Samurai Deeper Kyo Wallpaper: Fire and Ice: Aki

Studio DEEN, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Akira (SDK), Hotaru (SDK) Wallpaper
Studio DEEN Studio Samurai Deeper Kyo Series Akira (SDK) Character Hotaru (SDK) Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I know, I know, the autumnal solstice isn't for a couple of weeks yet, but when I think of September, I think changing leaves, cool mist, and fading skies.
The vista is based on my memories of Germany, possibly one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Ich habe in Deutschland drei Jahren gewohnt, und ich errine mich an ihm liebevoll. Ich wuensche, dass ich in Deutschland weider leben koentte! (*~*)

i've wanted to use this scan of Akira and Hotaru in a wall for a while, but I wanted the wall to be special, so I waited for just the right idea to come along. (*^.^*)

Hotaru fangirls, feel free to squeal in delight; Akira fangirls... hands off, that boy is mine! (*~.^*) Just kidding, sylva can share.

UPDATE: Okay, since enough people pointed it out, I decided to reduce the purple hue of the sky. I'm keeping my original version, 'cuz I like purple, so nyah.

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  1. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Sep 05, 2005

    beautiful wallie sylvacoer-san! the background is beautiful and so is that image of akira and hotaru! XD i've already got a wallpaper with this image on it, but i like yours better! great wallpaper for fall! keep up the great work! :D

  2. tsubasawingjing Sep 05, 2005

    :D wow@_@!!!!1
    the background so nice!!..samurai deeper kyo oh...so cool!
    maybe the sky color can more darkness coz can match with the autumn color...
    i think will better...oh just my comment,sorry about that! ^_^; ^_^'
    but anyway this is a good wall..
    gambattene! sylvacoer-chan! :D

  3. akari-chan Sep 05, 2005

    ooh, nice wallie sylva! the leaves look sorta, popupy? and the mountains look weird. but is a great wallie, my friend.

  4. hongrboi Sep 05, 2005

    The sky and the water are great! Pretty cool tree effects too using the brush. Are they standing on a cliff? If they are, then i think the rock edge need s abit of shading. Everything else looks great!

  5. Shkira Sep 05, 2005

    Not much for the purple in the sky, but the characters and the environment look awesome!

  6. Emma Sep 05, 2005

    I do have to admit...I *love* samurai! And these guys are hunks *fans self*
    And your background is so perfect for the Autumn Equinox. I like how you did the grassblades ^_~ And my goodness, don't tell my you did each of those trees down there! O_o Amazing patience for it is such a radiant forest. I like how you did the colors of the clouds too. And the falling leaves are just the perfect touch.
    Pretty wall! Wonderful work ^_^

  7. cygnus Sep 05, 2005

    peaceful bg for both of them, collide together....both are my fave charas, can I have them? j/k.... XD

  8. bbls Sep 05, 2005

    i absolutely luv your beautiful scenery, and the colors are so lovely. it's too bad we don't see fall colors like that in hawaii... T_T

  9. leosama84 Sep 05, 2005

    Sempai....i'm really speachless...but i will comment, lol
    i like the idea of the 3d leaves, i've wanted to do sumthin like that, but come to think of it, its really not that hard to do....it just needs talent ;) and u got it!....i bet it gave u sum hard time applying the leaves in the right place :)...
    the expression on their faces, it gives a relaxing sensation of fall (autumn)....
    the way u made the mist, really amazes me, i wanted to ask for so long, do u use anything other than photoshop? b/c if u do, i have to get it! lool, i'm really interested in graphics design, since i'm a video editor, i think i wanna do sumthin else :D....
    Very nice work Sempai, i really admire u...
    see ya around!

  10. k1ru Sep 05, 2005

    kyaaa~~~~ as u said.... I like this wally!!! kyaa~~~ hotaruuuuuuuuuuuu
    *u said not to take akira, so I will take my hotaru!!!* XD XD ^_^'
    both of them was very very very cuteeee~~~~~
    where did u get the scans?? that was very nice~~~
    tell me! tell me!! XD

  11. benjaminchia Sep 05, 2005

    huahuahahah awesome. great perspective!

    great job here!
    everything nice and great!
    *ben spots something*.
    somehow the moutains at the back seemed a little unable to merge with the rest of the surrounding? or do they? the fog seems a bit out of place? or do they not?
    keep it up! great job on this one!

