Tenchi Muyo Wallpaper: UA #6 - Furious Kagato

Tenchi Muyo, Kagato Wallpaper
Tenchi Muyo Series,OVA Kagato Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

The ultimate in villainy; intelligent, poised, NEVER loses his cool. I bring you Kagato.

Surprisingly hard to find artwork of him..mostly screencaps. And I just havent worked out the knack for vectoring without really nasty pixelation, so Im glad I found this. Took me a good two days. Extraction was the easy part; I went with alot of blues and greens, since you always see him surrounded by cool colors. I decided to throw in his organ in the background simply because its uber-cool for a villain to play music before killing his enemies.

Well folks, this is the one of three that I choose to submit for the contest. So, lemme know what y`all think!

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  1. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Sep 03, 2005

    there's a bit of a light line on the left... I think it's from the green flames and you forgot to rub it out perhaps ^_^
    I rather like the concept of the wallie XD I'm just not sure about the light green against the dark blue~ perhaps less colour contrast could work. The scan is nice and clean :D


  2. Acyx Sep 03, 2005

    Very nice picture, perhaps I have misjudged you from our earlier sociopolitical discourse, you humble me friend. -Extends a sincere bow.-

  3. tevi Sep 09, 2005

    Hi Misa's friend!

    Scan :

    Okay, I'm in agreement with Misa, nice clean scan, good work on the extraction ^^ You did the best of your abilities with the scan, I realise, but it's a bit blurry... Maybe you should try playing around with various filters... That usually helps a bit... I'm not very knowledgeable on that topic, so maybe you could ask Misa or something, 'cause she's really smart and knows how to do cool things like that =)

    Also, nice choice of villain, it's always nice to work with a character you know and like... And also, I like how the scan you chose shows his anger, which is a great reflection on his villainous side =)

    Choice of Colour :

    i like the greens and blues, but I'm also very biased on this point... *guilty grin* But, I think that the green is a bit too bright, I know it's acting as a light source, but if you look at the lighting on the scan, you'll realise that the light source is both within the background of the scan, as you've done, as well as from the left [note the light on his face and strands of hair]. Also, the outer blue glow of the organ is a good way of highlighting the organ, but maybe you should have faded the white glow into the blue one more, or not have the white glow, because it's distracting and the white doesn't fit in with the colour scheme of the rest of the image... [Did you do it that way because of extraction problems? Because an outer glow will usually hide extraction problems...]Otherwise, the blues for the "space" feel look really good ^^

    Background :

    Well, I generally like the space theme, and you haven't overdone the stars ad nauseum, so I think that you've done a great job on that part of the background. There's a slight problem with the balance, all the focus lies on the right side, that is, the brightness, the organ and most importantly, the character. A good idea for working out balance is to look at the mini-preview picture... Once you're in full-size, you tend to only see bits of the wall at a time, rather than see the whole wall. But, I have to give you credit for filling up the left side with interesting brushes XXD It definitely increases the amount of interest on that side, but you've also done it on the top right corner, which might be overdoing it a bit, since that side is already so full. It's alright to have blank spaces, in fact, if you ever study ergonomics in some form of computing studies [my advice is, don't], you'll learn that white space [or rather, blank space] helps rest the eyes, and therefore, the audience feels a lot more comfortable with it [or something to that degree, I can't actually remember because it was so boring...] ^^; Too many brushes makes it full, so go ahead and use brushes, just don't overuse them XD

    Text :

    Okay, you don't have any text. That doesn't necessarily mean anything... It's nice to put in a bit of text, makes the audience feel more comfortable with the character, helps with the enhancing of the character and surroundings... But, it's not a necessity. It probably would have crowded up your wall too much... But maybe you could have put it on the left to fill up space there... Usually, it's hard to tell with text, whether it looks better with or without it... I guess since you didn't include it, you've probably got your own reasons why you did it that way =)

    Overall :

    i think that overall, it's a good wall, but every good wall is potentially a great wall! You don't have to take my advice... I'm not saying that I'm an authority on walls, I'm just saying what I think, I mean, I could just be totally wrong... [XD You don't hear me admitting that every day] But I hope that I've been a bit of a help... xd

    - Tevi

  4. Ephemeral-Garden Oct 14, 2005

    Now that's one furious Kagato I'm looking at. ^^

    i like how the sparklies on the leftworks so fine with the swirlies and the blue background. I'm not sure what does it means but, I think it's nice.

    And also, I agree with everyone that the green is a little too bright. I know bursting chi or lights are meant to be very bright, but hmm... I think it looks too bright. (brightness:26) imagine how it'd "kills" my eyes at brightness 70+.

    But nevertheless, it's a very villainy looking wall, and it does gives me the creeps. ^^

  5. harhar Oct 26, 2005

    he is the best villain. oh nice work and be careful he is really angry

  6. chibi-lizard Nov 16, 2005

    ooohh ... that guy looks mad and angwee >.<

    hehe .. good choice of scan .. matches the theme .. but i thinkyou could improve on the blurriness of the scan. it doesn't look all that good quality. uhh .. i think i'm the only person who doesn't like the quality of the scan >.<

    uhmm .. to the bg .. the spacey + grungie bg looks nice. but the yellow thingy .. i think it's a building izzit ? x_x that yellow thingy stands out from the bg XD that reallie ish a building ! or maybe i'm wrong >.<

    anyway .. good job with the effects around the character. it seems to make him almighty XD aahh .. my brain isn't working today so i'm talking nonsense x_x

    uhh .. i think there's some minor extraction problem .. but they're not that bad. :)

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