.. XD wow and so original.. yeah.. +fav *__*

  19. chibikko Sep 07, 2005

    you say normal ichigo is chaos and shinigami is stable? i think ichigami is rahter schizophrenic and chaotic than the normal, if you think about anti-ichi trying to take him over. but well the idea is very nice and the result is a decent wallpaper.

  20. cdqueen Sep 07, 2005

    This is a beautiful wallpaper, My only complaint is
    that you can't see his head...Other that that beatiful...
    Nice work :)

  21. Rella Sep 07, 2005

    Wow, that's sooo cool!! I love it, it's is soo meaningful and it matches the scan a lot. Good work!!

  22. gadgetgirl16 Sep 08, 2005

    wow! that looks so beautiful and dark.... i love the textures and the color. the scans are perfict and the way you put them in.... it fits so well and the text matches verry well too.... good job ^^ +fav

  23. lunaregina Sep 08, 2005

    Ah the power of contrast - my newest love. ;) Simply stunning work here. Love the typography on this wallpaper (something I need much more practice at <_< ) though it is a bit odd reading the middle line first. It's also great how the words 'falls apart' do exactly that, though I think the idea can be pushed further. Maybe cut a letter in half and move the piece a couple pixels away, or rotate some letters to have different angles instead of having them all standing straight up.

    Not having seen the series, I don't see the significance in leaving the arm colored. Though I must admit your wallpaper tempted me enough to download the series. Great concept and great execution. I hope to more walls from you in the future with this style!

  24. euna Retired Moderator Sep 08, 2005

    oooh... rockiee makes a new wallie! but it's abstract... U_U
    everyone's falling to the dark side.. <_<
    but really nice grunge and the aspect of earth looks brilliant.
    three words - i luv it.
    b&w looks great on this wall too. really nice concept.
    nice work rockiee!! *fav*

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