Fullmetal Alchemist: The ELRIC family

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Van Hohenheim, Alphonse Elric
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Van Hohenheim Character Alphonse Elric Character


The Elric family in their cute chibi forms~! hope you like it ;D
- not my scan.. scan came from http://livejournal.com/community/fm_alchemist ;D

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  1. gokuismylife Sep 02, 2005

    it's al!!! OOH, cuuute!!! *squee* That's nice to see the entire family. The story of their family was so sad. And I haven't gotten far enough in the series to see their dad. he looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. LeeAnn Sep 02, 2005

    oh my gosh!!!
    they're just so... so... so... CUTE!!!!
    tnx for posting it!

  3. Susan-chan Sep 02, 2005

    ooh XD i will die XD it's soo cuuuute XD ooh^^ luv them˘˘ thx for sharing:D

  4. kucing Sep 02, 2005

    oh~~... so cute.. i like it a lot .. my first time see all elrics in SD.. hahaha

  5. Missy-K Sep 02, 2005

    Ohhhh! Sweet find! Yay! The Elrics are so cute! Look at baby Ed and Al! Whah! Luv you for sharing this!

  6. Spystreak Retired Moderator Sep 02, 2005

    Aww look how cute Al is. They look so happy together to bad that series was so sad

  7. nezzzz Sep 02, 2005

    sooooo adorable!!!
    Makes u just wanna pinch both their cheeks hehehe XP

  8. crystalbluedragoon Sep 03, 2005

    awww... so cute!!!!
    I just love seeing the elric brothers when they were still children!!~~

  9. Rezel Sep 03, 2005

    Now that has to be one of the cutest pictures i've seen in a while.
    I tend to ignore cute picture, but not when it's FMA!

  10. REFLECTION Sep 03, 2005

    OMGsh!! THAT-IS-SOOOOOOOO-FUGGIN-CUTE..............................srry bout that......lol =^,^=

  11. Edward-Fantasy Sep 03, 2005

    wow.... what a cute scan... i never see it before... ey thanks so much, see ya

  12. ScribbleKitty Sep 03, 2005

    Baby Al is so cute! I'm not so far into the series that i've seen Hoenhime(sp?) but I ran into a few spoilers (:weep:) so I know a few things about him. They look so happy together! You'd never guess that Ed would grow up hating his dad.

    Thanks so much for sharing! Nice quality scan.

  13. xerojby Sep 04, 2005

    aww sooo cute! especially al,i hope to see more and thanks for sharing it to us, plus favs.

  14. sacredsky Sep 05, 2005

    Aaaaaa! Kawaii ne!!!! Cutness to the max...I think I'm gonna faint...

  15. Niina Sep 05, 2005

    Wahaiiii ~ Today i get a lot of chibi fullmetal alchemist !!
    It's so cuuute !!! Thanks for sharing ! ^^

  16. dragongirli Sep 05, 2005

    aw, it's so adorable! X3 i love the little baby al~

  17. headaches4ever Sep 05, 2005

    that is wicked cute~!

  18. konekorinrin Sep 06, 2005

    OMG kawaii!!! Al looks so cute with the pacifier... the part where they showed the whole family in the series was sad, I don't they they ever got a good picture of all four of them except the one you see in the eginning of each episode (Al's narration) where hoenhiem's figure is ripped from the picture. Yay for cuteness!!!

  19. janah Sep 07, 2005

    waaa... they're so cuuute!!!!!!!! especially Al, he's sooo cuute!
    XD OX XD

  20. jackiedg86 Oct 14, 2005

    Another adorable Elric famiy pic! Awesome cuteness. Thanks for sharing. Ed and Al are so adorable!

  21. Bratty Jan 06, 2006

    UWAH~! That's just so CUTE. Baby Al!

  22. twilightmage Apr 15, 2006

    *screams* SOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUTEEE! ALPHONSE! EDWARD! *huggles them* So adorable! Can not resist! *screams even louder while Hohenheim and Trisha look at her in confusion* :)

  23. downcastmoonocean Aug 01, 2006

    this is soooo adorable espcially ed and al.

  24. chii0103 Aug 02, 2006

    waAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... its sO kawaiiiiiii!

    thanks fOr sharing.. waAaaa... the one who did thiS should be praiseD! XD

    thankS again.. :D

    FMA! wuhOoo XD

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