  12. SuspendedReality Sep 05, 2005

    Oh My Gooshness!!! *gawks* This is beautiful!!! I love the backroud sooooo much and Akira and Hotaru look soooo cute together (Love that scan) I'd have to dub this one of Sylva Coer's best works yet XD lol Great work and thanks so much for sharing.


  13. tripleG Sep 05, 2005

    Good job Sylvacore!!

    This wallpaper is very cute! The scan is good and the extraction is excellent!
    I like the bg... looks so peaceful... great color combination!

    Good job! Thanks for sharing!!

    PS: Water and grass effects looks great!
    PS2: No worries I will stay with hotaru...lol

  14. 89757 Banned Member Sep 06, 2005

    Hei !!! This picture very good painting and drawing.Especially your background very amazing.

  15. Ayamael Sep 06, 2005

    ok... you lost me at "errine" <-- studied German for 2 years and almost completely forgot it T_T

    well, my favourite season is fall so youhou... and i like this wall, love the leaves... only thing i don't like is the pinkish purple colour in the sky which doesn't go well with the leaves colour imo... i think reddish would have been better... and the mountains look a bit empty... nevertheless, great feel to this wall, and nice scan to go with it... oh and you can keep Akira if you want, i don't mind at all XD

  16. Midori-chan Sep 07, 2005

    wow!! nice bg!!! i just losve the peaceful scenery and the water effects!! they looks so real!! and the color os the skt is so beautiful!! XD
    and the scan...........is so cool too!!!! Akira looks awesome!!! Hotaru looks kinda sad, anyway...i love them both!!! XD XD ( liking both of them is a little too greedy right? lol )
    i'll add this to my favs for sure!!! but it'll have to be after 7 days because of the MT limitations >_<
    hope you don't mind about that sylva-chan^^
    awesome work! keep it up!!

  17. badtz-maru Sep 07, 2005

    okay, when i win the lottory, we're going on a trip around the world and we're going to see this world one country at a time. but not n.korean, their leader is crazy. and the stay in france will be short, i might be able to smack some sense into all of them in a day or two. (of course separte hotel rooms). So yeah keep a bag packed.
    believe it or not, i've been reading the teachings of budda. that just popped out right then, but yeah very deep stuff. simple but deep. any way keep up the good work and type you later.

  18. walkure245 Sep 07, 2005

    Ooo~ I like the perspective of where they are standing in comparison of their surroundings. The bg is really awesome and the scan matches well with the idea but I still think the bg is still a lil too real but that's your distinctive style so it's all right with me. The sky looks good but for summer, I think a more orangey sky would match the flora. Other than that, this is another amazing wallie for you. ^.^ Good stuff~

  19. MayaNatsume17 Sep 08, 2005

    Ich wunsche, dass ich besser Deutsch sprechen konnte. My german sucks... It's a nice wall. I love Samurai deeper Kyo. I have always wonderd why do they call it deeper ^^. I really like the wallie.

  20. dngo86 Sep 24, 2005

    Nice wallpaper. I love the background on this. It blends in so nicely with both of the characters.

  21. kazurro Sep 25, 2005

    wow...this is wonderful
    the autum season really nice for both of them
    i like it, so peaceful

  22. elomar Oct 20, 2005

    i love pictures of these two, their such a great contrast and i love the mood you created in this wallpaper, great work!

  23. Ochibi-chan28 Nov 01, 2005

    Oh wow! It's so pretty! I think the background suits the two.

  24. syivese Mar 08, 2006

    My god! Was I gone for sooooo long? THIS IS WONDERFUL! BEAUTIFUL! AWESOME!

    Kyaaaa.. i love you more everyday!


    Great work!

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