Samurai Champloo Wallpaper: _-_a l t e r n a t i v_-_

Samurai Champloo, Jin, Fuu, Mugen Wallpaper
Samurai Champloo Series Jin Character Fuu Character Mugen Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

hehe, a samurai champloo wallpaper. My favourite is Jin :D So this is my newest work! I have to learn (lexikologie.....), so I don't know if I would make an other wallpaper in this week. So enjoy!

Music: Arjuna
Layers: 14
Enything else?....oh yes, favs, critics and comments are welcome! :)

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  1. mughi Aug 27, 2005

    Arg! MT is still down and I can't see your thumb or download. I'll have to try again later. Hopefully it will be up by then and I can put something. ^_^'

    Edit: Now that I could downloade I can see and enjoy your latest work. Samurai Champloo? I've heard of the anime but I've never seen it. ^_^'

    The three characters are doing some sort of facial? The background you did is neat work. I could see the castle and Japanese text for samurai and other effects that I cannot describe well. You have created another impressive looking wallpaper. Thanks much. Your wallpaper is always a pleasure to look at.

  2. stellar Aug 27, 2005

    Quote by mughiArg! MT is still down and I can't see your thumb or download. I'll have
    to try again later. Hopefully it will be up by then and I can put
    something. ^_^'

    x_x same here. im sry Nona.

  3. RahX101 Aug 27, 2005

    samurai champloo. :o its a shame mt is failing once again. i'll drop by later on to check this out. ^_^ but coming from you its bound to be good. ^^

    wow nona, this came out pretty nice. the background looks like something right out of the series. great work with that. as for the scan, the extraction was done well but it just stands out a bit too much for me. all in all its a good looking wall. keep it up nona. :]

  4. LostChild04 Aug 27, 2005

    The image used looks quite good. It's a little hard to tell exactly how the image was cleared and pasted into the background. I like that. A lot of people you can tell right off where the image was placed right off. Yours is done quite nicely. I will use this! I love it!

  5. Rhonda21 Aug 28, 2005

    aw samurai champloo. I like how you did everything. the background looks nice. great job!

  6. stellar Aug 28, 2005

    oh wait, now i c it! XD awsome wallie. i luv samurai champloo. XD i would fav but cant.

  7. SolarMan Aug 28, 2005

    Quote by stellaroh wait, now i c it! XD awsome wallie. i luv samurai champloo. XD i would fav but cant.

    hmmm starting to like this cool series

  8. pegassuss Aug 28, 2005

    Nice Nona! ^^ The scan is good and cute :P and I like the background, I think it fits nicely ^^ Good work!

  9. Emma Aug 28, 2005

    This is cute! I love the scan =)
    i also like the pictures in the background like the Japanese building and text. Now correct me if I am wrong, but maybe it is the science side in me, but I believe I see models of atoms O_o You know--the ball and stick models of molecules ^_^
    Overall--it looks really cool!!

  10. IcyFyre Aug 28, 2005

    o lol! XD they are all doing the peace sign thingy! XD XD XD lol! very funny! and a verynice job you did! :D

  11. tian82 Aug 28, 2005

    Nice wallpaper !! Like thier pose !! They look so cute !! I love the background too !! Awesome and thank for sharing !!!

  12. Yina Aug 28, 2005

    hii.. XD you can read my comment on AP.. too lazy to write twice.. ^_^'

  13. Miisha Aug 28, 2005

    waii! SC wallie*.*The pic is cute as well as the anime itself^^ Yeah, I also l ike Jin^^He's really kakkoii here nee?

  14. Kiki01 Aug 28, 2005

    ahahahah I LOVE THIS wallpaper!!! samurai champloo is soo awesome. lol Jin is my favorite character too XD i love the pose in this picture ^-^

  15. Ultra-Violet Aug 29, 2005

    Well Done Nona!
    As of merely two weeks ago I had acquired a taste for the Samurai Champloo anime series and this excellent fusion of illustration and art blends together beautifully, quickly capturing the united air between these three friends amid a clever backdrop of gritty texture and imagery. Noir or Grudge styles are difficult to master however and though I can accredit the time and effort placed in the construction of this piece, I do feel that the application of brushwork and colour co-ordination is somewhat off centred. I mention this in respect to the characters being brightly the coloured and the backdrop sharing no connection with the colour scheme in the foreground. This aside, however, a great effort!
    Well done! :)

  16. asan Aug 29, 2005

    good jod.. they look great... l like it very much!!^^
    keep it up

  17. ynk Aug 29, 2005

    Hie hie nice scan^^ I really like the bg but it seems too difrent from the scan...:P and also you could put some effects or sometnig:P waiting for another one :)

  18. bbls Aug 29, 2005

    i really like the background you made with the blending of different images. and the scan choice is quite funny. nice work, nona! :D

  19. hongrboi Aug 29, 2005

    Yay! I can see the wall now ^^ Somehow i get the impression that Fuu( I thinks that's her name ><) made them do that pose. Neither of the guys look very happy. Anyways...I like the messy background thing (i don't know what to call it ^^") I like how you continued the circles on Fuu's(again, unsure of the name) sleeve to the background ! I want to fav this but my favs limit is up. I'll come back when I can fav again.

  20. Evanrued Aug 30, 2005

    I like the patterns and designs in the background. The scan of Mugen, Jin and Fu looks really good lol. I like it alot. The background tied in well with the image. Good work.

  21. Seran Aug 31, 2005

    Its so nice to see them doing funny things too, like this. But I think its not forced on the two man at all. They look very nice with the background thats what I think!

  22. Haia Aug 31, 2005

    Hehehe...this is such a fun wallie! Thankies so smuch for sharing it with us! The character needs to be blended more with the background though...still this is just great! Thankie so much for sharing it with us!!! Keep it up! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~

  23. Electrastar Aug 31, 2005

    That's such a cool looking image :D Did you vector it ? That backround is great, but you really have to download it to see it better. Very SM-ish :D

  24. BarnRat17 Sep 01, 2005

    Dude I love it. Samurai Champloo is one of my favorite shows!!!! Keep up the great work! c ya around. 8>)

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