Chobits Wallpaper: Graced by Nature

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1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well, I have mixed feelings about this wall. I am not really sure of the end result of it that is its appearance. But I must say that I am very happy with it since I did achieve the effect or image that I saw in my mind's eye and got it to work with doing photoshop techniques. You know how you have an image in mind that you want to do but it is hard sometimes to achieve it with photoshop unless you are experimenting for hours and drinking tons of coffee? ^_^

There are two stock images in the scan, of course, and one other. I won't tell you. I am hoping you can see it ^_~
The only brushes I used were the famous tree branches.

I want to say a thank you to Patience here. He has been helpful in offering ideas with this wall to help achieve the effects. I was telling him how it's suppose to be like a camera focusing in on Chii and the waters and he immediately pointed out about blurrying the tree limbs and petals to produce depth. Thank you!

So please enjoy Chii, my dear friends, and as always I greatly appreciate any of your comments and/or suggestions *hugs*

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  1. THE-DARK-PRINCE Aug 31, 2005

    Hey cooooooool wallpaper...
    I like the way the u used the stocks, the first one is the scan as u said and i think the boat is the second one, am i right???!
    Anyway, i like the trees and the scan looks nice too....
    Overall, great work...
    Keep it up Emma...
    Hope to see more...

    :) :D :) :D

  2. Rikimaru-jp Aug 31, 2005

    Hey Emma! you did a good job on this one! I like the background :)
    chobits are really cool and this one looks so cute :)
    well done!

  3. Sumomo- Aug 31, 2005

    Its a great wallpaper Emma, and yes blurring the trees does add depth :) It looks great.

    However, I dont like walls with the art of Chii, mostly cause the image itself is of what I see as bad quality.

    So great background, but would have been better without that type of scan (just my opinion of course ;) )

    Keep it up!

  4. Drifterx Aug 31, 2005

    wow! your background looks awesome!^_^i think your sort of right theres somethings that looks awkward but what is it??? anyways great job^_^

  5. zpulse Aug 31, 2005

    It's beautific... I'm liking the effects you make on your wallies. also, I agree with dark-prince: it's the boat that's the third part right? It was tricky trying to find out since you did the shadows so well, & even now I'm not so sure :)

  6. MagicianFairy Aug 31, 2005

    hey, Fairy likes it!!

    the bg is cool :)
    i like the scan :D
    like the idea XD

    everything is coolie!!!

  7. SuspendedReality Aug 31, 2005

    Very awesome ^^ I love the way it turned out, great job! Thanks for sharing XD


  8. shioriyukino Sep 01, 2005

    sooOoooo cute !!!!
    i like it.....this wallie is nice.....
    ^-^**....thanks for sharing....

  9. endsoftheworld99 Sep 01, 2005

    Wow, this is beautiful! I see hmmm, *stares contently at the image*, hmmm i see a ripple effect in the water, tho im not sure if thats one of the stock images or not, hmmm wait whats this?!? is there popcorn in the water??? haha, it might just be me, but i think i see popcorn! I don't think that the other thing is the boat cuz well you wouldn't make it that obvious would u?? But ya is it popcorn?? i think its that extra sumthing in the water! It really adds a cool effect whatever it is! I love this wallpaper! Its great! You did a wonderful job combining everything, the picture looks so natural and peaceful! Awsome work as usual!! This gets a fav from me for suree!!

  10. cloh Sep 01, 2005

    You really did an awesome job!!!
    Everything is really perfect!
    The scan is so nice!
    The trees are really well done and I like the way you've blurried them!
    The little sparkles add to the beauty of the scene!
    It's really a wonderful wall :)

  11. Chiiksan Sep 01, 2005

    Wow I love it!Its very nice
    I like that shes in a boat!
    =P ^^ <# excellent work!

  12. 89757 Banned Member Sep 01, 2005

    Hei !!! GOOD JOB !!! I like it !!! Your background is very nice and great !!! Your chobit
    is very pretty and cute so keep it up. why??? Because I trust you will do it better !!!

  13. cycyli Sep 01, 2005

    chiii is so cute~~>< i like her alot in chobits!! she's the prettiest!! ... anyway, a nice work!!!

  14. Tomokazoo Sep 01, 2005

    Its lovely wall, emma, i like the tree branches and the boat.. creative idea..

  15. vang Banned Member Sep 01, 2005

    chobit is very beautiful,i like best a background add fav^__________^

  16. s9031496c Banned Member Sep 01, 2005

    Oh My Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This wallie is very wonderful and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. kawai-yume Banned Member Sep 01, 2005

    Encore un wall vraiment tres reussit que je vais mettre dans mes favoris !!!! :D
    Il donne vraiment une impression de calme :)
    en plus, les arbres avec leur feuilles d'autome c'est très joli !!! ;)

  18. bbls Sep 01, 2005

    this is a lovely concept...and the mood from this wall is very calming and peaceful. the tree brush work is also very nice, and i luv the shadows you added, where were a very nice detail to your wall. and is the other stock image the stone river bottom?? but the rocks on the river bottom look perfect, and add more dimension to your wall. and i can see how the blurring of the outer images help add depth and makes us focus in on chii. very lovely work, emma! :D

  19. Naquira Sep 01, 2005

    This is overall a nice wallie :) I love that you made the leaves in the color of autumn, it matches chii very wall :) Creative idea to have chii lying in a boat, it looks so sweet. I just wish you made the water a bit more realistic, on the thumbnail it almostlooks like rocks. :( But besides the water, it rocks :P

  20. Rhonda21 Sep 01, 2005

    wow. Very cool and beautiful looking wallpaper.
    Everything fits nicely. what a great background.
    Great Job!

  21. Chibi_Tenshi Sep 01, 2005

    heya!! ^^ great job!
    really nice wallpaper!..i really like the backround =)

  22. Amythyst Sep 01, 2005

    Its a beautiful wallpaper and the background is great. good job :D

  23. Nona Sep 01, 2005

    Nice job!
    I like this scan, and the way what you make :)
    Very good job! :)

  24. sylvacoer Sep 01, 2005

    Woooow, this wall's gorgeous! The idea of blurring the flowers to achieve depth was puregenious. A definite fave for sylva!

    (O_O) Coffee! *pings around room* Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecofffeecoffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....! *slams into wall*
    Itai! (@_@)

    Coffee's a tempremental muse, neh?

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