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Sorry about the rogue entry yesterday if anyone saw it.. my dad disconnected me right when it was uploading and said I had to go to sleep -_-

Anyway.. this is the first grunge-like thing I've ever done. The sketch took me about 10 mins and it was a messier than this at first but I cleaned the extra lines a bit. The wing feathers technique was stolen from imanimetion's tutorial. The flowers were a trace of a photo. I brushed the borders using metal-cx's brush sets because I got lazy and I don't really care about borders so long as they look okay,

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  1. Ratboy2099 Banned Member Sep 03, 2005

    excellent work... I like the desgin and compilation of this... keep it up

  2. Chopstickz Sep 03, 2005

    its a pretty drawing, the bottom line should have more darker purple like the top one i think
    its a pretty sketch and the colors are nice
    kinda looks grungey
    the flowers and wings look really pretty
    so its really great ^^

  3. Criox Sep 03, 2005

    Hi frozen. You finally uploaded a new entry. Well...it looks good. An angel and grunge wallie. Its alot of hard work I guess but it pays out. Good work on the sketch. It looks beautiful. The wing you made for her looks awsome even though you steal the technique. Stealing technique needs skills too you know. ^_^' Come to think of it...she looks like the angel in Air~ the animation. XD Anyway well done. You earned my fav*

  4. Nayako Sep 03, 2005

    Yey!!! The girl looks so beautiful and super, extra kawaii !!!!!
    Great work!!! XD

  5. TinoLee Banned Member Sep 03, 2005

    Great & Wonderful!! XD XD The effect you made is so nice & specially!! :D :D Great job! :)

  6. ayanechan Sep 03, 2005

    love the doujin. looks awesome. the wallpaper is really something different from the usual wallpapers. the inverted lines looks interesting imo. great job frozen.

  7. jingjing1208 Sep 03, 2005

    Great job as always!!^_^ Set it as my new desktop!!hahaha!!+fav!

  8. Yumi-Chan Sep 03, 2005

    :D waii sugoi. i love the sketch there a lot. 10 minutes? you're simply amazing =D
    the wings were a good touch to the girl ^^ and i love the colours especially the blues.
    really original and good job on everything here ^^

  9. Yina Sep 03, 2005

    wow.. *__* I love the sketch.... ;__; it's so beautiful.. the girl is so sugeeeee... XD and the bg is pure amazing.. *__* dunno what I should say.. it's just perfect.. I'll fave it later.. =D

  10. sukie Sep 03, 2005

    mmm...i like this....the effect is super!!! and the line art is...well jar dropping... great job!! i love it!=D

  11. Salik Sep 03, 2005

    Very, very nice. I really like the artwork on this one. Thank you very much for the great wall.

  12. harakiri Sep 03, 2005

    Ah, white outlines are so cool - I am currently doing something with white ones, too. The over-all grunge effect makes it look interesting an the colours are nice, too.

  13. WindAlchemist Sep 04, 2005

    wow this is beautiful!
    i really love the drawing, its so awesome and the effects on the wallpaper look awesome as well!!!!
    exellant work, i will add to my faves as soon as i can!
    keep up the awesome work!

  14. JakobderLugner Sep 04, 2005

    Oh wow, another great work from you frozenwilderness. I LOVE the soft lines on the anime sketch, and the whole thing has a sorta eerie light around it. Great job!

  15. walkure245 Sep 05, 2005

    This is really pretty and has such a nice ecthed look to it. The wings look really pretty and you did an amazing job on them. The angel is really pretty and the flow of her hair is really nice and complements her charming looks. The borders are nice and loves the colors. Really beautiful work~

  16. BaKaShInIgAmI Sep 05, 2005

    cool drawing! i really like it. i love the grunge effects. the character is really pretty and i like the colors. i love the wings. good job!

  17. FredGreg Sep 05, 2005

    The doujin & pressed flower look really nice, as do the blue grunge & purple grunge... overall I like every component of this wall. However, I don't like the blue grunge/purple grunge combo. I don't really like blue & purple together anyway, but the grunge accentuates that. Not to worry, it's just me; ignore my comment if you want. I'm picky.

    Pity about being disconnected... I don't know what I'd do if I was sent to bed so abruptly. Or even seriously sent to bed. 6 in the morning is my favourite bedtime... if I could do it & still function at school I would. As it is, 2 or 3 is usual. This is a rather off-topic ramble, but I felt like it... doesn't really matter, the top half of the comment is pertinent.

  18. MoonlightEternity Sep 06, 2005

    kyaaa very beautiful doujin frozen-san! I love the colours the most ^^ u did an awesome job on the lines and everything :D thanks for sharing, great job!!

  19. GaiJiN Sep 18, 2005

    This shows that negative drawing can really work, the inversion gives more focus on your linework. The hair has a nice flow, and the wings appear like a very nice play with light. I like the grunge texture too, since you didn't overdo it. The borders are a bit to much for me, but the rest is nice :) .

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