Lagoon Engine Wallpaper: //||Take Back The Night||\\

Yukiru Sugisaki, Lagoon Engine, Sakis Snow Herzgil Lagoonaria Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

this is wall is for a friend = Xangelo!! =P
for all the help he put into coding the site www.ever-falling.net.tc
he's the best coder in the world!!! =D
and for that i give him this!!

er...this wall...oh...yes...
it is CRAP!!!
save your favs this is soooo NOT worth it!!

scan found right here on MT...i think this is my first guy wall in some time now...

when i first started it, the bg is really light...like in the scan. but i think it lookes GAY! so i changed it...it...this is the light version...tell me which one you like please...
on other thought...don't this is not worth your time to comment on.

i looked at my gallery...and all my walls are meanless...i want to make an attack wall, one that will hit ppl really hard with an massage...this wall, by my sister is one like that...i want to make something like that sooo bad!!! TT.TT please help me!!


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  1. melymay Aug 28, 2005

    Nice walls ^^ both of them look great. But I think I like the dark one better. Your sister is a good waller too, talent runs in the family ^^ Well, keep up the good work! +fave <---I've reached my limit already, so I'll come back in 7 days..

  2. Dufoe88 Aug 28, 2005

    Sukie ^^ wonderfull wallpaper i like the bg and the scan..
    but i was wondering >.< the scan is he sitting on sumthin >.< ?

  3. toxictea23 Aug 28, 2005

    Quote: er...this wall...oh...yes...
    it is CRAP!!!
    save your favs this is soooo NOT worth it!!

    Umm..okay..i will not fave it if you think so
    The background looks fine, i just have a major problem with the scan. It doesnt seem as clean as it should be, and neither does the extraction. Try some more blending colors^.^

  4. YugureKaze Aug 28, 2005

    oh i've seen that scan
    my friend actually got the scan from me ^_^
    the bg seems to work very well...
    [You might think so if you read the manga excert in NewType magazines]
    i would fav it...but the fav limit will get too me...[I only have 9 left T.T ]
    i will probably look at this one again before it expires in my notifs it depends on how well i adapt to this new limiting factor...
    great wall sukie!

  5. AngelKate Aug 28, 2005

    Lol, I kind of like the white one better, but I'm just weird like that lol. They both look really good. Nice walls sukie. ^_^

  6. zen8192 Aug 28, 2005

    Ooohh! Very nice! Great BG...

    Quote by Dufoe88Sukie ^^ wonderfull wallpaper i like the bg and the scan..
    but i was wondering &gt;.&lt; the scan is he sitting on sumthin &gt;.&lt; ?

    Yep... I Agree maybe because of the extraction! ^_^'
    But for you I'll fav it... I hadn't used my other 5 yet anyways...

  7. xceliex2000 Aug 28, 2005

    Even though i like the lighter version better, it's still really nice! ^.^

  8. lunaregina Aug 28, 2005

    Wow sukie it's really nice. I think the guy blends better in the darker version and has less dust. He is from Lagoon Engine by the way. Great wallie. XD

  9. twistedfreak Aug 28, 2005

    i think that the dark version is alot better. its a really nice wall.

  10. MagicianFairy Aug 29, 2005

    Ohhhhhh Fairy loves it!!
    Its so cool!!
    Again..you use blue color!!

    *claps for Sukie*
    i cant add it to my favs -_-

  11. Liz Aug 29, 2005

    wow its so cool i love the colors and the background i love the scan to its great keep up the great wallies.

  12. Akira-san Aug 29, 2005

    Both of then looks great, but the darker one looks better... it's carries a sad feelling. The bg and scan looks great, It's not a crap for me... deserves a fav =D

  13. hongrboi Aug 29, 2005

    Another LEE wall! I don't see much of these around! To be honest, I can't decide which one I like more, the lgiht or the dark one. Why don't you post the light one up too? I really like the background effects on both.

  14. ltnguyen Aug 29, 2005

    they both are great, but i think i like the darker one better. i don't like walls that are too bright i guess.

  15. Zyndarius Aug 29, 2005

    pretty good image, specially for the background harmony with the main char in picture, really good wallpaper hehehehe ^.^

  16. Minamo Aug 29, 2005

    ooh. very nice. i like the art of Lagoon Engine and the backgorund looks really nice on both. as always good wall my friend ^_^.

  17. Rikimaru-jp Aug 29, 2005

    well doen sukie :) as usual!!!
    Character: 8/10
    Background: 8 /10
    Effects: 8/10
    Overall: 8/10
    keep up the good work ;)

  18. Verbeek Aug 29, 2005

    Really wonderful wallpaper. I love the darker version. I think it fits the scan better.
    Everything looks nice!!

    But, I can't fav it (I'm really sorry about this) because of the limitations... have reached 10.

  19. Kojiroh Aug 29, 2005

    i love tha background.. tha scan ruins it though.. but i really really liek tha background.. ^^ the deep blue.. tha neverending sky.. and the flock of birds that im never with..

  20. Yina Aug 29, 2005

    I've to say, I like the light version more.. and I think the scan needs more work... nyaa.. but nice concept and idea.. ^^

  21. Aisu-Kitsune Aug 29, 2005

    I like this wall a lot. The colors are very pretty. Both the dark and the light versions are great. I dunno which one I like better. :)

  22. MoonlightEternity Aug 29, 2005

    i think its a nice wall ^^ the lighter version isn't as great as the dark one. nice layout tho! and the scan fits well ^^ great wallie sukie-san!

  23. starstar Aug 29, 2005

    nice !!! i like the background
    He's cool!!
    i like cool characters a lot eehehe

  24. heavens-Dragon Aug 29, 2005

    I acutally like the light version better ^^ Maybe because I like the light blue better.
    Very neat concept though I wish the scan quality was better. Nice moon! The texture is great. The birds are a little distracting, since it's further away, they should be blurrier to show distance. Great colours, really matches well for both version.

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