Bleach Wallpaper: Beyond the Calling

Kubo Tite, Studio Pierrot, Bleach, Orihime Inoue Wallpaper
Kubo Tite Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Bleach Series Orihime Inoue Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hi everyone! Its been a while...(and I do mean a while, ROFL) since I made a new wallpaper. I feel that I've completely forgotten how to. XD Anyways, I made this one to try to get myself back in walling shape. A fairly simple, and my first BLEACH wallpaper where I made the background using a myriad of repetitive brushes and textures. I just love this picture of Orihime and eventhough a lot of people have walled it, I still hope you enjoy this one. More resolutions soon at IM! ^__^

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  1. OneWingTenshi Aug 29, 2005

    Yeah you are back...back with more goodies...I am not a fan of Bleach...but I guess you finally find yourself sometimes to wall again...I like the background...looks pretty autmun like...well summer is over...I don't think you are out of shape...just that need to refresh some memories of walling...overall I guess you still do lot of brushings in your walls

  2. s9031496c Banned Member Aug 29, 2005

    wow!!!! that is so very nice !!!!!! The bg is very peaceful and smooth! Keep it up^_^

  3. ded113 Aug 29, 2005

    Hey! I was gonna use that pic!! Oh well....The Bg so soft and peaceful. Great job although it's been a while!!

  4. chibikko Aug 29, 2005

    The thumb really looks promising. I'm surprised the wallpaper is so simple, the background looks a little bit too real, it doesn't blend so well with the picture of our lovely Hounded Priestress. But I like the brushes, very soft colors and they merge nicely with the rest. The electricity pole is a nice addition, I like the out-come, the right side reminds me of Shinkai's wonderful backgrounds. Good job, shinta!

  5. AC2N Aug 29, 2005

    What a pretty girl.. love it...
    BG is " fresh " and lolita is sooooooo cute ! like an ending summer...
    Good job on it...
    C U 'round...

  6. meteorcloud Aug 29, 2005

    :O~! shinta did submit this one XD~! the electricity stuff looks good :D~! hm....like i said...the charac doesn't really fit in the soft looking wallpaper....but on the other hand it looks okay o.o~! not bad shinta :O~! keep it up ^^

  7. tAtEkAnE Aug 29, 2005

    i looove everything in it shinta...except for the tree brush -_-
    for a very pretty day, it woulda been better if they were full with leaves
    but that's just me...
    anyhoo great job with the clouds, the mountains at the back the soft colors and everything else is lovely welcome back shinta! i missed ur walls =p asus! xD

  8. bromithia Retired Moderator Aug 29, 2005

    I love that scan.. and what you have done with it rocks. Great job Shinta :)

  9. Dufoe88 Aug 29, 2005

    Shintaaa ^^ long time to make a wallpaper
    i really like orihme scan ^^ it fits well the bg
    good job
    hope to see sum more soon ^^

  10. Yumi-Chan Aug 29, 2005

    hey shinta ! it's been quite long since you last walled ^_^
    it's rare to see this kind of colour in wallpapers O_O ! i love it :D hehehe green is nice.
    *smacks mc* dont listen to him ! i really think orihime fits the bg.
    damn i love the view ~.~.. those bars, trees and stairs thingie looked awesome.
    :D i just dont quite like the top part of the sky T__T yumi just didnt like those kinda clouds wa..
    anyhoo it's a good wall. i love the font ! more walls frm shinta pls ! XD

  11. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Aug 29, 2005

    ohhhh niceeee one shinta!!! ^__^V

    i just love orihime! and i think u did a really nice job make the bg fit so well with the scan...very calm and beautiful.....i like it XD

    now i feel so bad not making any walls for so long >__>

  12. Taurec Aug 29, 2005

    Not too shabby <g> but you have a lot more potential...
    damn perspective rocks !!

  13. macky Aug 29, 2005

    Very nice... im a huge fan of bleach and i love ... 80% of the characters...
    Well done...

  14. Athrun Aug 29, 2005

    Nice... :o Really peaceful looking, y'know? Really good for someone who hasn't walled within several months. :x

  15. PureTypeDZanza Aug 29, 2005

    whoa nice peaceful looking wallpaper with Orihime Shinta! O_O so peaceful and yet still good for someone who hasn't walled within several months. :o now what was sister in filipino??? XD

  16. OMchan Aug 30, 2005

    Wow, very nicely done. The background goes very nicely with the stock and the stock itself is very HQ. Great job! :D

  17. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Aug 30, 2005

    At last Shinta, your back with a plan! XD
    Lovely job on the bg, soft, serene and nice use of space in the bg. The image and text go together well. Nice job as alwyas Shinta! :P

  18. FALH Aug 30, 2005

    nice one, peacefull wallpaper
    the sky look so cool with the top of Orihime

    well all looking good so i add it to my fav :)

  19. DarkIngram Aug 30, 2005

    fairly simple but really awesome...

    nice background, very serene and soft :)

    i like the perspective of your wall ;)

  20. KorganoS Aug 30, 2005

    ooo.. Shinta walled again XD
    lovely pic of Orihime. Yes indeed, this is the most beautiful picture of her, and you made it just right with the soft color tones and simplistic but relaxing background. Not too sure about the trees, but since you made 'em,.. well.. I think it's OK then :) Just need a bit more of the clouds up there.. and it'll be perfect for some daytime wallpaper change. All in all, a pleasant and lovable job as usual, Shinta..

  21. Midori-chan Aug 30, 2005

    welcome back shinta-san, it's been a long long time already since you were not here^^
    whoa!! the bg is so nice!!!!
    i like the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere^^
    the scan of orihime is nice too^^ the text is great too^^
    keep up the great work shinta-san^^

  22. Sir-Boingal0t Aug 31, 2005

    oooohhh @_@
    i like the way the sky takes over most of everything, thats really cool >xD
    the subtle outline of the mountains r really cool too
    and teh vector j0b.........niiice >xD

    anyway, its nice to know the doctor can still make really nice walls

    more power to j000 >xD

  23. Haia Aug 31, 2005

    This looks great Shinta! The background is very well made! Although the character doesn't really fit in...still this rockz! Thankie so so much for sharing this wallie with us! Yay! You're back! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ >.<

  24. zaira Aug 31, 2005

    waaah! i miss your walls!! hehe at last shinta made another cooly wallie!!... ok time for my comment! well me really love the clouds above! the colors are so soft! and for the cool trees they are awesome! love the scenery at the right side! for the scan! it really fits! must got to my fav!! XD

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