Fire Emblem Wallpaper: Depth Perception

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So I haven't been able to access Minitokyo in some time now...I guess do to computer problems - sometimes it just doesn't load for me. So whenever that happens, I go off and try to make a wallpaper that's better than what I've done before.

I don't really know if I've succeeded here or not. This particular wall is of Serra from Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken. It took several days to complete, mostly do to loss of interest, but I think that, in the end, it turned out really nice.

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  1. shioriyukino Aug 30, 2005

    nice wallie!!
    thanks for sharing.....

  2. kai81220 Aug 30, 2005

    its impressive work. but there are some problems that can be pointed out

    however, the swirls are somewhat annoying and confusing when looking at the whole thing.
    the colours are probably a bit too strong for my taste but its all themed and stuff.
    extraction is a bit grainy and the scan is a bit blurry in some areas.

    overall, nice effort and nice work cause it did really catch my eye and thats why im here ^__^'

  3. Chiiksan Aug 30, 2005

    excellent work!
    The colors are extremely nice
    ill add it to my favorites...soon XD

  4. Emma Aug 30, 2005

    Wow on the colors indeed. They are so vibrant and rich here! And I love those swirlies around her--it gives the wall a very magical feeling like she can warp space and time around her since the background is also the same colors as the swirlies. So she is controlling her environment around her. Nice effect whether coincidence or not, whether you knew it or not!! ^_^
    Nice job indeed!! Beautiful wall.

  5. FutureGirlie Aug 30, 2005

    Oh thats soo cool, you made the colors match the scan so well :D I really like your whole idea, the abstractness is really really cool, I really like how you did the "water" like part go up and wavy around the scan if you know what i mean :P Also the mountains in the background made your wallpaper look good :) Good job on this ^_^ I dont fave often ^_^ but this time *faves*

  6. jadedsakuya Aug 30, 2005

    This is a very nice wallpaper. I especially like the coloring and effects that you have used in the background. It really brings out the character.

  7. anji Aug 30, 2005

    There is something weird about the scan, can't really tell what it is, maybe it's because she is very clear in this blurry background.
    But wow the background is so catchy I agree. XD
    I really like the effects overall and how the sky join the mountain. It's really nice.
    I less like the spiral that goes around her, I would have seen something more "splashy" I think.
    But it's an incredible work with colors.
    Keep it up with your great work! :)

  8. Andulien Aug 30, 2005

    Wow that's really an awesome wallpaper. I think you did the right thing by making new wallies when you can't get on MT^^
    Keep it up like that. thx
    See you around

  9. sangel99 Aug 31, 2005

    Nice!! ^^ I really love this picture!! I like the background and the character XD I'm going to add it to my favs!!....well......tomorrow ^_^'....at my limit XP

  10. Vasaga Aug 31, 2005

    i never seen such a nice wp.
    you got skill mate.
    real skill.

  11. sadbab Feb 09, 2006

    ooooooo nice very good

  12. Sabbathiel Jun 16, 2006

    those colors are brilliant! I love thiswork, it is so full of energy and positive vibrations! Lovely!

  13. Hayz May 24, 2007

    great picture! very pretty dress the girl is wearing and the colours are lovely:)

  14. Legault123456789 May 11, 2008

    Serra looks really cool in this bg! fav!

    merged: 05-12-2008 ~ 10:14am
    someone should make an Erk one! =D

  15. SaikonoYume Dec 16, 2008

    That background is intense and absolutely gorgeous!

  16. thuyxinhdep Dec 15, 2009

    Beautiful wallie! Well done!

  17. Steffi1690 Moderator Mar 12, 2010

    Coool :0)
    Nice wall!

  18. Suibaku Sep 03, 2010

    Just where do you find such great wallpapers?! Thanks for sharing!

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