Range Murata Wallpaper: [Range Murata] City's Nightlife

Range Murata Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

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[My Rant]
Heya,... ^^ I know I said that I won't wall til my exam finished, but I was so frustated with studying, that I ... um, then played around with my Photoshop a bit XD XD XD
fine, fine, I admit I was actually really planning on walling this scan, so just now, I was soooooo bored >_< that I decided I would wall this scan that I like so much :)
yup yup, fell in love with this scan long time ago, so I wall it XD

[Wall's Particular]
Scan: here
Stock photo: http://sxc.hu/
Category: Range Murata
Program: PS CS2
Length: 5 hours ( +extra 1-2 hrs in between the process since am thinking it over and over)

[My Comment]
Hmm, decided to do it simple this time, .. :P At 1st I was going to make a bright-daylight wall using this, with a park as the background, but then I just feel that it doesn't really suit the scan, so after changing my mind again n again for about 1-2 hours, I decided to make it a night scene :)
So this here is just both of them standing on a very high ground at a park somewhere, and then the night sky as the background... I used a stock photo as the city there, and just pretend that there is another lamp in front of them, kay? XP I know the lighting kinda weird, but if the fences and lamp posts are not dark, we cannot really see the contrast...
Oh, the lamp post is also a stock photo, while I made the metal bar myself... :D Oh, and yeah I want the sky to be clear and nice without clouds (again,the contrast thingy)
All in all, I am actually not 100% satisfied at this wall, but yeah, I still submitted it so that I can get input on what I have done wrong >_<

As usual, all comments and critics are welcomed...:D Any suggestions are good too..
Tho' as I said earlier I am not 100% happy -_- , it doesn't mean I would update this wall, cos I simply have no time x_x (I really really need to study), my exam is starting again soon (now am having a one-week break..).. But I do appreciate all ur comments, ..
Thank you in advance :) uh, and I promised to look to all ur subs (60 of them!! for now..) after I finished exams...

I redo the city line as fukushuusha had pointed out :D , and did some change in the sky as kai had suggested... the sky looks a bit too crowded now IMO -_-but I think it looks better than the plain one.. tell me what you think ;) I tried to fix the railing too and the stars again.. I hope it is better now ^^
Aspiring Mafia
Member: fukushuusha
Wall: Saturday Afternoon
Reason: this Kino No Tabi wall is a vector,grungish wall that made you feel as if you are looking at a one fine painting.. it deserves waayy more attention than that it is getting now..

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  1. kai81220 Sep 03, 2005

    range murata! >__<

    and i using this one for my war sub ~_~ (hint to kuroimisa XD)
    hm this wall seems relatively well planned cause i like how they overlook the city.
    and the light source on the original scan can look like the light from a streetlamp so it actually works nice.
    the railing could use a bit more '3d ness' cause it seems a bit flat, needs to have more curve.
    nice use of the stock.
    the sky is nice but needs more variations in the star size and brightnesses..heh thats me being picky ^__^' lol but its a suitable bg the way it is.

    its a nice work tareren ^^

  2. fukushuusha Sep 03, 2005

    nifty work here
    the nighttime weirdly get along well with the scan somehow. u added those details like those lights. They are a great touch to set the lightning in the wall. very nice composition and use of stock. the only thing bothers me is the jaggy and flat edges in some areas. the cityscape ends really sharply on the left part. especially the fence and characters could use some more blending. btw...I need to ask this XD why didn't u make the ground black? i mean it looks really weird with gray
    ahh...never mind...improvements need but this is really a great work
    keep this up tareren
    ohh...and thx a lot for the plug

  3. Cloudy-Buckingham Sep 03, 2005

    Awsome new wall. I like the nighttime scene, and the overlook city. Its so amazing! I plan on faving this next week ^^

  4. sukie Sep 03, 2005

    wow...pretty!! i mean cool!! i love this scan!!! the bg looks great with it!! =D
    wall more my friend!!

  5. mughi Sep 03, 2005

    Nowaday, it is getting harder to fine wallpaper that is really well done in quality. This wallpaper is so nice in background details and the characters in it are sweet looking. The only problem I see is that the railing looks too "flat" compared to the rest of the wall. Minor quibble. ^_^'

    Great job on the wallpaper with the time constraint you had.

