Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Wallpaper: [Reminiscence]

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Akane Maniax, Muv-Luv, Akane Suzumiya, Jouji Gouda Wallpaper
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Series Akane Maniax OVA,Game Muv-Luv Visual Novel Akane Suzumiya Character Jouji Gouda Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

my new wallpaper for "Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien" series...
it took about 2 hours i guess, um.. 19 layers..
scan i get it from anime-east
well i hope its pretty..

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  1. Spystreak Retired Moderator Sep 06, 2005

    It's a bit fuzzy I have to admit. Other then that it's really cool. I really like the way the photo looks with all those burns and writing. MAkes it look real

  2. BaKaShInIgAmI Sep 06, 2005

    nice wall!
    the photo looks nice with the effects.
    the rose also adds a nice touch to the wall.
    well done!

  3. SealedSword Sep 06, 2005

    Hey, nice wallpaper Dufoe
    I like the background, the redness reminds me of blood XD
    Nice one, keep it up! = )

  4. mughi Sep 06, 2005

    The picture looks kind of blurry. Is this deliberate effect on your part? The burned effect along the edges are nicely done. Thanks for showing us your latest work.

  5. Rhonda21 Sep 06, 2005

    wow its cool. I like all the neat effects. makes me remember the past. nice job.

  6. shockwave-pulsar Sep 07, 2005

    Great wallpaper Dufoe88, again nice idea and good blending, thanks for sharing it.

  7. Ultra-Violet Sep 07, 2005

    Well done Dufoe!
    Exceptionally clever SFX well coinciding colour collaborations with a well thought out theme make this elegant and highly desirable artwork a must have for Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien fans! Excellent work! :)

  8. everfall Sep 07, 2005

    Good job!! I love this new style of yours =DD
    I guess I have to say it's a bit.. fuzzy? But besides that, I think it looks awesome. Keep up the good work!
    I'll cya around, take care!

  9. ganstamonica Sep 07, 2005

    How cool! The photo looks really nice. I like the background with the lil rose. XD
    Awesome wallie,Dufoe88!

  10. Matsukaze Sep 07, 2005

    Wow!!! I really like this wall, I love this style...mmm...like old or something like that :P
    Very good wallie

  11. kyubinaruto Sep 07, 2005

    work on the text :D blend it more to the background, the way other grunge wallers do.
    Secondly, I think the scan is too grainy, even if it is deliberate. The burnt edges looks somewhat.... weird OX but maybe it's just me XD

    Other than that, good job in trying new styles :D

  12. zen8192 Sep 07, 2005

    Quote by SpystreakIt's a bit fuzzy I have to admit. Other then that it's really cool. I
    really like the way the photo looks with all those burns and writing.
    MAkes it look real

    Yep! I agree... The girls' faces are kinda smudged a little!
    But it's really gud! :) :D :nya:

  13. RainOfStars Sep 07, 2005

    Great wall. I like the photo. And the rose is just a wonderful touch to the wall. It is very artistic.

    thanx for sharing^^

  14. ladygoofy Sep 07, 2005

    Pretty creative here!
    I like it...Although I tink that thee image shouldn've been colored a bit... ^^'
    But that's jus my idea n stuff lol (so dun listen to me lol XD)
    Ummm and jea...Omg the girl to the right looks like "Sakura" frm "Card Captor Sakura"! xd
    i swear LOL! hehehe
    Ok enough about that lol!
    So keep up the creative work! *waves*

  15. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Sep 07, 2005

    really nice wallie Dufoe88-san! my only complaint is that is a little grainy but, the effects on the picture combined with the rose make for one great wallie! and such an apt title! keep up the great work! :D

  16. dadong Sep 07, 2005

    it's a bit noisy and the text feels a bit weird, but the burn effect around the photo is nicely done.
    p.s. check out my latest work. *points at the text above my sig

  17. DarkEVO Sep 07, 2005

    The criticism of House begins now and here it is.

    [Oh great... another burned paper wall. Why not just burned only a character and stick it on and other paper and do the process over with different images and then scan it on the computer. That would be so much better that just doing it cheaply on PS7.]

    End of Criticism.

  18. mystvearn Sep 07, 2005

    Its quite nice. The burned letter is something good. the flower is a nice symbol, buy maybe a locket/earings? similar to the anime will be nostalgic

  19. Lenne Sep 07, 2005

    Hey Dufoe! :)
    It kinda remindes me of your last wall....it's really good my friend...i just love this effect of burned paper.. XD

  20. Rikimaru-jp Sep 07, 2005

    nice job Dufoe! this wallie looks good and the blending is nice ;)
    keep up the good work!!!!

  21. Aeya Sep 07, 2005

    It's really nice. I like the effects you used ^^ And the rose is a really nice addition too. I'd add it to my favs but I alrealdy reached my limit... Anyway, great job! Hope to see more ^^

  22. kateChan Sep 07, 2005

    Wow, really nice job! Thanks for sharing!

  23. SADO Sep 07, 2005

    hello Dufoe88..
    pretty nice and neat wallpaper
    keep up the good work

  24. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 07, 2005

    Wow, that's a really cool idea. It's a bit grainy, but I think you were going for that, no? And anyways, it suits the scan and the whole idea of the wallie. Great job!

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