Tohko Kanno Wallpaper: Forbidden Love, Untold Truths, Well-kept Secrets-Wall Vers.

Tohko Kanno Wallpaper
Tohko Kanno Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I have no idea what I was thinking when I thought of the title. Anyhow, as requested from AO a wallpaper version of a gfx i made as people don't check that section very much. I was trying something new on this one and what came out was something not grunge but not that abstract either. Anyway have fun. I prefer it without text.

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  1. heykay15 Jun 08, 2004

    mmm lovely and intriguing. nice background. i really like the effect of the hair on the darker girl. one thing that sometimes bothers me on walls is text, but i think this one could actually use some. mayube illuminated scrawly black writing. ohh... u do mention text. yeah either way though. it's good.

    actually i like it w/o text. the writing in the background is good enough for me. hooray hooray 9/10!!!

  2. HentaiGaijin Jun 08, 2004

    very very nice... it sets a nice mood... I like the art and it blends well with the background... nothing pops and everyone has a nice harmony to it... im impressed.


  3. 02_Lead Jun 08, 2004

    looks neat. Check out mine, it's kinda like that. But don;t worry I didn't copy yours at all. ^>^

  4. Chii-chan Banned Member Jun 08, 2004


  5. kazuya02 Jun 08, 2004

    awesome your my first favorite LOL

  6. kenzuke Jun 08, 2004


  7. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Jun 08, 2004

    yummy....very grungy and goth like.....looks mysterious too ^_^ good stuff!! *claps*

  8. exentric Jun 08, 2004

    oh my..
    I like it... XD
    really good work
    *thumbs up~!*

  9. Spriggan Jun 08, 2004

    incredible wall!!! 10/10

  10. zaiaku664 Jun 08, 2004

    amazing job! ^^

  11. crapmonster Jun 08, 2004

    ah niice and grungey!! love the dark look of it!

  12. Genmu Jun 08, 2004

    Lovely wall, love the background.

  13. Ryokan Jun 08, 2004

    Nice wall! Super beautiful!!
    I like it ar~~~

  14. Noctum Jun 08, 2004

    Wowsome. :)
    I really like the dark atmosphere, the bg and the characters.

  15. Xenshin Jun 08, 2004

    good scan good wall ^_^

  16. GlitterKat Jun 08, 2004

    wow very nice job!

  17. Gaheris Jun 08, 2004

    Nice work! Its my wall at the moment :)

  18. Eternal_Lonliness Jun 09, 2004

    so pretty!

  19. antflash22 Jun 09, 2004

    its wonderful! great job

  20. saroe Jun 09, 2004

    sweet looking. good job

  21. kc2 Jun 09, 2004

    nice cut two girls..... XD Keep on working!!!! ...

  22. Sh0rT0nE Jun 09, 2004

    whoaaaaaaaaaaa...very dark and mysterious looking...nice wp...very hot ^_^

  23. Limality Jun 09, 2004

    Ohh nice :D omg...your next fav again :D

  24. ded113 Jun 09, 2004

    Cool job, Zuri! ^_^

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