  6. Deen Sep 03, 2005

    Quote by PandaI ... um, then played around with my Photoshop a bit

    a bit .. ???? you say only a bit .... but the result is really good, when i see this wally, i think this is a scene from movie, but... wallpaper.
    the characters are really relax and match with the background.
    The sky doesn't have variation maybe only a little red object.. i dunno what is that ^_^'

  7. missy1066 Sep 03, 2005

    This is a really good wallpaper tareren, I think everything fits together very well indeed... I'm glad you chose to set it during the night time, what I like the best about this is the fact that:
    firstly, you've got it at a very interesting angle which means you have to really pay attention to it and as a consequence really soak everything up instead of just giving it a quick glance...
    secondly, the city below really does add character to the overall theme and although it's very busy and teeming with activity, the night sky balances the ground scene out very well indeed (personally I think you've done a great job with the night sky :) )
    thirdly, I like the fonts you've chosen to use, it blends in with your wallpaper instead of sticking out like a sore thumb
    I think this is one of the best wallpapers you've done to date, you've done a very good job here, keep up the good work!! :)

  8. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 04, 2005

    Wow. This is really great. I love dark wallpapers, I really do. he scan is awesome, and the simple night sky is perfect for it. It doesn't grab attention from the scan. The city is wonderful, nicely done! Excellent job!

  9. k1ru Sep 04, 2005

    waa~~ tareren!! nice wally!! XD XD
    nice concept....
    great effect....
    nice colour...

    dah selesai exam?? bisa ol lama-lama dunk... XD XD
    nih anime apa sih?? nonton ga?? hehe...

  10. hjx Mute Member Sep 04, 2005

    oH. !!!!!.that's great.it's very clear and smooth . like have a live in this picture .It's have dimension and have any special .I like thia picture because it is like my
    life and my soul .I thinks it's great and not bad
    It's cool for every body to see this pic .
    good Job very much.

  11. Akaiken Sep 04, 2005

    The scenery is really nice and the characters are CooL! To tell you the truth, the thumbnail fooled me, hehehe! ^_^'

    The scans really looked realistic if you'll just see it at the thumbnail. And that, that's CooL!

  12. DarkEVO Sep 04, 2005

    Hey... good work on this wallpaper. Really have a likeness to this wall.
    Nicely done. Good job on the background esp. the stars and the city.

  13. dans Sep 04, 2005

    i think you put too many stars on the sky. ^_^'
    the railing's too flat and a bit lack of detail.
    but this is a great work.
    keep it up. :D

  14. kyubinaruto Sep 04, 2005

    They sky's great! However I think you can add some more 'brighter' stars instead of just putting plain small stars.
    As dans said, the railing's too flat OX
    Nonetheless, you've done a great job! I really love the perspective and you sure had chosen a perfect background to go with the scan :)

  15. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 04, 2005

    Maybe you need some low mountain hills at the back of the night life city with some low lyingclouds near the mountains.... maybe that can suffice the chaotic element of the wall btu overall th emovement and suttlety of th eblends are beautiful. Great job on this! ^_^

  16. white-zero Sep 04, 2005

    Great use of stock photo. I like the overall composition of this one. I have no complains aside from the small details that needs to be added (eg. stars, more lights...)

    I'll fav this...tomorrow. XD

  17. Verbeek Sep 04, 2005

    Uh yeah... I envy you. This one is really really great.
    I love the scenery. The background and the scan fits perfectly.
    Ya, will fav this one too.

  18. BaKaShInIgAmI Sep 04, 2005

    this is really pretty. the background looks great. i love the sky and the city. the scan also looks great. good job!

  19. Beccieboo Sep 04, 2005

    thats a groovy wall ^^ it seems so calm in the picture you give us ^^! thanks for sharing ~^^i get bored studying to, so i rarely do >< ttyl

    Beccie XxX

  20. Tatsuya Sep 05, 2005

    I like the perspective of this wallpapers, everything is perfect in my eyes! good job

  21. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Sep 05, 2005

    Quote by kai81220range murata! >__< and i using this one for my war sub ~_~ (hint to kuroimisa XD)

    Lol, sorry couldn't resist any must say XD to that XD

    Anyway, onto the wall ^_^

    i really like the atmosphere and the angle of the wallpaper... it really does feel like being on a roof at night and looking down... lol... I used to do that ~ this wall really captures the essence :) I like!
    There's not much really to criticise, but if I was walling this scan I might have changed the hue of the scan a little bit *not sure which way* but yeah, just because it's night and there's only really one light source-ish sorta if you get what I mean... but other than that it's really great :D

  22. ayane-heine Sep 05, 2005

    ohhh.. this wallie is kinds special by tilting it that way..
    the bg suits that scan alot.. ^^
    the effects came out nice.. :D
    thanx for sharing..

  23. hytokiri Sep 05, 2005

    Wow, ts been a long time since i saw a wall from u, u must really be busy. Well as for the wall, i guess this might be for me your best work i just love it, u made turn out pretty good, the dark bg is the best, and the scan u used is particulary good. This is a excelent wall. Congrats and Take care.
    P.S. Sorry i can't fav it now, but i'll surely add it when i have the chance.

  24. Sakura0chan Sep 05, 2005

    It looks pretty nice. :) The background is nicely done. ^^ It blends well with the scan and I really like it. ^^
    i think that there are too many stars in the sky. I think you should make it lesser.
    Overall, nice job!! ^^ Keep up the good work! I really like this one. ;) A fav from me! ^^

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