Rurouni Kenshin Wallpaper: Kami no Kodomo

Rurouni Kenshin, Shougo Amakusa Wallpaper
Rurouni Kenshin Series,OVA Shougo Amakusa Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is my entry for UA's 6th fornightly wallpaper contest, under the heading Villainy. Make your favourite villain shine!

Scan featuring Shogo Amakusa from Rurouni Kenshin. Well, at first I wanted to use Puppetmon or Piedmon from Digimon, but MT's Digimon library provide little scans, and I've been searching up and down in the Internet, but no descent Digimon scans can be found. So I wanted to do a wall of Orochimaru from Naruto, but it's too famous. I wanted to do a wall of unfamous anime, but sometimes you just can't find the scan. So I have no choice but to make a wall of Shogo. Demo... Shogo himself isn't so bad, ne? Anyways, new updates. I've vectored him! Can't believe I did! (Screams around) Anyway, to match Shogo with the dark background, I tweaked the brightness/contrast option.

This is background is a little to complicated. I think, if you're viewing it at a higher brightness. Anyways, most of the background consist of brushes. Let me see... the bamboo trees, grass and fog are brushes. While the red sky and the red lake (The lake isn't so obvious, but the lake is there. It's covered by the fog. It's situated on the left side of Shogo.) After I'm done with the background, I played with the brightness/contrast to make it looked darker. After that, I just add the text so my wallpaper doesn't look so empty.

[Wallpaper Status]
Time: 14 hours, 3 days by doing them seperately. Vector was done in 2 days, in total of 11 hours while the walling took me 3 hours.
Listening to: Pretty much manipulated by Craig David and Ragnarok Online bgm.

Original scan from here. Provided by jakulito. Thank him if you think Shogo is cool. ^^ Anyways, if you want a vectored version of Shogo, you can always ask from me.

Anyway, enjoy.

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  1. white-zero Sep 04, 2005

    *comments before downloads*

    You did pretty well for the vec. But the grass looks jaggy or is that just my imagination?

    The mist adds great effect to reflect his mysterious-ness but the wall itself just doesn't look dark enough. >_<

    But ignore the ramblings of this old man. It still pretty damn good wall you have here. End of.

  2. Sayoo Sep 04, 2005

    shogo amakusa is da best :D
    nice wallie !

  3. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Sep 04, 2005

    lol this is the second time I've seen pixelated grass today: just a hint, because your vector is really clear and crisp, you might want to either vector that grass or something because it's a bit clashy ^_^ The vector work is amazing... the lines are good and the details are so intricate!

    I do doubt the mist somewhat. I don't know how you did it, but I think it'd be best if you got a mist brush and did it instead. ~ lower contrast might work better too ^_^

    i like the redness of the sky and I really can feel his blood rushing... good one Ephie :D!!

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 04, 2005

    Congrats on the vector!
    Anyways, the red sky is awesome, I really love it, it provides a mood.
    The grass, in my opinion, should be clearer like Kuroimisa said. Other than that, nice job!

  5. Idril Sep 04, 2005

    great! Shogo is very evil and background fits it very very good! hum... the sky is soo red.... you should merge other colors too ... but it is only my opinion... anyway... you did a great wallie using a cool guy!!
    nice job!!

  6. Acuni Sep 04, 2005

    wow i like it the chara; is prety well done and the bg to (still needs litle work) have to

  7. wind12 Sep 04, 2005

    Very nice Ephemeral-Garden, the wallpaper looks great. The backrounds look every intresting :D

  8. sylvacoer Sep 04, 2005

    Yes, excellent job on the vector, hon! But that grass in the forefront, leftcorner, looks pixelated - might you be able to clear it up a bit?
    And I love how you did the bamboo in the background!

  9. Ayu-sama Sep 05, 2005

    Wowzers. Your stuff is tons better than mine. >_<

    i like the vector. But like the others say, the grasswork drags the whole wall down a notch. But whatever it is, it still a great piece of work from you.

  10. Akaiken Sep 05, 2005

    I know where you got the scan so my mouth's shut on that. *zippers mouth*

    Anyways, the environment is very bloody and I like it. Geez... how did you formed the mist? Some part on the grass are, you know, not so realistic but as you go on the effect thing, it got good.

    And I thought you'll concentrate on your doujins...?

  11. Yureika Sep 05, 2005

    wahhh!!!!!!!! shogo is the best bad guy.......
    btw i like his expression.....
    but for me maybe u need to brighten a bit the character...*just my opinion...

  12. leekheng Sep 05, 2005

    nice wallie.... u did a great job in vectoring shogo.. really nice..
    the mist give a great effect and the grass seems a bit blur.. ^_^'
    but i do looks great..keep it up

  13. iiwa Sep 05, 2005

    waaaaaa! sofia-chan ish so talented >.<
    firstly, omedetou on the vectors :) lol.. and yea~!! way to go, shogo!! whee~!! XD hahaha i suspected it was shogo when i saw the title of ur submie in my notifications lol.. XD yeh! good job good job we are proud of you :D eh no, IM proud of you!! XD aahahah yay! sofia rocks!! lol..

  14. 89757 Banned Member Sep 06, 2005

    Hei !!! GOOD JOB !!! I like this picture very much.Especially,your background are very amazing and wonderful.

