Shingetsutan Tsukihime Wallpaper: *Sleeping Princess*

TYPE-MOON, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Archetype Earth Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Shingetsutan Tsukihime Series,Visual Novel Archetype Earth Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I did my horrible exam in the school, oh jeeee. So I had time to make this wallpaper. Since I have this scan (found here) I wanted to do a wallpaper. I used 20 layers, and 6 days (because I had to learn....) to do it. I used the clon tool, and some brushes.
I know it's not my best work. I hope you like it!

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  1. Dufoe88 Sep 04, 2005

    toooooo much bright >.<

  2. Emma Sep 04, 2005

    Aww, she is so pretty here! And I love the perspective ^_^ And I *love* blue =) It gives a calming effect and so it does here in your wall hence conveying the aura of a sleepy day. Nice combinations in this wall. Wonderful work, Nona!! =^_^=

  3. RahX101 Sep 04, 2005

    looks good nona. seems like shes sleeping on a magical bed of flower petals. its a tad bit too bright for me but it loks good none the less. the scan looks great as well, suits the background nicely. nice job on the brushing as well. ^^ keep it up nona. +fav

  4. chibikko Sep 04, 2005

    Quote by Dufoe88toooooo much bright &gt;.&lt;


    i really like the original scan and the wallpaper has nice additions. looks good and NOT too bright xD

  5. Emeralis Sep 04, 2005

    It's fantastic though, even if it isn't your best. It looks great, well done :)

  6. mughi Sep 04, 2005

    Hmm, if this is not your best work then I think it is safe to say it is very good work. The way she seem to be sleeping in the field of white flower petsls is beautifully done. I like the wind effect beneath her dress and the wisp of petals flying above. Beautiful extraction job you did too.

    Normally, white background is easily made too bright but this one you did good job of keeping that in check. Nice job and thanks much for another fine wallpaper. :)

  7. Beccieboo Sep 04, 2005

    o wow, thats so cool. i love the effects you used, they're awesome!!! she looks so pretty ^^ thanks for sharing ^^ ttyl

    Beccie XxX

  8. hongrboi Sep 05, 2005

    Exams already huh? ugggh >< Anyways...
    The lighting effeects are great! I like the chain effect surrounding her.

  9. MasterFoot Sep 05, 2005

    School... wow, exams suck, now as for great wallies like this = Great :) , though mabye you need to tone the brightness down a bit, but not necessary, see ya around :)

  10. bbls Sep 05, 2005

    beautiful concept with her sleeping on a bed of white petals! i also really like the blue background we can see in between the petals because it suits the scan very nicely. lovely wallie, nona! :D

  11. leekheng Sep 05, 2005

    http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y32/leekheng/hearts03.gif its nice but its too bright.. cant see the girl to well but the girl is kinda pretty ..and keep it up..u done a great job http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y32/leekheng/hearts03.gif

  12. asan Sep 05, 2005

    wah.. cool and beautiful... i like the colour that you use^^
    good jod, keep it up!

  13. Maniax Sep 05, 2005

    I like it :)

  14. Yina Sep 05, 2005

    it's a bit too bright.. >_< but overall it has got a beautiful atmosphere.. XD I love that scan.. *__*

  15. tian82 Sep 05, 2005

    Nice wallpaper !!! Love the scan !! Suit well with the background !! You are awesome !! I like it so much !! Thank for sharing !!

  16. Kiki01 Sep 05, 2005

    ooooh so pretty! the scan looks so nice with the background. looks really awesome ^^

  17. 89757 Banned Member Sep 06, 2005

    Hei !!! This is very great and wonderful,especially your background and the pretty girl !!!

  18. Evanrued Sep 06, 2005

    Hmm. Its really a good wall. I like the concept. But its a bit bright. I would add some shadows here and there. And detail on the petals more. Its hard to make out her facial features. But over all I like the idea.

  19. Drail Sep 06, 2005

    Oooh, it's beautiful! I like the scan, and I don't think it's too bright o__O

    Und du Arme hast schon Schule ... Ich hatte bis jetzt Ferien und bei mir beginnt erst morgen wieder Schule...

  20. firelycan Sep 06, 2005

    I think its beautiful.it is quite bright and you can barely see the girl from the clip but whe i looked at it after io downloaded it it looks amazing.I love the brightness and the flower petals and the girl is so beautiful!!!
    another masterpeice by Nona

  21. TAM-Lisa Banned Member Sep 07, 2005

    WOW OoO Quite nice wall! I like it very much & added it to my fav. Thanks for sharing

  22. krisjunaeien Mar 08, 2009

    This one is so beautiful, thank you su much

  23. only00 Mute Member Jun 12, 2010

    Wow \*W*/ That's very beautiful! Thank you very much!

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