Last Exile Wallpaper: Last Exile - Mechanical

Range Murata, Gonzo, Last Exile, Dio Eraclea Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka Gonzo Studio Last Exile Series Dio Eraclea Character

2560x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

It's widescreen. It's Dio. :D
All right. I vectored the ridiculously cool screenshot of Dio from the opening sequence, and basically tried to re-create the mood of the original while still making some changes. The lines were really fun to do. *Twitch*
The vector can be found here. ;)

Details ~
Layers - 68.
Time spent walling - Around 5 hours.
Listening to - Cloud Age Symphony by Okino Shuntaro

I couldn't make it standard resolution again, because it looked horrible. Sorry. ;)
More resolutions coming soon at DiGiKiwibird.

Aspiring Mafia Plug:
Member: Minato
Wall: Room 136
Reason:It's original. Say it with me kids, ORIGINAL. XD


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  1. Lumineux Sep 02, 2005

    Wooooowwww. XD Not only is the vector bloody awesome, but the colors and mood of this piece are really nice. Definitely fits the series-- and Dio himself, too. ^.^ Gotta love Dio-sama! Excellent job.

  2. IcyBlade Sep 02, 2005

    gooooooood! i like it.You can create a wallie with this scan.it will be better right?

  3. Balith Sep 02, 2005

    coolies!!! now IT has a background XDXD i loves it, how it goes together!!! wheeeeeee

  4. 89757 Banned Member Sep 02, 2005

    Hei !!! I like your !!!ackground,it so amazing and special !!! Colour also used very nice !!!
    Keep it up and I waiting your next picture !!!

  5. Susan-chan Sep 02, 2005

    great vector and great wild screen wally^^ i would greatly add this to my fav...but u know...grrrr

  6. tetsuo211 Sep 02, 2005

    Cool one... I like the mood that is set in this image... nice one :)

  7. Yumi-Chan Sep 02, 2005

    i love this widescreen wallpaper :3 your widescreen wallpapers are always good.
    nice vector once again t___t ! very complicated background. many lines ^_^
    i like those mysterious colours too. good job overall

  8. jendeathbot Sep 02, 2005

    holy crap..i loooooooooove prince dio- he's my fav. character in lastexile...*fav* ^-^

  9. bluSake Retired Moderator Sep 03, 2005

    o_0 OMG this vector is incredible: beyond fav ::prostrates self:: Looking forward to some standard resolutions...please ^_^' .

  10. Yina Sep 03, 2005

    wowo.. the bg is sugee.. *__* love the effects.. and great job on the vector.. XD overall great job, I'll fave it later.. =D

  11. semanga Sep 03, 2005

    and here the wall version from your vektor
    also very nice the bg fits perfekt great jop i see here

  12. sukie Sep 03, 2005

    yay!! another wide screen wall!! =D
    the bg fit well with the scan!! i love the colours too!
    =D keep it up!!

  13. walkure245 Sep 04, 2005

    You kept well to the mood and the bg really matches his aloofness and coldness in his expression. Colorings good and I still love your vectors. XD Really awesome work!

  14. Hawkeye3281 Sep 08, 2005

    Fantastic job on the vector; if you hadn't said otherwise I'd have thought it was a scan. Great coloring on the BG as well. I'll definitely be using this if I ever have a dual screen setup.

  15. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Sep 18, 2005

    Oooo~ Wow, I saw this wall when you first released it and I went crazy. Of course, ironically enough, around the same time I just recently purchased the first Last Exile OST =x and happened to be listening to Cloud Age Symphony at the same time =S. woo~~ but anyways a wall of Dio =O.

    First, Dio. Oh wow, this is probably one of my favorite poses of him. His facial expression is just perfect and in my opinion just works sooo well with the background that you've made. I love the LE intro and I was really happy to see this wall =3, I have to say that you really have become quite the vectorer as well, this is a very beautifully done vector of the screenshot you too =x. Very impressive if I do say so myself. Your vector work has become quite amazing, Zephy. I am greatly impressed and I really love the choice you made for vectoring the intro screenshot of Dio.

    As for the background, ooooh wow. Very unique concept you have created. Definately fitting for the name of the wallpaper as well, the background really has the 'mechanical' feel to it. An interesting concept created as well, the background is very nicely done with the design of the original, yet the additions you made are just..wow..they really fit the mood that the scan has. It just really comes together so very nicely, yet not being altered to much from the original, yet still adding to it, giving it a very interesting appeal to it. I personally like it and I think the text in the bg was a nice addition as well. I can't really offer too much on this, but wow, the overall product of the background just simply looks amazing *_*.

    Overall, what can I say? I really, really like this background. I'm a huge Last Exile fan myself and I personally think that this background is just..wow..elite. Though the text...I'm iffy about, it does fit, but I just think that it's a bit too big, but then again, this is just my personal opinion. Fantastic work, Zephy~ I've been wanting to comment on this wall for sometime now and I finally have the chance to. It's a favorite for me.

  16. NeroZero Aug 09, 2009

    He's all in that...;) Great work! Thanx!

  17. fishshell May 30, 2013

    Dio! He looks so cool there....I have been wanting this pose for Dio and I saw this! Very nice :)

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