The Place Promised in Our Early Days Wallpaper: Beyond the Clouds

Makoto Shinkai, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, Sayuri Sawatari, Hiroki Fujisawa Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

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Well finally i felt like making a new wall. It might be a little blurry, but anyways i used my vector of beyond the clouds in this wall, and i think it came out alright. Hope you'll all enjoy ^^.


The big white pole!: If you've seen the movie, you'll know what the big white pole means, it's part of the whole story, and it does kinda fit in the wallpaper since it has something to do with those 2 characters ^^;;... But i see some people don't know the movie yet and rather see the wall without the pole.., i'm wondering if i should erase it or not ... but ok lol, for now i'll let it as it is ^^,

Take care ~

Take care ~

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Browse The Place Promised in Our Early Days Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. limaho Aug 28, 2005

    yes nice colours and great effects .. the image is clean too . waw it is an amazing work of yours ^^ I really like it

  2. Nona Aug 28, 2005

    woow. Vectore O_O nice work!
    I like the bg. It fits pecfect for the scan, and for the colors! :)

  3. breadcrust Banned Member Aug 28, 2005

    This is by far, your best wallpaper imho.

    Having these two colours next together is a really good idea that works well with the scan, and you've managed to get it to blend well in the background too. You have also done a good job making this wallpaper very clean all around. Absolutely no complaints here. :-)

    btw, what series is the scan from? I really like that scan.

  4. Rella Aug 28, 2005

    I think it looks really nice. I like the background, it's really colorful. The vector is awesome too. Good job and keep it up! ^^

  5. tripleG Aug 28, 2005

    Wow!!! This wall is breautiful! I wish I could add it to my favs... but I, unfortunatelly, am on my limit!

    Anyways love it thanks for sharing it!

  6. Ayasal Aug 28, 2005

    omg!!! it looks soo pretty!!!! I want to add it to my favs... but I cant >_<
    it looks great , I just love the sky!
    keep up the good work!

  7. heavens-Dragon Aug 28, 2005

    Wowies, looks really beautiful! I simply love the colours! The sky is really nicely done and great vector! Awesome wallpaper! The the that distracts me is the white thing (pole?). I don't think it needs to be there. The text is really nicely position. Awesome work! Keep it up!

  8. royaldarkness Aug 28, 2005

    this is really great, rosh ;) one of your best walls :) lovr the way the different colors of the background blends together ^^

  9. mystvearn Aug 28, 2005

    Wonderful. The different colors on both ends is actually very good for this wallpaper

  10. Jamezzz Aug 28, 2005

    Nice blending, but I don't like the space at the orange part, that looks a bit weird, since the blue one haven't got anything, but the rest are well done, nice job :)

  11. Tatsuya Aug 28, 2005

    nice blending and great vector! you should putting on "shinkai makoto" this category by the way

  12. Asahi Aug 28, 2005

    long time no see a wp from you ^^ earn my first free fav .. like the vector motive very much

  13. Taurec Aug 28, 2005

    finally somebody who I don't know still makes a nice wallpaper ... there is hope yet ..
    Kudos on the wallpaper ...

  14. bbls Aug 29, 2005

    your vector looks wonderful and fits perfectly within your background. i luv how you juxtaposed those two differently colored skies. but, i agree with heavens-dragon about that white bolt or pole...i'm not sure what that represents... ^_^'

  15. LacusFlower Mute Member Aug 30, 2005

    nice wall! ^^ cool...........
    members: whatever, Chikane-Fans
    i wonder how i can submit wallies...........

  16. Ayamael Aug 30, 2005

    yo Roshinku, long time no talk ^_^'
    well, i'm not familiar with the characters, and i certainly don't know what the tower means, but it's okay... i kinda like the atmosphere of the wall.. cool vector,. and the sky is nice love the colour scheme, brown on one side and blue on the other, original.., but the stars look a little weird... too big maybe... as for the shooting stars, they all look the same, same length, all going in the same direction, which makes it very irrealistic... as for the grass, it looks a little weird, not thick enough maybe, or not deep enough, as if it stops right there... nevertheless, as i said, the atmosphere in this wall is great, cool text too ^^ good job!

  17. KorganoS Aug 30, 2005

    Very sweet, the color tones, the vectored image, and the overall composition. :) My fave anime atm, btw. Thanks for making a superb wall out of it.
    One thing though, the grass looks unevenly spread accross the screen. Either it's too cluttered at the left side, or it's an visual impression because of the presence of the white pole (tower?)... I think a bit of the grass at the right side won't hurt, and maybe reducing the size of the title a bit. :)
    All in all, nice and neat work, Rosh :D

  18. semanga Aug 30, 2005

    rosh u are the best
    u make not so much walls cuz u are busy
    but if u make so it is great like a bomb what is detonated
    and damn i love love love this wall i must add this to my fav
    honey u are wonderful no matter what u do
    thanks for share this work sweety
    this goes to my fav

  19. YugureKaze Sep 04, 2005

    what a beautiful scene
    the colors that you used for each half of the wall look really amazing o.O
    the stars and clouds look like they are in the same sky but different worlds...
    the blending looks very well done
    awesome wall XD

  20. shinjimarc Mute Member Nov 12, 2005

    woooooow great scan

  21. nighthawk51 Nov 28, 2005

    I like the image a lot, it is a nice modification to the dvd cover design. I think I like your version more than the cover though! Great work!

  22. NicoleTan6392 Dec 29, 2005

    wow , the background is so nice .

  23. strawberrt Aug 04, 2006

    a very lovely wallpaper! I recently saw the movie, and it was touching >_< You did an awesome job of vectoring and making the background related to the movie.

  24. Kyotofananime Dec 29, 2007

    this is too awesome. the contrast and light effect are so great. thank you for sharing this picture. Keep up your work.

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