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My Beautiful Girl Mari Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I dont believe what i cant see
these marbles that flow through my fingers
dead but alive in another world
Close these eyes and fly
Higher than the air can take us
Away from the troubles which burden us.
May i find what i am loooking for
......eternal beauty.

*Listening to Snake eater - Cynthia Harrel / MGS3*

This is actually a South Korean cartoon/movie i own called "My beautiful girl, Mari". Its about a 12 year old boy named Namoo who looses his father at sea, lives with his mother and grandmother. His only friends are Junho and his cat Yeo. Then one day they were plaiying near the lighthouse, Namoo folowed his cat inside and found a shiny marble in a chell. The suddenly a bight dazzling light engulfs the whole lighthouse transforimg it to a fantasy world. As Namoo falls to nothingness when a girl wearing white takes his hand and leads him through the world of fantasy... Also there a whale size white dog in the fantasy world. I suggest you watch this becuase this is one of the first Korean works which add both 2d and 3d all togehter in the movie....so yeah get it! :P

So yeah this is probabbly one of my simpler works, personal but easy for me to put on my desktop. So all in all theres about 34 layers and 1 hr and 45 mins. of effort and hope you like! ^__^

Personal intent:
Always hated myself for being ugly outside but a beautiful person inside cos ive alwyas wished i was both >___< Maybe thats why nice guys like us take a long ass time to love someone cos its hard finding the right person who will love you for who you are.... but ive never gave up hope that somewhere out there, there is a beautiful girl who would sweep me off my feet and show me that the world can be as lovely like love..... Bahh im such a hopeless person when it comes to emotions! yeah nuff said.

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  1. jaderabbit Aug 29, 2005

    Something different and i like it, the black boxes aren't really my thing but they actually compliment this bg. ^_^ good job bro, ill let u ahve one of my favs for this one XD

  2. AC2N Aug 29, 2005

    I'm not wondering why you're a gallery director anymore ! Your submissions are always amazing... i'm a real fan ! I love the texture you used... and the bluury effect is well done (as usual... )
    there's always so much differences between your subs...
    amazing... it's all i can say.

  3. fukushuusha Aug 29, 2005

    hmm...this one is weird for an OA wall...
    the texture and little brush work is great as always but I wonder why u leave the bottom part black. The upper part looks good with the stylish text but the downside is really lacking something...as if my eyes want to see the sky a bit more. The wall seems like...'not complete' XD
    but anyways...interesting and different job OA ;)

  4. Chopstickz Aug 29, 2005

    the black parts on the top and bottom are a bit too big,
    and the wall is a bit too bright and its hard to see that font
    since its almost the same color as the cloud but its an
    okay simplistic wall ^^;

  5. k1ru Aug 29, 2005

    nice wallie~~!!
    although the black part are not fit enough... but it's ok... XD
    They are cute~~!!! XD XD XD
    good job!! X3

  6. SharinganKnight Aug 29, 2005

    looks cool, but its too bright, so much that the girl can barely be made out, and Im not sure I like the text. But it is a nice idea and great composition ^_^

  7. Yina Aug 29, 2005

    wow.. beautiful atmosphere.. *__* I love the clouds and the sky.. and even the moon.. though it's a cliche.. XD nyaa.. You wish you could be pretty outside AND inside? nobody is perfect.. noone is pretty inside and outside at the same time.. that's why I'm satisfied with my life.. =D

  8. sukie Aug 29, 2005

    oh this looks so cute!! =D i like it! the bg fit well with the scan and th overall feeling is nice!! keep it up!

  9. Minato Aug 29, 2005

    For some reason, I keep on thinking of "Kafka on the Shore" when I see this...the center part is very beautiful, but the black border is a bit discordant. But it does give a nice bit of contrast, I'll admit.

  10. chau-chan Aug 29, 2005

    The wallpaper is quiet nice and really simple...
    But the black top and bottom part is kind of too big....
    I like it!!

  11. macky Aug 29, 2005

    very nice...
    i like the widescreen bars.. they make it alittle more interesting

  12. agneslee Aug 30, 2005

    I knew this anime,it's a Korean anime movie.
    The bg make me feel comfortable.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Ayu-sama Aug 30, 2005

    Very nice indeed. :)

    Everything looks super but I wish the text could stand out a little more. Aside that, it's all good.

  14. Midori-chan Aug 30, 2005

    wow! this wall is very unique^^
    i've never seen such a simple and nice wall from you^^
    i just love the clouds you did^^
    and the black part on the top with the writing is really cool^^
    the scan is nice too!!
    good job! keep it up!

  15. Evanrued Aug 30, 2005

    Wow, for being one of your "more simple works" it looks amazing. I'm such a sucker for clouds ^^; So this sits well on the mind XD I love the whole thing. The texture makes it look like it was painted on canvas, and that, gives it style. I've never heard of the movie, but it sounds interesting. But this wall is awesome. Love it ^^

  16. Liz Aug 31, 2005

    Quote by jaderabbitSomething different and i like it, the black boxes aren't really my
    thing but they actually compliment this bg. ^_^ good job bro, ill let u
    ahve one of my favs for this one XD

    i agree very cool!

  17. UndyingShadow Aug 31, 2005

    woah thats a pretty trippy image I have to say. I like the korean text and the overall design of this wall. good job!

  18. DarkEVO Aug 31, 2005

    I saw this cartoon ad on Newtype magazine last year. I hear that it was good from people as well. It's a simple effect but well done job.

  19. harakiri Aug 31, 2005

    There is a word for Korean anime and according to my memory it is "manhwa-yonghwa". I would like to chekc that movie out because it looks quite original with the missing outlines and the images are nice, too (I saw the ADV trailer).
    Your wallpaper looks very nice too but I think there is problem with the contrast. The girl - I suppose she's Mari - has white clothing and while flying through the clouds she gets totally lost - that's what bothers me a little. You should've have placed her onto the blue area I think.

  20. Chizuku Sep 01, 2005

    waa~ nice... tis simple yet lots of meaning... i like the caption on the bg also... :) keep it up! :nya: :D :D

  21. euna Retired Moderator Sep 02, 2005

    geez... i'm korean and haven't even heard of this... =_=""
    i luv the simplicity of this wall...
    the title translates straight to something in the line of "Mary Story"
    nevermind about that.
    i luv the txture!!! it's so nice and pretty.
    i luv the sky as well.. i think it's really soothing and calm.
    really pretty. i like it! *fav*

  22. Skillzpay Sep 04, 2005

    As simple as this may be I think it's certainly one of your better walls as of late. It's got an entirely different feel to it compared to a lot of your usual work. The soft colors and simple grunge, along with all the clouds make this a joy to look at. And the artwork of the 2 children just fit in so well with it all. I think the text could use some more work in getting it to stand out more but it doesn't hurt the quality of this all that much at all.

  23. thecalling Mar 23, 2011

    luv the txture! it's so nice and pretty.

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