Soul Calibur Wallpaper: Xianghua gives me instant win

Namco, Soul Calibur, Xianghua Wallpaper
Namco Studio Soul Calibur Game Xianghua Character

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at last I made a wall...
I hope you like it ; there is nothin special much to say about it, I was inspired by a magna carta wall, and thanks a lot to NAT (nigen nattoli) and her tutorials, I made it looks good enough, but well I could put a loads of shit in the background it would look good cuz xianghua is there.

well now time to dedicate :
it goes to all my friends on MT, I wonder how could people do with more than 50 friends, I think I am already not enough nice with my 15 friends because I don't talk to them very often, so how can you manage with a huge friend list. well, I guess if you are active like semange you are forgiven, because she always makes great walls for her 300+ friends XD must be a hard everyday work.
so sema, you are of course included in this dedicate my #1 friend. then chisana whose I am the number 1 fan and supporter! (go go chisana, you re an artist)
Yokobandit and sigourney, I don't forget you girls! I m sorry I haven't enough time to talk with you.
Kerox: j'espere que le BAC s'est bien passé, j'ai pas eu de nouvelle depuis >.< j'attend de voir tes nouveaux walls.
Gunguts : ouai j'ai deserter ACF ... u_u j'ai pu trouver le temp de faire un miserable wall, mais pas d cover , j'ai honte de revenir sur le forum , leweln va me tabasser si je lui ramene rien a uploader.
mughi : you re the one who always remind me that I shouldn't forget my MT friend, thank you.
Nuriko : I don't know if you ll notice my wall, but I always thank you for your site and all those scans you give us.
samanosuke : you are a great waller and I m glad to have you in my FL so I can check every new works you make.
rhapsody : ahaha thanks a lot to you and your old userpage which make me discover the morning glow music.
Euna : I wonder why you don't appear in my friend list, I m sure Ihave added you >.< anyway your my lil sis and this wall is for you too, you deserve to be paid for babysitting of all those MT pervert brothers I have in the family :p
Kara : hang on, you made a lots of good walls, now I feel like it's been a long time that you haven't produced anything, I m not blaming you, just wishing you good luck for whatever you re involved in.
revolver rorikon and azndude : well I have to know you better guyz, I added you (can't remember when) now I need to check your gallery .
ohhh.. almost forgot >.< :
yui chan! ;p I m happy to have met you, my new friends you seem as otaku as me, and you play so many video games : D ahaha how could I forgot you -.-', well i hope i ll hear from you soon.

ok enough text now, you can leech ! go!!!! don't forget to fav if you like it, I would be honoured.

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Browse Soul Calibur Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. mughi Aug 30, 2005

    I'm not familiar with Soul Calibur so I don't recognize this character. ^_^'

    Aside from that I like the way you added effects around her. It makes it look like she is almost dancing although with the sword in her hand it is more like she is preparing for coming battle.

    Nice job you did here and thanks much for showing us your latest work. :D

  2. semanga Aug 30, 2005

    XD XD XD u bring me to laugh honey
    u think so about me ??? *hugs my wonderful younes* u know i love u so much cuz u are special and u bring me everytime to laugh ... it is true i have a lot friends here in mt but u are one of them who is very near to me .... u know how i am in real u are more as a friend u are my sunshine in my live and i never never never will miss u

    u have 15 member on your friendslist i think that is cuz not so much have notice u here in mt cuz u are too lazy to make wall XD XD XD but that is good for me cuz if u have not so much friends so u have more time for me XD XD XD and i am glad for every free min which u found for me and i thank to allah that i found u :)

    bu now to your wall
    boy damn it looks great and it is a wonderful work from u as u show me the wall and it was not finish i really like it but now i love it the the magic burble looks great and it fits with the colours to Xianghua i told u befor i never see this scan befor and so i will say thank u for the sharing this wonderful awesome work .... u are the best honey i have never see a so good wall from Xianghua and that is the true i swear
    keep it up honey OX i want more from your work and from u XP

  3. skygirl Aug 30, 2005

    looks good it deserve more as only one fav keep it up boy

  4. revolver Aug 30, 2005

    soul caliber awsome nice wall you play it to right me to you know number 3 is coming soon by the way add to fav list see ya yoones

  5. Kori Aug 30, 2005

    I really like this wall. The effect are really beautiful and it really does look like she's dancing, like mughi mentioned. The ground effects make me feel like she's standing on water performing this, preparing infor battle! Anyway, keep up the good work. Would love to see more wallpapers like this! :)

  6. azndude88 Aug 30, 2005

    i agree awesome wall for a n awesome great job indeed

  7. yuiyui01 Aug 31, 2005

    Wowwww yoones! I like your wall ! :D
    sorry for coming this late T_T but your wall is awesome ! :D and you remembered me in your dedicace, I was about to say that You forgot me XD thanks you very much, dear yoones, I'll be sure to PM you soon ^_^ I'm honoured to be your friend. And yeah videogames roxs!!!!!
    It's true that you make one wallie on ages ! (lol)
    i'm so sorry that my faving limit is reached , otherwise i would have faved yours without any hesitation ! T_T I'll be sure to fav it next week ^^
    well now hum about your wall..you really love shades of blue and purple don't you ? XD this sky reminds me of the aoi yori aoshi wall :)
    anyway the light around xianghua is great ( soul calibur roxs for life ! :nya:)
    I don't really like the mountains, think they don't really fit the bg, especially with the herbs <_<
    But the ground underneath xianghua is really well done, an elite work O_o
    can't do this much on my level XD
    i like the reflection of the font, noticed you like reflections on your previous walls :D
    well that's for the (pseudo) critics.
    don't disappear for ages and keep up the great work ! don't make your poor fanclub wait for a wallie for the upcoming next 20 weeks ! :nya:
    see ya later ;)

  8. nightfire Sep 01, 2005

    Wow, good wallpaper, she looks so hot in SC3, can't wait to get it.

  9. gunguts Sep 14, 2005

    tres beau boulot! c'est un jolie wall!
    j'espere qu'on te reverras bientôt sur le forum
    même si t'as pas de covers a proposer!

    promis, j'attacherais Leweln au poteau. :-)))

  10. xianghua Oct 26, 2005

    wooow very nice wallie! she is my fave chracter in soul calibur!!i even have her name as my username^^ well great wall love it!


  11. skyheaven Nov 10, 2005

    great wallpaper look awsome i aready play SC3 she is indeed look awsome in there, by the way nice job on the walli.

  12. battousai8312 Dec 01, 2005

    i really like using xianghua on the game

  13. BeautifulNight Dec 12, 2005

    its awesome! you rock! i love the back ground!

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