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Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Roy Mustang Character Riza Hawkeye Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

So this is the way it is
Forever sealed our love and honor intertwined
Why cant it be like before...
Is it all over?
We use to be all together in all of this.
But now were just a faded memory
Nowehere to see our paths cross again
Burned, ashes and faint to our understanding
Maybe this is it.... our way of life.
Our shortcoming
....memories off.

*Listening to Dead disco - Metric
Buloy - Praokya ni Edgar*

This is another experimental piece i was doing which was inspired by Tama Nekos Latest FMA wall which is almost similar to this but anyway i wanted to give the dead decaying memories im starting to feel with a girl i used to be with a very long time ago.... I made this as simple and grungey dead looking with the decayed picture and had some experimentals with the brushes. Also i tried working it out with the textes and i made a new Signature to make something new for me cos i was pretty downed because my signature before looked crappy... But all together the WAR has started so woopie doo! XD

So anyway theres about 56 layers and 6 hours of work.
More resolutions coming soon in Imanimetions so hold your horses! XD

Personal intent:

I have kept a pictures of my Ex for the longest time, i even put all the things about her in a bbox she gave me as a gift and everytime i look at the past memories its as if she was just a faded memories...Memories of good and not so normal that its weird when we talk occasionally and yes even though we broke up 3 years ago we still keep in touch cos we started out as close friends before we even stepped to the next level.... SOmetimes i wish i said what i didnt say before and wish i didnt say what i shouldnt have but all togehter at least she knows that i was one of many Bfs who was the best and good to her. But alas she has another hubbie and i for one am looking for but not now anyways.

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  1. Akaiken Sep 01, 2005

    Geez... is that your pic? hehehe!

    The picture is really something. The color is very well suited for some memory thing. And to think that you're listening to Parokya ni Edgar, eh...

  2. Chizuku Sep 01, 2005

    waa~ i like the colors... looks really old... and it has something that really caught my feelings.. -_- hmm.. i like this type of wallies... nice one... ^_^ I guess Im speechless this time.. Chowie!! ^_^'

  3. Dufoe88 Sep 01, 2005

    i really like it!!
    the picture look so real and pretty!! same goes to the bg its like a table.. and it look real too!!
    great work ^^

  4. grizlyed Sep 01, 2005

    i like this wallpaper and this anime. this wallpaper is beautiful. thank you

  5. THE-DARK-PRINCE Sep 01, 2005

    WoooooooooW ^_^
    Nice work....
    Outstanding wallpaper...
    You did a great job my friend...
    Keep it up and hope to see more...

    :) :D :) :D

  6. riyumimikage Sep 01, 2005

    this is really cool. love it to the max... you picked out the mood and colors prefectly. a definite fave for me...

  7. Nayako Sep 01, 2005

    XD Utsukushi!!! I just love all of the effects!! Riza nad Roy look so nice together!!!
    Great concept and excellent work!!! XD

  8. Evanrued Sep 01, 2005

    Awww *pats OA* Well at least you have those memories to look back on?

    I'm really sensing the distortion of the photo. The brushes worked out really well, and I like the perspective a lot. The choice of image is really good too. Over all an excellent piece. Keep chipper k? ^^; Great wall OA.

  9. volrath77 Sep 01, 2005

    Ha! Very nicely done. I wish I have some other comment to put but none at this time. The grainy look of the photo does make it look very aged.

    An awesome job, that's for certain.

  10. DarkEVO Sep 01, 2005

    The dead and decaying image looks good. Looks like a burned photo.
    And the colour choice is good. Just like those flahback movies.

    Beware(...) of Sept. 5: DarkEVO's comment will change.

  11. AC2N Sep 01, 2005

    I love " old photo" theme... and this one is very nice !
    remind us the lod good time...^_^' !!
    Nice wall...
    see ya.

  12. fukushuusha Sep 01, 2005

    here is the OA...always amazing
    the burn effect totally rocks. Color choice to set the mood is very good.
    I just don't understand the frame like thing around the brush on the top left side of the photo.
    kinda gives a eeling like a stamp but it's not XD
    anyways...a classic OA quality. btw...nice sig man ;)

  13. k1ru Sep 01, 2005

    very very very nice wallie~~ great job!!!! XD XD XD
    nice choice of color~~~ sugoiiiiii XD <3 <3 <3 <3

    love it~~~

    keep da gud work!!
    thx for sharing~~ XD XD XD

  14. 89757 Banned Member Sep 01, 2005

    Hei !!! Your picture sen like old picture and I like it !!! Good background and nice work !!!
    Keep it up and do your best !!!

  15. ganstamonica Sep 01, 2005

    This is really cool! I love the scan and how real it looks!
    Great job! :D

  16. flyindreams Sep 01, 2005

    Quote by fukushuushaI just don't understand the frame like thing around the brush on the top left side of the photo.
    kinda gives a eeling like a stamp but it's not XD
    anyways...a classic OA quality. btw...nice sig man ;)

    *Nods* fuku pointed out what I wanted to say~ the square burn did raise an eyebrow in a hmmm, what-is-this kind of way... but when I put it on my tiny laptop screen I can't tell at all. The tone and atmosphere is just fabulously nostalgic. Good luck~ in your search for love *^.^*

  17. kai81220 Sep 01, 2005

    ^^ ah the aged photo XD now i wish i can do one wallpaper like that =P

    i really like that grainy look that you put on the photo cause it adds this pixelly but nice look.
    eh the square burn has been pointed out already but i think some of the burns have way too hard edges like the one in at the center top. kinda looks chewed up...unless that was what your going for, then its ok

    nice work OA

  18. Kojiroh Sep 01, 2005

    your poem seems really meaningful.. it seems to correspond to ma friend's mind..

  19. Ayasal Sep 01, 2005

    very very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love your stlye of walling!!! I love it! keep it up!

  20. Midori-chan Sep 01, 2005

    wow!! the wallie is so cool!!! i just love the burn effects^^
    the photo is nice too^^ the text really suits the whole wallie, it gives the feeling of recalling old memories^^ great job!! add to favs ;)

  21. pana Sep 01, 2005

    what can i say im impressed
    love the old decayed look u have given it gives the wallie that old look
    nice style
    i wanna c more;)

  22. 4n991 Sep 01, 2005

    gosh ur short poem is really hit me, just like my own bitter memory. Very very gud job neway, definitely my fav^^

  23. ded113 Sep 01, 2005

    Wow! Very simply done!! I was considering doing a picture on a wood trend but....Oh well maybe. Anyways the torn look is cool but the picture is too titled. @_@ Nonetheless, I like it and the trend Tama started!! Fave for me!! BTW your sig is a bit odd and it stands out too much.

  24. SharinganKnight Sep 01, 2005

    wow, awesome job, I love the texture over the picture, and the floor is very well done. Also I like how the picture is breaking apart little by little, very nice.

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