Range Murata Wallpaper: [Get up and Fight-WAR] noParking

Range Murata Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well this is my WAR submit!
The theme is Infatuation...which causes foolishness. grunge style

ok in short, this wall is a story...read the story
Background info of the STORY:
The scene portrayed here is the advanced stages of infatuation and the couple here has run away from they're respective parents and are taking a break in the 'No Parking' zone of the Seaside Route....how romantic XD
the girl has also taken the liberty of vandalising the sign, which is illegal, and she was obiviously under the influence of something called *squint* Pocali Sweat oO lol fortunately T&T supermarket sells a similar drink and its something of a sweet carbonated drink...so maybe she's hyper?

Now, for the talking bit (i will also be inserting my personal explainations):
girl: "the view is beautiful" -- she is mentioning the scene I created hehe ^^

boy: "i know it is" -- i know, its a very nondescript reply ^__^

girl: "was it ok to write on the sign?" -- a reference to her admission of the foolishness caused by her infatuation

boy: "....probably" -- shows hes pretty foolish cause of infatuation as well XD


if you haven't noticed, this story line text is also faintly seen on the pavement of the road in the wall ^^ heheh i feel so ingenious >___<

lol I had a ton of problems with the ideas to make a wallpaper so I decided to do another one of CGing the whole thing. Yep, everything from the signs to the lighthouse is CGed by me, no stocks used ^^ I find everything looks more realistic if you do it yourself.

notice, i made the sign post crooked and the no parking sign an IMperfect circle XD i think its these little things that make it look more wallpaper looking...hmm the seaside route sign seems a bit bent as well =P

the shadow of the couple was vectored based on the original scan.
clouds are made in the anime style i used on the FMA wall. probably a little more difficult here cause the clouds arent the typical blue and white colors.
and i did add those extremely annoying birds ~_~ lol i didnt want to use em cause they seem so common in walls nowadays but i ended up scattering them throughout the whole wall.
see how many you can find ^^

the colors of the wall might be ugly and even a bit weird...possibly because of the screen settings to this stupid flat screen thing im using -_-

116 layers oO''''''
5 days working on and off ^^
scan >> http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/137991/ by DREAM

well good luck to me =P i can relax now...maybe make another wall later or something..=)


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  1. Devilet Sep 06, 2005

    Quote by kai81220notice, i made the sign post crooked and the no parking sign an IMperfect circle

    Yep yep! XD and I love it!

    Wow, I haven't seen a Kai wallpaper in a while, cos I was absent ... but I like your no stocks look, it does look more natural, and you made it so it works with the scan. Props to that buddy! the edge of the road looks a little funny, but other than that, it's nice.

  2. Term1nal Sep 06, 2005

    Ooo, wut an unique wallpaper. Haven't seen much of this realistic kinda wallpapers lately. Very nicely done!

  3. narutofan92 Sep 06, 2005

    Your friggen crazy man.
    Well first things first, as all the other walls this one looks really awesome.
    I like the idea of a story in the whole image. It sounds pretty cool and pretty unique to say the least.
    That girl looks like Lain.
    Well the whole scenery is amazingly made so she's right to say so. -lol-
    That drink...never heard of it but it sounds good! -lol-
    By the way, did she dent the sign too? -lol-
    Over all this wall is definitely going to my favs.

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 06, 2005

    Hehehe, cool story! That scan is great, I really do like it. It's nice and simple, but it's great like that. Excellent job as always ;)

  5. DernierCri Sep 06, 2005

    mad props from me for the details and the "hidden" conversation... it all makes sense
    once again a contest brings out excellence...
    *bows* mad props for being brave to submit first!!!

  6. rri Sep 06, 2005

    I LIKE range style SO much...
    it IS wonderful!!!!
    thanks FOR share

  7. white-zero Sep 06, 2005

    Since you explained it so damn clearly, I have no complains on this one.

    Kai for the win. Anyone wanna bet? XD

  8. Adagio Sep 06, 2005

    WOW I must say , this is one of the better made walls i've seen I don't often make a fav

    adding one more :) :) :)

  9. Iyasis Sep 06, 2005

    *silently counts* 14, I can see fourteen birds ^^

    Very interesting wallpaper indeed and a funny story behind it. Cool scan you've chosen and nice work on creating the shadows. The background is nice, especially the grunge-ish tan sky. Though, I dont' think I've ever seen a lighthouse that looks like that, lol. Neat idea with the imperfectionism of the posts and signs, however, maybe the indented areas should be darker to give that shadow sense. And I do like the faint dialogue over the pavement area; it reminds me movie trailers where the words move/grow/fade into and onto of the background.

