Studio e.go Wallpaper: The Awakening

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1600x1200 Wallpaper

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I finished it yesterday, but havent got the chance to submit it because I was too tired from work.
So anyway

Thank you for the all supports and the warm welcome
I hope you like it

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  1. T-kun Sep 02, 2005

    Great Job!!!! Your wallpapers are always very good. I like your backround because it always fits in perfectly with the rest of the picture! Kepp going on! I have photoshop from now on...Maybe some walls of mine will come the next time!

  2. xange Sep 02, 2005

    waw so powerful, and the colors they all look so strong, thanks for dedicating it to us *grins* i might be some little person in your list, but still im grateful you shared, see ya ^^

  3. strawberrt Sep 02, 2005

    wow... such an awesome wallpaper!! The background must've took a long time! X_X well great job on this wallie!

  4. Tomokazoo Sep 02, 2005

    Quote by kaleidogirlwaw so powerful, and the colors they all look so strong, thanks for
    dedicating it to us *grins* i might be some little person in your list,
    but still im grateful you shared, see ya ^^

    Youre absolutely on my list kaleidogirl.. ^^
    thank you for the comments
    I have to get back to work, so I'll talk to you latter..

  5. s9031496c Banned Member Sep 02, 2005

    wow!!!!!! very nice wall!!!!! I love the bg very much and also very happy that you shared this piece of brilliant art with us. Keep it up!

  6. dalidadod Sep 02, 2005

    oh nice wallie ..i like the colors ^_^ keep the good job up ;)

  7. Winry89 Banned Member Sep 02, 2005

    what a pretty looking wall ! XD i like it a whole lot ! * going into my fav.'s * tehe ! thanks for sharing it with us all ! hope to see more soon .

  8. Emma Sep 02, 2005

    Aww, you are so sweet!! And what a beautiful dedication too. The colors in this wall is absolutely stunning. And the scan is exotic. I love dragons. And I like how you blended the background effects into a flowing display of drama.
    Beautiful!! Thank you *hugs* ^_^

  9. Schindler Sep 02, 2005

    very impressive work!! very well done with the hot colors and good dedicatory too ^.^ goes to fav for sure :D

  10. endsoftheworld99 Sep 02, 2005

    Wow! This is really great! The backgrounds really cool and i love the scan you used! I like how the background seems to flow, its really amazing! And you blended the forground and background so well!! And thanks for dedicating it to us, thats really thoughtful! Keep up the amazing work my friend!

  11. newtype2010 Banned Member Sep 02, 2005

    well told ya you are a liar you are a master on making wallies and thanx for making me your best friend i\'m so proud of it but still i\'ll become your brother soon

  12. Berserker13 Sep 02, 2005

    Nice wally..............it fails t o compare to mine.......great job by the way ^_^

  13. ArtificialRaindrop Sep 02, 2005

    It's so awesome! All the colors contrast each other but at the same time meld together. You really do make amazing wallapers. I look forward to seeing more ^-^

    btw~ Thanks for the dedication! : )

  14. Sayoo Sep 02, 2005

    well done tomo! ^_^
    great wallie :)

  15. melissa-clyne Sep 03, 2005

    It's just too beautiful!!!!!! amaizing!! no words to describe it I just love your walls XD they are so beautiful! Just love it, keep on working

    PD: I really like it the colours are just to beautiful the way you put them and contrast them, wish I could do walls like that one XD (but I'm really not good at that T.T) liar!!!!

  16. Fire-Flies Sep 03, 2005

    ^^ youre soo nice to mee... this is an amazing wall, its so beautifull....I agree with melissa, no words to describe how great this wall is..

  17. melonbrust Sep 03, 2005

    Another nice wall tomo................ god job...........^________^

  18. Arashi-san Sep 04, 2005

    its a really great wallpaper =)
    but the dragon is a bit blury for me xD

    greets Arashi-san

  19. zpulse Sep 05, 2005

    Sweet dude... I like the contrast U've set between good & evil, light & dark, & the mysterious images u put in the BG is practically a signature of ures, I dunno how u do it, but it's great! Thanx 4 ure dedication!

  20. Kuikka-kun Sep 06, 2005

    I can only dream to make something like that in my whole life. The colors are cold yet it feels so warm...
    -download- Done. I am willing to see more of your fine art.

  21. MayaNatsume17 Sep 08, 2005

    Wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW. I love your wall. It's so beautiful. I LOVE the background, and the nice effects. I LOVE IT!

  22. hongrboi Sep 27, 2005

    Awsome contrasting colours. I like how you fit the horse in there! The stars on the top right look a little pixellated though.

  23. Tomoyo01 Oct 15, 2005

    wow!!! I love yur wallpaper! It`s so cool and beautyfull!!!
    The effects and the colours are awsome!!!

  24. lthnadml Nov 09, 2005

    Lovely wallie! The bg is just excellent the colors is very good too the stars and the effects are very nice . . . XD XD XD

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