Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! Wallpaper: Bound By Fate

Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!!, Sunao Fujimori, Sora Hashiba Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I decided to create another grunge wall. Although typically, most grunge walls have text, swirls, and random images in the background I decided to keep the wall devoid of all those unecessary items and do some heavy texture work. I honestly think that the texture work is more important than frilly text lettering anyway.

After re-cging the middle section of the scan, I also decided to stay away from the browns and reds that frequent grunge walls and went for my favorite colors of blues. If you take notice to the background, you will see that it mimicks the the cloth "ropes" throught the wall. The criss-crossing pattern, textures, design, and appearance of swaying movement is used to tie the foreground with the background together.

The idea behind the wall is that the two you see are bound to each other in a literal and of course more meaningful way. The ropes themselves serve as what ties them together in the pyhsical world representing what one can actually touch and grasp, but the background of intermingling thoughts and feelings is what ties them together spiritually and engulfs them as a whole, much as the background is doing. You will notice this as the background itself seems to slowly creep up upon them.

The text is place in the bottom corner not only to serve as a signature, but to also add balance to the wall and to give it a more artistic flare. I felt placing it anywhere else would detract from the mood of the wall, much as adding BG text or swirls would. So, don't complain that it looks to empty because it's supposed to be empty to empahsize the overall mood ... and because I hate clutterd things.

Specs for You:
Time Taken: 10 Hours
Layers: 30 Layers
Created With: Adobe Photoshop
Techniques Used: Re-CGing, CGing, Brushwork, Texturing, Stock Manips, Lighting, etc.
Scan Source: Minitokyo

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Cajime
Wall: Broken Heart
Reason:Make a grunge wall, plug a grunge wall. Or so it is in this case. Upon viewing this wall, I felt that the use of mulitple colors and the seemingly floating fragments of the background look quite well with the abstract mood and the girl.

And just to answer your question, no I don't like to tie guys up with ropes XD .

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Browse Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. sukie Sep 03, 2005

    mm i like this one...super work with the bg and the scan looks great!!!!!! love the colours!! keep it up!!

  2. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Sep 03, 2005

    I knew someone from my fl list made this ;3 didn't think it was you~ I don't think I've seen a recent grunge wall from you *excited* kekekek <3

    o_o nice touch with the textures, but there's a lot of area's where the bg looks like a moon .. XD kinda cool though~

    *-* great job with the re-cging ..

    ==;; *goes back and colors up the vector* t____t i hate vectors <3 remind me to never ever touch another vector again .. XD

  3. heavens-Dragon Sep 03, 2005

    Wowies, this is such a meaningful wallpaper and I really like the idea. It's pretty awesome for a grudge wallpaper, and the colours are really great! I'm glad you went for blue colours since that's pretty different. The texture and the effects makes it look almost like a cave ^^ The scan is awesome, Sora and Sunao blends in nicely. Awesome work!

  4. dvx Sep 03, 2005

    Wow just awesome...kinda reminds me of mine...,but more detail. Great Job!

  5. lunaregina Sep 03, 2005

    Love the integration of the image into the background. The repeating texture really ties the whole piece together. The phrase "Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave" pops into mind. Blue is a perfect background color and adds an air of loyalty between the couple. You did a really lovely job on this Tantaga.

  6. knightstar3 Sep 04, 2005

    it looks sooo aweseom!!! :D
    very nice bg and the scan you used fits great! ^ - ^
    definitley a fav! keep it up! ;)

  7. kai81220 Sep 04, 2005

    its a nice design tantaga ^^

    kinda like the effect that the ropes and how the scan is all smudged up.
    but the 3d looking effects that overlay the whole wall really don't match, cause its just too sticking out looking. maybe a flatter grunge effect woulda worked better.
    like the overall scene of the mountain?/hill in the bg.
    the merger of the scan with the bg at the bottom also might not work that great. maybe if the scan continued solidly up to the bottom of the wall, it would make them look more 'there' in the wall.

    but overall, this is a good piece of work ^^
    keep it up
    ps- sorry for being such a critic 6___^'

  8. Skillzpay Sep 04, 2005

    Wonderful grunging job on the bg tantaga. The colors really standout....they've got almost an ocean feel and appearance which make the wall really easy on the eyes. Only 2 things I think could've used some work. The scan being faded into the grunge looks kinda awkward imo, I think it would've been better to of not cut them off but fading them in, but rather full exposed. Second, the title text is too low, it's just going to get cut off by ppl's toolbars. Besides those 2 issues this is great work!

  9. macky Sep 04, 2005

    Very very nice.. i love the colours...
    Great scan too...
    For sure a good wall...

  10. pyromaniac-kitty Sep 04, 2005

    Very good wall...I like the way the scan seems to "pop-out" I like the background abstraction which how can I explain it...like "textured-glass" :nya: I always wanted to make something like this too...Well may I can be as good as you! XD

  11. kyubinaruto Sep 04, 2005

    First impression... woah! The background and texture is definitely first rate
    One question is that.. Is the smudging on the guy with the blue hair deliberate? ^_^' It looks a lil bit weird

  12. Susan-chan Sep 04, 2005

    gggggggreaaat^^ i love this wally!! the effects and the scan is perfect^^

  13. Gueulderak Sep 04, 2005

    Ce wall a du succes et ca se comprend...joli travail...

  14. tareren Sep 04, 2005

    I think you did a superb job in the texture part... nice effect overall, and the rope/ribbon added a nice touch to the overall feel of the wall :D Oh, one thing, the blue-haired guy's hair look weird at the very top, looked as if it is smudged or blurred there... and I think the 3D-ish feel is a bit overdone at some part, but it is still nice anyway, good job ^^

  15. fukushuusha Sep 04, 2005

    the blues working great on this one but especially the designing of the texture and effects are awesome. using stock is also very impressive Tantaga. very nifty work...

  16. ayaki Sep 04, 2005

    the bg looks as if they are inside a cave/ditch...
    looks as if they are running away from something =_=
    great idea for the bg...but becoz of the scan's quality....i don't think it matches quite well...
    the bg is too abstract/3D-ish...
    great job tho!!~ keep it up ^_^

  17. rocknroll-isgo Sep 07, 2005

    Awesome work, Tantaga. I love the colors and bindings. The main overlaying texture...looks like branches, or trees? looks a bit off. Maybe just a smooth texture would have been better. ^^

    Loving the text work, too. Very nice...

  18. dezidez Sep 07, 2005

    WELL....this is verry nice....nice colors for the background....nice....i lov it....lol...great job...its a keeper
    :D :D :D ;) ;)

  19. Dejiko-chan Sep 09, 2005

    Beautiful X3 It looks unusual, geat wall ^^

  20. ferest Oct 31, 2005

    Wow! Look mystery!
    sora and nao are so cute

  21. lthnadml Nov 09, 2005

    Very nice work. I like the colors and the effects too . . . XD XD XD

  22. ayumui Feb 28, 2006

    This a great wallpaper ^^ It really frames Sunao and Sora's releationship well-surrounded by mystery ^^

  23. upheaval325 Mar 02, 2006

    lovely scan...i love the nice mysterious background, the colours and the effects are awesome, intriguing work!^^

  24. ysh851118 Mar 05, 2006

    First, I wuv the scan
    The bg is simple but the way
    it's blended in looks awsome

    The scan could use some cleaning but it's ok
    I still think you did a uber good job on it <3
    it's a great wallie/banner for the Mafia ^___^
    great job always Tant-chan!

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