Yukirin Wallpaper: ~Iced Earth~

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Yukirin Mangaka

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hi friends ! I'm back :)
I was on a vacation so I couldn't get back to you earlier , i'm sorry :(
how are everyone doing?
i'm finally back with a new wallpaper. (it was time XD)
here are the details about the BG :
layers : 40
Psd : 55 Mb
time spent on it : don't know (too many time I guess XD)
The castle was made following an original model ^^
The ground, the trees and the sky and the moon (or the little icy planet^^) was made by me XD
I wish the trees don't look too creepy -_-' I wanted to create an icy wallie, so I changed the scan colors to blue, and added the sticks, butterflies and the miscallenous light around...and I wish I have succeeded ^_^ story is about a girl who got her world frozen after an infortunate event...humm well considering my depressive mood those days this wall suited me perfectly...
all comments and suggestions (and even critics) are welcome :)
I don't know myself what to say about this wall...LOL i'm counting on you all ^^
see you everyone ! dedicated to all my friends ^_^

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  1. Criox Aug 30, 2005

    Hi Yui! n_n I seen your wallie. BG is sharp and clear. I like it. Very nicely done. However the scan if you vector her out. I think it may look fantastic cuz I could see noise on her which is quite obvious. >_< Sorry bout the critics! Hope you wouldn't mind bout it. ^_^' Well a good attempt. Keep it up. Have a nice day and take care.

  2. Lenne Aug 30, 2005

    OOooohh...girl excellent!I love it because it looks very gentle and sooo coold!!!*brrrr* xd
    i can't favorite anymore,but i will when i will be able too!
    Bye! ;)

  3. Yoones Aug 30, 2005

    hello yui; good wall, I definitely like blue walls, as criox said, the scan is little bit grainy, but I gues you choosed a low res scan that's why it's so obvious, not everybody is able to vector scans (I personnaly never managed to make a vector). the atmosphere is nice, I really like the moon surface. I think the trees doesn't match good the wall, bvut it's just a matter of taste, I would have seen then more bule and more flattened, you know like some bonsai, and not long ttall trees. also you should maybe try to play with the opacity of your layer filled with thoses white pixels, it's not smooth enough, well sorry I m always critisizing you a lot, but its cuz I like you very much (alreday ;p) anyway it's a beautiful wall, I justed pointed out some details. ok? ^.^
    take care yui

  4. Asahi Aug 30, 2005

    very nice idea with the blue dreamly scenery where the girl is placed in ! ^^ but imo her sign on her face must be a little bit transformed .. ;) keep it up =)

  5. jedisakora Aug 30, 2005

    Everything about this is soooo pretty :D I love the use of the castle in the background.

  6. Idril Aug 30, 2005

    Welcome back my dear!! omg!! This is your best wallie, in my opinion, course!! ^^"
    Everything is amazing!!
    my seconb fav from this week is for you, my dear friend!!!

  7. Chiiksan Aug 30, 2005

    wow the blue is great and the girl looks
    very nice!And yes it does look dreamy or more
    like a dream.Great Job!

  8. semanga Aug 30, 2005

    i like the ice blue in this wall it memember me on the cold times in my live and so my body starts to shake brrrrrrrrrrrr nice work keep it up honey

  9. Yina Aug 30, 2005

    bad parts: the stars shouldn't be that pixelated.. and there are too many stars.. the trees look weird..

    good parts: great atmosphere.. *__* nyaa.. and I like the font =D

  10. Acuni Aug 30, 2005

    wow i like the blue and the idea of the wallie is great the chara looks nice and the castle and planet at the back is lovely to
    hope to see more

  11. tian82 Aug 30, 2005

    This wallpaper is so awesome !! I love the blue colour !!! Like the girl , she so lovely and the background is awesome !!! NIce work and thank for sharing !!!

  12. WindAlchemist Aug 30, 2005

    wow, you made the castle yourself?? thats amazing! :D the moon too, it all looks so beautiful!
    and i love the character shes sooo pretty! and he fits the background so well!
    i absolutely love everything about this wallie, its so great, beautiful, exellant, brilliant, what more can i say?!
    i would add it to my favorites, but im not allowed to add anything else to my favorites because of that stupid new rule they made!! T_T
    we should rebel against that dumb rule....
    i promise this wall will be added to my favorites in i think 6 days!
    sorry again and exellant work!

  13. THE-DARK-PRINCE Aug 30, 2005

    Welcome back yuiyui01 ^_^
    This is a very nice wallpaper, everything looks cooooool...
    I like the castle on the background...
    And of course awesome effects u used on this one...
    keep it up and hope to see more...

    :) :D :) :D

  14. pegassuss Aug 30, 2005

    Nice wallie!! ^^ I love the blue color!! I think the background is really pretty! ^^ I like the castle. The light and the butterflies are a nice touch ^^ and the font is nice. The only thing is that the wall would look better if the scan was cleaner ^^ I think you did a great job! :)

  15. squid Aug 31, 2005

    Wow, that's really pretty :D Great Job!!!!!!!!!!

  16. sacredsky Aug 31, 2005

    Oh, that's so pretty! I really like the icy feel of it :). Keep it up!

  17. macky Aug 31, 2005

    very nice!
    Nice blue, nice character, very nice title
    you really love the blue aye.. :D
    dont worry i am a blue fan.. and my top walls are all orangers and browns....
    Anyway.. great job.. keep it up!

  18. jingjing1208 Aug 31, 2005

    I just love it!!^_^ The bg is really nice done and the character is nice too!^_^ +fav!

  19. walkure245 Sep 01, 2005

    Brr~ This really has a cood vibe from it. I love the colors. I like the castle and it's a nice job on making it look icy. The scan's quality is the only lil prob you have with this wallie. Everything else is quite pretty and sharp. Really nice work~

  20. CosmoStar Sep 04, 2005

    At first glance, it's melancholic and beautiful.
    Liked the girl, it's really a beaytiful piece of art, your wallie is really niece, I like the tranquility and coldness of the blue...
    I couldn't see it in the full version, but through the thumbnail I already can say that's really nice! Congrats! Cheer up! Keep up!

  21. lunar-angel Sep 04, 2005

    wow its so beautiful *stares at the wall of a minute*
    I love the colors.
    great job ^_^
    i can't wait to see your next wall

  22. DarkIngram Sep 06, 2005

    looks very gentle and peaceful wallie.. :) Great job on the castle... Well done!!!

  23. Cress Oct 20, 2005

    aw, very soft, very icy-feeling but without the lack of emotion... very soft, and very tender... i love the delicate feeling of it, great job!! ^^v

  24. KingOfDice Nov 11, 2005

    Very cool! (No pun intended) What do you think of this? \/
    | Iced Earth |
    | |
    | (pic seen above here) |
    | |
    | [Atrifact Land] MT3 |
    | Tap: Add one (Island) to |
    | your mana pool. |

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