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this image has seriously been on my comp for a year waiting to be walled. im not sure why but i finally decided to just vector it without any real idea of what i wanted to do with it. surprisingly, i really like how the vector turned out (lips especially) but i didnt really feel like giving it a wall. i was about to just submit this one with a solid bg but i decided against it. without any real inspiration i pretty much just went through some of my old works, i mean really old and dug out some stuff/ideas to try. i took the circles from something i made back in 03 and the cityscapes were taken from my DNAngel wall from last year and my recent Bleach one. Also, the man with the gun is from the wall i just submitted from bullet ballet. Everything else was made on top and pretty much making this, was like a really messy collage. Not much thought, just did random stuff pretty much and played around with compositions and such.
anyways, im not even sure i like the final product myself but at least i know i dont completely hate it so eh, might as well submit it.....

also forogt the artist for this artwork, if anyone knows please tell me.

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  1. white-zero Aug 31, 2005

    The artist is Falcoon.

    I like the background you made. Simple and easy to the eyes. :)

  2. GodOfSun Aug 31, 2005

    Nice pic... Thanks for share.

  3. mataputos Aug 31, 2005

    Quote by white-zeroThe artist is Falcoon.

    I like the background you made. Simple and easy to the eyes. :)

    simple??? I like your style "crapmonster" so original!!!

  4. Amaranth Aug 31, 2005

    this is nice^^
    i like the collage idea and the jacket x3
    and i think the gun really fits in with her dangerous look xD

  5. Chopstickz Aug 31, 2005

    This is a pretty cool wall.
    First off, I like the vector alot, the face is great though the hand seems to have to many lines and at first I didn't know that was the hand. ^^;
    Its clear that the bg is creative, repetition of circles, arrows and lines, and that man with the gun but you arranged it in a bit of a random way it seem which makes it look quite intresting.
    Lastly, the upsidedown city scape looks cool and a bit random, but the colors make it fit.
    I can see why you named this "Untitled" it'd be hard comming up with a name for this with so many different themes here. Even the blank white space doesn't appear that strong when our eyes are busy looking at the other parts of the wall.
    Simple appearence yet complex meaning is what it tells me. Great work~

  6. tAtEkAnE Aug 31, 2005

    it's really cool crapmonster, i have it as my desktop now
    it's stylish reminds me of those 70's thing tho with less color
    good work with the vector, i think the only one that needs a bit of editing is the arrow at the right side but it's not that really important >< i just thought it looks a bit odd not symmetrical and all but all in all fantastic job :D

  7. PANDAgirl Aug 31, 2005

    Hahah I really think it's unique and interesting Crappy!! :] It's something I would like, even if you don't like it O_o

  8. annex Aug 31, 2005

    i have been searching for something to put on my desktop, and yours plops right up!

    i love this, it reminds me of james bond.
    colors bug me a bit, and the city stuff doesn't work for me....this definitely lacks a theme, but thats what makes it special.

    Have a nice day!

  9. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 31, 2005

    Yeah i can see the sillohuette of the bullet guy from your previous wall but hey i love your vector skillz as always and all together the design is top notch! Great work mate! :P

  10. ayanechan Aug 31, 2005

    looks somewhat inspiring? ionno if that's the correct word to describe it XD nyahaha it's good anyways :3 keep it up crap.

  11. drell Aug 31, 2005

    Vector is looking very good, especially the shoulder area. The background is somewhat random, a mix of everything. There should have been a solid metropolitan background, then it would have been a bomb.

  12. DarkEVO Aug 31, 2005

    The vector background looks like the 70's type retro disco.... But it seems to fit well with the character but I notice the hand and the gun is from your previous wall. Kinda random.
    And the character's vectoring looks good also. Excellent vectors.

  13. TrinityLi Aug 31, 2005

    Great wall. I really love the vector and the background goes really well with it. I love the warm colors. Very simple and very nice. Great job!

  14. Sir-Boingal0t Aug 31, 2005


    damn crap!.....tis one has some style @__@!
    messy collage indeed..........but stylish nonetheless

    ohh......and teh vector..............now that how I like it >xD

  15. Yina Aug 31, 2005

    wow.. really original and not a cliche.. O__O Love the bg.. it looks kinda funny.. ^_^' I'll fave it later..

  16. wuschel Aug 31, 2005

    its been a while that i was online on mt, but seeing ur wallpaper remembers me what i missed on mt

    ur vector is flawless like the stlye. i love the colors, mood and background choise

  17. anji Aug 31, 2005

    Hey it's a pretty cool composition for a randomly one :)
    Like the colors and I think there is just enough of things out there, not too much, just to let the wall look like it's a complete composition.
    I agree the vector of the girl turn out really good, her face is awesome and her hair...
    There is just her wrist that seem a bit weird, maybe they are a bit too big for the hand or maybe it's because of the shadows...
    Nonetheless, simple and nice abstract background and vectors :)

  18. calisqo Aug 31, 2005

    nice choice of scan.
    Awesome vector abstract.
    Like those abstract kind thingy. I;m impressed with the color selection.
    More abstarct shapes and bit more color range might prob do good to the wall.
    Overall awesome abstarct

  19. chibicow Aug 31, 2005

    nice vector work!
    the character is so different from what i've seen before!
    the tech sorta bg is very interesting - it reminds me of the SBS advertisements!
    the image is very crisp and clear and the colours are well chosen!
    great job!

  20. urgannagru Sep 01, 2005

    great stuff :D love the tan color scheme and the good looking abstract in the background with the good looking vector girl in the foreground

  21. zpulse Sep 01, 2005

    This is just about the most perfect wallpaper I've seen so far, as instant a fav as instant ramen ;)

  22. candy-chan Retired Moderator Sep 01, 2005

    vury nice vector, I like the plastic feeling comming out of it. The simple designs embellish the art nicely, but maybe they could use more of the plastic-look :)

  23. euna Retired Moderator Sep 02, 2005


    this is just awesome oppa.
    you're just too good for this community xD
    that's some a.w.e.s.o.m.e vector
    and i luv the colour scheme and and and all the stuff in the bg.
    looks absolutely fabulous *5 thumbs up + Fav*

  24. UndyingShadow Sep 04, 2005

    holy shit this is a crazy wall crapmonster. An amazing vector with nice colors, and thats a cool image you chose.

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