    One last thing to say: I was at a T&T Supermarket the other day and gosh was it scary, it was so big and so crowded, lol o_O

  10. RainOfStars Sep 06, 2005

    Great job on the wall. The small details does make a difference. I really like the imperfectness of the signs, and the words on the road. No idea who said what though.

    Anyway, have a greatly deserved rest. Remember school is starting soon^^

  11. DarkEVO Sep 06, 2005

    The criticism of House begins now and here it is.

    [Why not just put up a sign saying; I love you, and forever and ever , let's get married and live happily ever after, so on and so forth.... ya di ya dah. (God, I feel hungry, all this talk about love and infatuation has got me starving. Don't you feel hungry? Wanna join me?) Oh... should have made the boy say; do you realise there are couple of tiny birds around you. Oh... and War's hell. Ain't it a beautiful thing? See you soon.]

    End of Criticism.

  12. THE-DARK-PRINCE Sep 06, 2005

    116 layers!!!
    I think you worked really hard on this wallpaper my friend...
    Great job and the wallpaper looks wonderful...
    Keep it up....

    :) :D :) :D

  13. BaKaShInIgAmI Sep 06, 2005

    great wall! lol...nice little story.
    you worked very had on this and it shows. the sign looks great.
    the scan is really beautiful and the background looks amazing.
    great work!
    good luck with w.a.r.!

  14. tareren Sep 06, 2005

    Nice wall as expected ^^ I think you pull a nice one on this :D I like the clouds at the background and the sky color... Hmm, the lighthouse looks a bit weird IMO, arent the top supposed to be a bit bigger (wider)? But I love the whole idea, and yeah, the whole color balance seems a bit weird, but I still like it :D Maybe some shadowing of the sign (to show it is dented) :D good job on this, and good luck for WAR :D

  15. ayaki Sep 06, 2005

    waaaaaaaa the bg is so pretty >_<
    the pale colors...and everything looks sharp and clean....
    uhm...as i mentioned....pale.....
    the characters are kinda orangy..
    but the design is amazing..the fonts u've added in the pavement is great!~

    and may i say "holy ****".......116 layers?...my comp would probably be lagging like crazy....
    brave....u're the first to submit...haha ^^

  16. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Sep 06, 2005

    Quote by white-zeroSince you explained it so damn clearly, I have no complains on this one.
    Kai for the win. Anyone wanna bet? XD

    I find that one quite amusing XD

    All I can say is that I've seen your finished wallpaper now *muahahah* and yes, I have finished my one, tucked away neatly in my harddrive for about 20 hours now. :)

    i can't really say too much on this one, but yeah, it's a good entry ^_^ *thumbs up* Good on ya kai ^_^ hehehehehehe

  17. Nona Sep 06, 2005

    omg....116 layers....uhh.....lot of work. The result is awesome!
    What is this "war" submit?

  18. meteorcloud Sep 06, 2005

    hey hey nice job kai :O~!
    like the story line xd~!!! hahaha. well done on the idea and the bg. only...the lighthouse looks kinda funny...cause it looks weird xD. hm.... go for the win kai xD~! gogogo!\o/

  19. StoicDan Sep 06, 2005

    Oh wow, this is so beautifully made. It's has a great feel and blends in very nicely. It also represent the characters chemistry nicely. Awesome stuff. Adds to favs.

  20. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 06, 2005

    I love the bg, so congruent and imaginary... plus the birds dont loook distracting except the characters, their skin tones look to dark for the wall better change the opacity of the blend mode if you get what i mean but overall theres nothing to say but ive always thought i would start submissions...Oh well great work! :P

  21. Lenne Sep 06, 2005

    All of your walls that i saw have something special in them & so does this one...really good my friend..as allways.. ;)

  22. chibikko Sep 06, 2005

    Aah I like the colors very much! They're not weird nor ugly. I love these kinda soft colors with a pretty texture. The imperfect circle is lovely and you're right, making an own background (no stock photos) looks really more realistic. Ah I love everything about that sign, and the 'seaside-route'-sign is also very nice. I agree, "the view is beautiful". I don't know any of kuroimisa's wallpapers, I'll look and compare now but I like your a lot. Hope you'll win hehe

  23. fukushuusha Sep 06, 2005

    nice composition and storyline man :)
    really quality work with the bg. the blending and creativity is top notch. the only thing bothers me is that the characters darkness. the light is kinda off...but anyways a very great work in the first place. :)

  24. AC2N Sep 06, 2005

    Hey hey !!
    This is a really original description ! " love that" ! Tale a story... Enjoying !
    As usual, i find it really "cool" ! You always surprise me with your submitions... The style is so unique... I love it !
    A real good work... what can i say anymore ?!? I don't see, except this one has its place in my fav section...
    Good work = AC2N's favs !
    See yaaa soon, my friend...

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