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:S i made this last night since my mom didn't allow me to use the computer at night anymore >_> i watched the first three episodes of chobits yesterday and i sorta studied chii's physical appearences and stuff. but of course when drawing there wasn't any referrence T_T so it's kinda hard anyway. sketching was easy, only when it comes to the part where i had to ink it out. took me almost 1 1/2 hours ^^
maybe planning to CG this :S maybe ! XD.. im having another photoshop problem so maybe it'll take more time ><

edit > X_X her right arm is sorta like placed behind her. not that i forgot to draw it out lmao. also i drew this with a bit of my originality :/ i dont intend to follow chii's original appearence to be so exact XD

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  1. Criox Sep 03, 2005

    Wow thats nice! She looks kinda mature here. Maybe because of her face? XD Anyway well done. you drawn her well. n_n Keep it up.

  2. Kagally Sep 03, 2005

    Wow, it's so beautiful! I like it.
    You draw is good. You draw well So, keep it up!

  3. Nayako Sep 03, 2005

    Chii looks so cute here!! XD
    Great, great work Yumi-Chan!!!
    You have a very big talent!!!

  4. exentric Sep 03, 2005

    its Chi!!! Chii daa!!! waaiii!! *jumps around*
    thank you yumie-chaaaannnn~~!!! *glompz yumie*

  5. yuiyui01 Sep 03, 2005

    ohhh gosh this chii looks so cute !
    I like how you did her face and her outfit ! her eyes look so different from the original chii tho -_-' (the original chii eyes look so inexpressive sometimes ^^'= but overall it's a great drawing! the lines are perfect! you're indeed a great artist , yumi ^_^
    keep it up! ^.^

  6. tuxedotservo Sep 03, 2005

    I've missed your works, Yumi ^^ Glad to see a doujinshi from you.

    One that you definitely have to download the full-sized version to appreciate. A lot more lines and details in there than I originally thought with the thumb.

    *Great* eyes.

  7. Midori-chan Sep 03, 2005

    wow!! Chii looks so nice here^^ a little mature i think^^"
    great job! it's nice^^ keep it up! hope to see the CGed version of this^^
    thanx for sharing~

  8. Sora147 Sep 03, 2005

    Damn your even a good artist in RL....
    babi damn jealous la wei >.<
    i got sucky hands in RL lol..only suit for gaming..
    really nice wallie XD
    Thanks for the help (if u know what i mean XD)

  9. eden13600 Sep 03, 2005

    eh? why Chii look to be a little mature here? XD maybe is the cause of the face i think, the eyes is different from the original.... but anyway, nice artwork, Chii is cute! maybe some shading will make it better! :)

  10. Chopstickz Sep 03, 2005

    kawaii piccie,
    the hair looks good and so does the dress
    cute face but she missing her other arm!!!
    T__T poor one-armed chii

  11. rory07 Sep 04, 2005

    very good.
    well done on the hair it looks just right.

  12. frozenwilderness Sep 04, 2005

    oo how cute! I really like her dress and the folds, you did a great job ^^

  13. fawna-chan Sep 04, 2005

    oh! i love how you drew her! the dress she's wearing! i like how you drew her hair too. great job! :)

  14. ayanechan Sep 04, 2005

    wheee~ a yumi-tized chii!! XD great work as usual mimi~ and uwaaaa inking! :3 aya-chan likes the hair and the dress folds. whee~~

  15. gundragon Sep 04, 2005

    Nice job ^_^
    it look really really nice.
    You must spend alot of time on it
    Keep up the good work

  16. rythem Sep 04, 2005

    uwaa~~8D u drawn chii so well~ nice lines n she looks pretty ~ ^_^ nicely done yumi naa~~ >w<

  17. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Sep 04, 2005

    I own the Whole seired but for somereason i dont have the 20th episode of all the 3 cds i have >__> but Chi is one of the best beautifully made characters of Clamp... but nonetheless this is some fearless but beautiful work Yumi! :3

  18. benjaminchia Sep 04, 2005

    her hair is wonderful!
    *ben bows on that*

    great job! and beautifully drawn. keep it up! the strokes are nice and clean :)

  19. DarkIngram Sep 06, 2005

    your drawing is cute... there is no problem in in your doujin :)

    the lines are clean...

  20. ShiroiLina Sep 06, 2005

    i totally love how u portrayed her with your own style!! :D
    shes very pretty and the anatomy is really well done! :D
    keep it up Yumi-chan!

  21. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Sep 07, 2005

    oooo..i really like that drawing of chii yumi ^____^ excellent job and clean !

  22. shinorei Sep 09, 2005

    It's kinda nice, Chii looks so feminine. XD

  23. exentric Sep 23, 2005

    oh yeah forgot to say last time.
    me wan more chii! >=3
    draw me more chii! >=3

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