Hirotaka Kisaragi Wallpaper: Exit ~To a World Beyond~

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someone shoot me before I go crazy!!!!! *scream in horror and puts put hair* this will be my last wallie for the week, I have to submit this before my computer crashes again and wasnt plaining on submitting this umtil next week!......first my internet then I got it fixed today and now my computer! my computer is so messed up(or just my harddrive) its acting up and erasing most my stuff on my harddrive "noooooo", so I want to submit this before it erases this too >_< kyaaa! spear me! I have iv done wrong to deserve this! *cries* I had alot of importent stuff in there and now its all gone! *sob* >_<

Okey, sorry for all the drama up there, on to the wallie...
I made this wall, wanting to try something different... yea, yea I know the wall 100% does NOT make sense,(please download it of full details)^________^ im so sorry for the small size, I just happen to pick really low quality scans all the time. anbd the wallie looks really really really REALLY full.... I know! ^_______________________^ yay, its a guy wallie!! think this is make 3nd guy wallie.... I dont know if you guys would like this though... ~_~
again, im so sorry for submitting a wall so early................
Layers - 46
thank you so much for looking! and please comment *hugs*


Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: [url=http://
Wall: Painful Separation
Reason:got to love this wallie! its looks soft and dark at the same time^___^ very cute scan too! please take a look at it!

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  1. wind12 Sep 06, 2005

    Very intresting image, Ayasal :) Great job on the backround it looks very nice :D

  2. Dufoe88 Sep 06, 2005

    pretty cool wallpaper you made Ayasal ^^
    liked the effects..and the birds..

  3. maho-ho Sep 06, 2005

    Good for wallpaper, the used colors I am very good, like in special those tones. Also, I liked the birds and the effects that you used. Good work. :D

  4. Rhonda21 Sep 06, 2005

    wow its very beautiful. How is it you always make great wallpapers?!
    well anyways love all the cool effects.

  5. malenits Sep 06, 2005

    ooou!! so good wall!!
    yeah! nice work! very nice work!!
    see you later!

  6. fawna-chan Sep 06, 2005

    i liked the colors you used and the effects are cool! the birds looks real nice. great work!

  7. PoorPrince Sep 06, 2005

    owwww! super cool looking wallie! O_O I dont get whats happening in the wallie but thats what makes it look so cool!!!
    +fav form me^___^
    keep up the good work!

  8. BaKaShInIgAmI Sep 07, 2005

    interesting wall. i like the concept.
    the background and the colors look amazing.
    the birds add a really nice effect to the whole wall.
    good job!

  9. Sumomo- Sep 07, 2005

    Very very nice! Like how the background are of greek typical buildings :)
    And the colors are soft and nice.

    Great work! I like it very much.

    Keep it up!

  10. everfall Sep 07, 2005

    I love this wall Aya! I think it holds a lot of meaning to it! It truely looks awesome. The colours, background and the scan fit very well together! Great effects, love it! I'm adding this to my fav!!
    And thank you A billion kazillion for plugging my wallie here. I feel so... -special-!!!!
    THANK YOU *hug*

  11. emoi Sep 07, 2005

    Hmm, yeah, doesn't make sense and not one of your best walls imo. But I think you did very well in making it look really good despite it was a low qual scan, I almost can't tell. ;)
    Again, I *really* love all your work. You're an inspiration.

  12. ganstamonica Sep 07, 2005

    Really cool,Ayasal! I like the effects and the pretty birds! The background looks great with the scan! Awesome work! ;)

  13. sangel99 Sep 07, 2005

    I the the effects as well.....it looks really neat XD The birds look really cool ^-^ Awesome Job, Ayasal!

  14. kyubinaruto Sep 07, 2005

    hmm.. firstly the character scan XD I don't think i need to tell you this since you're aware
    Secondy the lines on the walls... is it deliberate to do that? because the lines do not go with the perspective ^_^' I almost lost the beautiful perpsective that's potrayed in the wall. OX

    Besides all that, great job as usual ^__^ The birds are beautiful! *envies*

    Last but not least, my deepest condolences to your computer :\ I hate it when my comp crashes too :x

  15. sazz Sep 07, 2005

    The scan wasn't very good, but the background saves it XD
    This Blue colors and the birds are great!!!

  16. knightstar3 Sep 07, 2005

    beautiful blue wallie!! ^ - ^ it's true that the scan is kinda low quality but the bg is awesome!!
    ;) keep up the great work! :)

  17. ayane-heine Sep 07, 2005

    another pwetti wallie from Ayasal.. :D
    i think that the scans matches well with the bg..
    nothing much for me to grumble.. XD
    just abit too many birds there.. ^_^'
    pwetti pwetti wallie..

  18. Shoku Sep 07, 2005

    Ayasal, your wallpaper is too good to be true. Nice. Talk to you soon.

  19. ladygoofy Sep 07, 2005

    Awwww that's real nice! XD XD ;)
    i love tha color blue! (blue rules! XD)
    It looks awsome, and the guy looks hot! LOL! XP
    Hehehe...Im definetly addin this 1 to ma favorites! *lalalalala*
    So jea keep it up me friend! *waves* ;)

  20. saranron Sep 07, 2005

    The birds are really great. Amazing work as ever, no need for other words. :)

  21. AC2N Sep 07, 2005

    Ok... blue blue blue ! I love bleu ! I less love guys, but anyway, this is a good wall ( I really lose the color theme !! )...
    Good job Aya...

  22. bbls Sep 07, 2005

    very pretty wallie...i really like the texturing on this one...it seems a bit different from your other wallies. i also really like how that left wall seems "transparent' and we can see the birds and moon behind it. but there are so many birds there... XD

  23. Saikusa Retired Moderator Sep 07, 2005

    Once again a beautiful piece of work. And those dazzling blues to escape into ~ oh how I love them. The birds both inside and out really create a sense of freedom as does the shadow of the moon through the wall ~ very emotive and very beautiful ^.^

  24. DarkEVO Sep 07, 2005

    The criticism of House begins now and here it is.

    [Shooting yourself wouldn't be bad but I think killing the birds on this wall would be so much better to take your emotions out on them. Seriously... what is this hunting season? Wanna join me on shooting the birds for dinner?]

    End of Criticism.

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