  15. semanga Sep 07, 2005

    very nice the bg and the scan
    i love kenshin it is one of my fav mangas u have also read it
    if not so u had watch to anime i am sure and so much say thanks for share this nice work from u

  16. yo-chanbokura Sep 08, 2005

    Good effort, i love the bg, feels really fit with the scan/vector besides that the scan is cool! keep up the goodwork girl! :) you're doing it very well it think

  17. Midori-chan Sep 08, 2005

    XD XD XD Rurouni Kenshin wallie!!!
    it's amakusa shogo^^ the vector you did is very good^^
    and the bg is so cool!! i just love the bamboos and the lake^^ the way you put the mists on the lake is very nice too^^ awesome wall!!
    keep up the good work!! ;)

  18. tevi Sep 09, 2005


    Scan :

    Good choice! Were his eyes already red, or did you modify them? Either way, it brings out the villainy in the wallpaper ^^ I think maybe your extraction at the back [err, top right hand corner of scan] is a bit wonky... Not sure, because my screen's extra dark and all ^^; Also, on the sleeve, the extraction seems just a bit wonky... Are you unfamiliar with using the pen tool? Because, usually that reduces the amount of wonkiness [Uhm, I'm assuming you're using the pen tool, because it's probably the easiest method of extraction... And if you're not, you should give it a try =)] Practise extraction, and always be read to hit the undo button... Don't worry about taking hours to extract an image properly, because in the end, it just looks so much better ^^

    Choice of colour :

    i like the choice of red and green for the background, and the use of black complements the character's outfit. But, I think that you should have used darker greens and reds [note, I say, green*s* and red*s*, because it's important to vary colour use in order to fully bring out the mood of a picture... Flat colour is boring, unless there's a specific reason, usually the style of the scan, for doing it] I probably would have avoided the typical red and green that you've used... It's very hard to use medium red and green together without it looking like some sort of Christmas theme [which is alright for Christmas, just not the Villainy theme =P] You should try a burgundy red, use some red-browns... Those reds tend to help suggest blood, darkness and various other villainous themes. The green, maybe you should have used a darker green, or a browner green, like a dark khaki. Darker green for well, darkness, but a browner green for say, rotting vegetation.

    Background in general :

    The mist is an interesting idea, but the problem with using mist is, bits of it should cover the character, which does tend to obscure the character... Because, mist just floats about *everywhere*, don't just restrict it to the background, or it begins to look odd. I like the idea of a blood-red lake, again, think about the colour, but maybe you should have defined it a bit more, maybe just show a bit of the bank at the front, and hide only bits of the bank behind grass... Otherwise, it does tend to look like just a red mass in the middle. And uh, the grass looks like it's growing out of the lake... Which is odd.

    I really like the bamboo! *wants those brushes* It looks great! There's very little wrong with you using them, I like your variation in spacing and leaves, the blackness reinforces perspective... I mean really, the only thing I could say, and it's not actually that important, is that it's a bit blurry. Same with your grass. Be careful with using brushes because they tend to pixellate... You can probably fix it by going over it with vectoring...


    Nice colour for the text =) The white around it is a bit uncomfortable, but I know it's necessary, because otherwise, the text would be impossible to see. Also, nice font, I'm not too particular with fonts, someone who's more picky should comment... As long as you haven't got a swirly twirly font for a villainous theme, it should be fine ^^;

    Overall :

    i think that you've done a great job on this wall. Hopefully, you'll take my comments seriously... If not, you can ignore them, and/or flame me in reply... XXD Misa says you're receptive to comments, so I hope she's right =p

    - Tevi

  19. pegassuss Sep 19, 2005

    This is really nice! ^^ I like the scan you chose, and I love the composition, I think it's great. I like the red sky ^^ the bambos are nice and they add a nice touch. The fog is a nice detail too. The only problem I see it's some of the grass, it looks a bit pixelated. that's all. I think you did a great job! ^^ Keep it up!

  20. chibi-lizard Nov 16, 2005

    whoa ! you vectored shogo ? x_x that's some cawazie job there :D uhh .. good job i mean XD those lil patterns oh his clothes must be hard. uhmm .. though i think some part looks a lil jaggedy :) but it's still good effort :D

    the bg .. i like those bamboo tree. it just matches the era they're in. and i like what you did with the bg with that "scrappy" look XD hehe .. humm .. the grass ish good .. but some of them somewhat doesn't blend in with the lake. they're like popping up on top of the lake. try to blend it a lil more. the grass on the front looks a lil too blurry though. so it's kinda wrong on perspective wise. cause it's suppose to be clearer the nearer it ish to you. maybe lessen the blur a lil bit so it doesn't loose the spookie atmosphere with the fog :)

    choice of colors ish good. the red sky and lake makes the bloody feeling that this guys ish a psycho killer. haha .. i know he's not .. just babbling >.< though i think you could use different shades of red for the sky to make it look better ^_^'

    oohh .. i forgotten to mention the text .. nice job in it. though i don't reallie understand the title with villiany. god's children izzit ? ehh .. my japanese ish bad >.< good job in overall :)

  21. vatican92 Dec 22, 2005

    It's my fav character from the anime.
    Very gooDD! Matches verivery well with the bg

  22. sipisisis Mar 11, 2010

    Shogo Amakusa rules, as well as this wall xD

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